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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: at a squealing motel bed, later in a car
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My first time happened by mistake, but it was so good that I still remember it.
It all started with a invitation. One day, my girlfriend Tanya told me that she and her mother would go on a vacation this summer, it should be a camping trip through florida, her mothers first trip after her divorce. Of course I said Yes.
At the first day of our summer holidays we started. Her mother had booked tickets for all of us to Miami, where our trip should start and where it should end. We got there in the afternoon, and when we got out of our plane, temperatures at about 34¦ and almost 87% humidity beat at us. We take our car from the hire car company.
We drove all the rest of the day. It was almost midnight when we got to Tallahassee and to a motel. Tanya got her room, I got my room and her mother one room. Tanya and I stayed up a little longer to talk. We talked about nearly everything, so about sex, too. I told her that I still haven’t had sex, and her reaction surprised me. She asked if I would like to be taught by her. Of course I said Yes. äFine,” she answered, äCome to my room tomorrow night half an hour after I knocked your door.” I smiled. So she did.
Next day I woke up late and the first thing I recognized was that my dick was hard like a board. I thought of tonight.
This day I masturbated perhaps 6 times. In the evening we went out together and got home at 11 o’clock. We talked a little longer, then we went to bed. I went into my room and locked the door. I took off my clothes, and when I put off my underwear – I was pretty good developed for my
Age – my 10-inch dick bounced out my boxers. I sat down to a chair beside my bed and waited.
I sat there waiting for a long time, like I thought. But if you are waiting for something you are looking forward to, seconds stretch to minutes, minutes to hours and hours to days. After some time I was waiting I took a book out of my travel bag and tried to divert myself. It worked, and some minutes later I fell asleep.
I was woken up by someone knocking my door. I was stood up in no time and looked at my watch. 2 o’clock. Ibegan too wait again for half an hour and went to the bath to take a shower. Twenty minutes later I got out of the shower and dried myself. Then I stepped out of the bath and outta my room. It was pitchdark in the corridor. I went to Tanya’s room, next to mine. Slowly, for not making any noises, I turned the door knob and opened the door just a little bit, so that I could get through. Inside I shut the door and locked it. It was very warm in the room, and one window was open. Someone was lying in the bed. I lay down beside Tanya and kissed her neck. My 10incher bounced up again when I recognized that Tanya was already completely naked. She turned over to me and kissed back passionately, then she flinged her legs around mine and lay down on me. She slammed her tongue into my mouth, just as I did with her. Her big tits were lying on my chest, so that I could feel her nipples standing up.We went on kissing a little longer, then she moved down my body, kissed my chest and my stomach and then she pleased my dick.
She kissed it and licked it, kissed my balls an finally she put it into her mouth and sucked on it.
I felt like I would take off next moment. I knew that feeling, it always comes moments before an orgasm. Now I had it again. Suddenly an explosive orgasm shook me. I exploed right into her mouth, and she swallowed all the lots of semen that flooded her mouth. She kept on sucking, than she moved up and sat down on my still rock hard cock, so that I could slide into her pussy. It was hot and dripping wet, so I could move in gently. When I was inside her, she started rocking forth and back, lifted her hips and lowered it again, I did slied in and out and felt it again. äYeah! Yeah! Yeah! I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!” she sreamed. That was the moment when I recognized my mistake. This was the wrong room. I was fucked by her mother Jennifer. Suddenly there was a voice in my head. It told me to run off here and to get back to Minneapolis. But I didn’t listen to it. It felt sooooooooo gooooood. The bed was squealing while she rocked with my dick inside her. This made a fuse burn through in my head. I moaned, through her onto the mattress and began to pump into her. I slammed all my 10 inches into her tight hole, pulled it out and slammed it in again, deeper and harder every time. äYEAH! YEAH! YEAH! FUCK ME! DEEPER! HARDER! FASTER! COME ON ! YEAH!” She shouted sensually. Her legs were wraped around my backside. She slammed her tongue, and I breathed in gasps. Then I had my second orgasm. It was much more explosive than the first. It must have been liters of semen that I shot into her, but she hold it all.
After this experience I fell down beside her. She was still happy, she commended me, saying she would never have been fucked by such a huge cock. We lay ther a little, then she asked me for a second season. I responded I would like to do, but she should turn on a light so that I could see her naked. She turned on the lamp and I stopped breathing for a moment. She was already 39, but had no ounze fat. She had big breasts, her nipples stood upright. Her pubic hair was dark blond and in a perfect triangle at her lower stomach. She had a sexy ass, and her pussy was simply perfect. äWould you – er – like to fuck my ass this time? I know you … but – er-” äOf course I want. Come on! Let’s have an ass-fuck-session!” She went to the table and turned around, so that her back was in front of me. She swung her upper body away,her ass touched my hips. I clutched her hips and stroke my dick into her ass hole. Perhaps half of my dick went into, but this was enough. I stroke into again, this time half of my cock. Next time I stroke almost all of it into, while she was screaming of pleasure and – how I think more – pain. But Now I had started, now I would not stop. This time we came right together. I was just outside her when I came, so my load squirted over her ass and dripped onto the floor.
Both of us were totally exhausted when we were finished with this. So we decided to take a cold shower. But even during this she couldn’t stop. She hasn’t had a man for years, so she was completely starved. And I wanted to satisfy her for the next time, so we had sex standing while the cold water ran over our bodies. She had perhaps 120 lbs., but I carried her to the main room again and Ther we had sex again for the next hour. I stood ther, I grabbed her ass and raised her up and own my dick while she had her hands wrapped around my musculous back. But after that session we finished our plays for that night and went asleep, she wanted to lie town on me, and I let her do so.
That morning I woke up late with her on me. As soon as I opened my eyes, she kissed me and told me how ood I had been last night. I kissed beck gently, and then I went to my room to get ready for breakfast. Tanya was already waiting for us in the hall, and when we were alone, she asked me why I hadn’t come last night. I told her about my mistake, and her answer surprised me again. She said her offer would still be availble for me.
We went to the beach that day. Tanya and I were swimming, but then she told me to follow her. We swam some time, then we arrived at a little bay. She told me that she would like to make it out with me just here. She already took off her bikini. Her breasts would be as big as her mother’s, I said.
She pulled me closer to her and put off my swimming shorts. She lay down and told me do lie down on her.I did so. She turned over and started rubbing my dick, which was hard again in no time. Then she tried to enter it into her pussy, which wasn’t covered yet, but didn’t have any success. äNever mind,” I told her, äif you give me a handjob I will be satisfied.” She agreed. She started rubbing my cock and squeezing it a little, and didn’t stop when I came. Every time she rubbed, more semen sqirted over her and into her face. She licked my cock clean and I began to rub her clit. I massaged it while I was rubbing her pussy, and when she was close to an orgasm, I started licking her, and her juices flowed into my mouth. She also was very satisfied and told me she would make it pt with me everywher and any time I wanted. Great.
So the trip went on the next time. Jennifer and I had sex nearly everywher and in every position, we did id doggy style and missionary position like first time, we did it in the bed, on the floor, standing, sitting on the bed, sitting on the floor, sittingon the table, she sat on a sideboard, we did it on the beach and on a boat, oral anal, sstraight, and filmed it when we were especial good. When the trip was over, I was so good in sex that nobody could tell me anything about it any more.
The affair went on after the vacation, too. I often spend my weekends with them, and visit hem as often as I can.

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