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1st jack

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Age when it happend: 11
Where it happened: friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I had this friend who always talked about sex and jacking off and stuff. He had me really curious as I had never masturbated before. We had shown each other our erect penis’s before and I was embarassed when I realized that my uncircumsized penis was considerably bigger than his clean looking circumsized one. He was absolutely mezmerized by me from the moment he saw my erect cock. I was embarrassed by his attention and made me feel “funny”. This one day he asked me to come over to his house and I accepted. We got to his place where we went right to his room. Once inside he quickly locked his door which made me sort of nervous even though he was smaller built than I was. He pulled out some magazines he had hidden in his room and we started to look at the pictures of naked women. I had never seen such pictures and I could feel my young boy’s body responding as my penis swelled in my pants. Soon my friend boldly stood up and removed his pants and under shorts and proudly displayed his erect circumsized cock to me. He looked at me and said, “come on,let’s jack off.” I very nervously removed my pants and then my under wear. He watched me intensly as I pulled my shorts down until my fully erect cock sprung free. He sort of muttered something as I pulled my shorts free and set them on his bed. I quickly sat down feeling very consicuous and tried to cover this stiff this projecting out from between my legs. He sterted to jack his cock and said, “come on, let’s do it” and so I nervously began to feel my stiff penis. He watched me all the while which made me feel terrible as he jacked his cock. I got really flustered and quickly stood up and blurted out that I was going to leave. He paniced and asked me what was the matter and I confessed that I had never masturbated before. He laughed and told me to sit down. He sat down beside me and told me to jack off so I clumsily tried to do it as I gropped at my erection. He said,”no, here, let me show you” and with that he shoved me so I fell back onto my elbows and lay there helpless as he moved closer to me. He took hold of my erection and pulled my foreskin back a couple of times then said,” you have to spit on it so it will slide” and so he leaned over my cock head and spit on it and slowly worked my foreskin back and forth until it slid easily over my cock head. Once that was done he said”there that’s better” as his hand jacked my now incredibly good feeling cock. I lay back watching as his hand send incredible sensations through my young body as he jacked my stiff penis. My head spunn from the ruches of passion that flowed over me as he worked on my cock. He looked up at me and said,”isn’t this cool. I do this to Rudy all the time, he really likes it.” With that said he began to pump in earnest. A large drop of pre-cum oozed from my cock head and mixed with his spittle as he stroked my foreskin up and down. I was getting higher and higher as he pumped me until suddenly his hand began to really stroke me hard and my young body convulsed into my first orgasm. With my hips raised up off the bed he smiled as his hand caused thick streams of semen to spew from my cock head as he continued to pump my cock sending me completely over the top of my orgasm. Thick gobs of my semen shot up my stomach and onto my thighs and his hand as my orgasm tore through me. He didn’t stop his massaging action of my cock as I ejaculated but he did slow down and continued to jack me until a shiver went through me and my stiff cock began to get spongy in his hand. My head was swimmming dizzily when he finally released my softening penis. I looked at him as he wiped his hand off and said,”now it’s your turn” and presented his erection to me.

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