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2 Girls, 1 Guy!!!

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Home (bedroom)
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I arrived at home, ready to start my chores. I proceeded to the garage and grabbed the lawn mower, and went outside to quickly finish my daily task. I had heaps of homework that night, and didn’t think I’d ever be able to finish it. Just when I was done, two of my classmates came strolling along. They waved and smiled. It was during the summer so the two girls were wearing tank tops and short shorts. Anyways, they were probably the two most beautiful girls in our grade and I had always dreamed of fucking them. The came in just when I had finished and just started to chit-chat. I invited them inside for a drink and they agreed. We were all sweating, as the temperature had risen over 110, and the cokes i brought out really helped cool us down. They started talking about school and their love lives. I didn’t know what this was going to lead to, but I just sat on the couch with them and listened.
They were talking about how hot one of the teachers were when I felt pressure on my cock. I looked down and saw Erica’s hand slowly massaging my growing bulge. I looked up into her eyes, and was met by a lust-filled gaze. I looked over to my other side, Rina and the smiled and whispered in my ear, “we both wanted you. So we agreed to fuck you together”. Rina stood up in front of me and started to strip. Her body was so smooth and tanned. She swayed in such a way that I wanted to just jump up and grab her. Taking everything BUT her bra and panties off, she sat back down next to me. Erica was still massaging my bulge, but was having some trouble so unzipped my zipper, exposing my cock. It was dangling in the air and Erica moved lower to take it into her mouth. At the same time, Rina proceeded to take off my shirt. This was sheer plesure. I started to scream loudly (my parents were out of town so I had no fears of being caught doing this) and moaned with pleasure. Just before I cummed, Erica took me out of her mouth and smiled. She said softly “I love you Mike…I want you so bad…” I smiled back. Unlike Rina, Erica just tore away at her clothing, and took off everything.
Rina was licking my chest and sucking on my nipples. Erica was just standing there, watching Rina sit on my lap and kiss my lips. I had frenched Rina before, but it was not like this. Our tounges played for what seemed like hours, and she finally took hers out of my mouth. She lay on the floor, bekoning for me to follow her. Erica lay down next to her and I jumped ontop of both of them. I squeezed both of their tits with my unexperienced hands and they both started to moan quietly. I went lower and fingered both of them at the same time, kissing each of their pussies every now and then. Their breathing grew deeper and louder. Their chests and breasts rose and sank like the waves of the ocean. Finally Rina could take it no more and screamed in pleasure as she orgasmed. Erica followed shortly after and was ready to return the favor. Both of them jumped up and lay on top of me, taking turns sucking my 7 1/2 inch hard cock. I moaned in pleasure, cumming in no time. Finally they both wanted me to fuck them. They were both virgins and their pussies were very tight. I didn’t know who to screw first so they decided for me. Rina was to be the first and she slowly guided my cock into her. I started to slide in and out. She screamed. I didn’t know if it was because of the pain or pleasure. But she wrapped her legs around my ass and pumped hard. Our pace grew faster and my hands were busy grbbing at her tits while my mouth was working away at her mouth. She grabeed my back with one last pull and slowly receeded. She had orgasmed, but I was still humping away…bouncing like a rabbit. It took me another 5 minutes to cum. I was exhausted, but it was Erica’s trun. She put her pussy in front of me and i licked it. It exited me, and my cock was back in full size in no time. This time, Erica was on top and she lowered herself onto me. She bounced up and down on my cock and I tried to move in with her rythm. She lasted for a long long time, and i cumed first. After these two fucks, they both slept over and we experiment in different positions. An amazing first and second time with two gorgeous girls…

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