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6th Grade Lesbian Sleepover

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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: Friend's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Lesbian

When I was about 12, a friend of mine named Kimberly invited me and another friend of ours named Christine for a sleepover. We were in 6th grade and had known each other for years, but we weren’t best friends or anything. I think we were all hanging out that weekend because none of our closer friends were around. I went over in the afternoon, and Kim and Chris were already playing some game in Kim’s bedroom. I don’t remember what the game was actually about, but before too long I had gotten myself captured, and they tied me to a chair. My hands were tied behind my back, and my feet were tied to the chair legs. I couldn’t move at all. My heart started beating very fast and I felt… tingly. Kim and Chris started teasing me about all the things they could do to me while I was tied up and helpless, and I got very excited. I’d started to develop earlier than most kids my age, so I knew that what I was feeling was sexual excitement, but I don’t think Kim and Chris understood that. Not yet, anyway. Eventually, they untied me, and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside.

That night, we all slept together on a fold-out sofa in Kim’s guest room. We stayed up late whispering and giggling, and pretty soon we could hear Kim’s dad snoring down the hall, so I knew her parents were asleep. We started talking about sex, about things we had heard and wondered about. It turned out that I knew a lot more about it than they did. I had started masturbating about a year before, and had regular orgasms easily. Neither of them had ever had an orgasm, or even knew what one was or how to have one. They asked me what it felt like. I told them it felt like a really nice sneeze, sort of tickly. I was getting excited lying between two girls there in the dark, and I was sort of hoping something would happen, when Chris started asking me to show her how. I was really turned on and excited now. I told her she had to take off her pajamas first (that wasn’t true, but what can I say? I was a little lech), so she wriggled out of them and tossed them on the floor. She was breathing fast and seemed excited about this too. I was lying on my side facing Chris, with Kim lying pressed up against my back and watching in the dark. I told Chris to lie still and I ran my hands over her stomach and legs the way I did to myself before I masturbated. She felt really smooth. She giggled a little bit and I told her to be quiet so she wouldn’t wake up Kim’s parents. I have to admit that the thought of them catching us made me even more excited, though. I put my hand between Chris’s legs and wiggled my fingers a little, and she spread them just enough for me to get my hand in between them. I started stroking her pussy, which was as smooth as her legs were. She sighed a little bit. She was wet, and I didn’t have any trouble rubbing her there. I was so turned on as I stroked her faster and faster, and stuck my fingers inside her just like I did to myself. After I’d been stroking her for a couple of minutes, she tensed up a little bit and started moaning and moving her hips against my hand. I put one hand over her mouth so she wouldn’t make any noise, and rubbed her clit very fast. Less than a minute later, she came for the first time.

She was really out of breath, but she said, “Oh my God, that was AWESOME!”, and Kim begged me to do her next. I made her take off her pajamas too, and there I was, lying between two naked girls who wanted me to give them orgasms! I was in heaven. I stroked Kim’s naked body up and down too, just like I had with Chris’s, and rubbed her smooth pussy the same way. Kim came more quickly than Chris had; I guess she was good and ready by that time.

Kim agreed that the orgasm had been awesome, and she and Chris wanted to try to see if they could give me one too. I said OK! They made me take off my pajamas too, of course, and I could feel their naked skin against mine for the first time. It felt incredible, and I was so turned on that I was worried I would cum before they could touch me. They told me to lie on my back, so I did. They giggled and went under the covers to give me my orgasm. I could feel them both stroking me up and down, up and down, all over my nipples and stomach and thighs. It was the best feeling ever. Their fingers wiggled in between my legs and I spread them open as far as I could to give them full access. They were surprisingly good for it being their first time; I guess they must have been paying attention when I was fingering them! I closed my eyes and tried not to moan out loud, but I did make a little bit of noise. Not enough to wake up Kim’s parents, though, thank goodness. Kim’s and Chris’s fingers (I don’t know which belonged to who, they were all mixed up together) rubbed my wet clit and slid in and out of me, faster and faster. I was on the edge of the best orgasm I’d ever had. I started thrusting my hips, just the way Chris had, and their fingers synchronized with my movements. I felt a wave of pure pleasure crash over me, and came the hardest I ever had before.

Kim and Chris both wanted to know how they did, and I told them they did great for their first time. They were really proud that they’d done a good job, and that they’d both had their first orgasms. I just lay there feeling their slick, naked bodies next to me and felt bad in a good way, like I’d tricked them into it all but wasn’t sorry for it. I don’t think I really did trick them. I think they wanted it as much as I did. But it was more exciting to think that they didn’t, and that I’d talked them into it.

We fell asleep pretty soon after, still in the nude, and woke up in time to put our pajamas on before Kim’s mom came in to tell us breakfast was ready. We never did anything like that again together, and we never even talked about it again, but I still get excited remembering it, and I still think about it sometimes when I masturbate.

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