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A Boy’s Dream Cum True

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Where it happened: my bed
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When you read this you’ll probably think its fake because its so unbelievable, but believe me, I was there! My first time was every young boy’s fantasy, and I still get hard thinking about it, even though it happened s ago.

My parents were away for the weekend and they hired a baby sitter for my sister and me. Sandy was a college student who babysat for extra money and she had sat us two times before, but never overnight. Sandy was very attractive and the time she stayed with us her boyfriend came by and they had sex.

After my sister and I went to bed I was not surprised to hear her boyfriend come in the house. I snuck downstairs to see if I could watch them. Instead, I heard them arguing. It got nasty and she broke up with him. He slammed the door when he left and she was on the couch crying.

I wanted to go comfort her but I was only wearing my briefs that I sleep in so I turned to go back to my room to put some clothes on when I hit my toe on a table leg. Not only did I scream in pain, but I knocked a metal bowl off the table and it made a huge noise when it hit the floor. Sandy came running in the hall and I was standing there holding my painful foot.

“What are you doing up?” she asked and I made up a story that I heard fighting and came down to see. She told me to come to the living room and sit on the couch and she would look at my foot. So now I wasn’t so embarrassed since she had already seen me in my underwear so I went to the couch.

Now, you’ve got to remember that I had just, I never had a girlfriend or even kissed a girl, and although I did masturbate, real sex was still far from my mind. Let’s face it, I looked like the old boy that I was. Boy, was I going to grow up fast. It started when Sandy took my foot in her hands. After she checked it out she began to massage it to make it feel better. I was really enjoying this attention.

The other thing that I noticed was that Sandy was dressed to please her boyfriend. She was in a sexy night gown that I could see through. And what a view. The combination of looking at her and my foot massage was giving me a raging hard on. At that age I was 1/2 inches, but it was impossible to hide wearing only little white briefs.

I was sitting sideways on the couch, with my back against the arm and my feet on Sandy’s lap. She was looking down but not over, so she didn’t notice my erection right away. She did start to massage my other foot, though, and I was so relaxed.

She also started talking about her ex boyfriend. He was drunk tonight and he had been mistreating her. She really seemed to like him, but couldn’t handle his attitude anymore. Then she told me that her boyfriend used to like to have his feet massaged, too. It was then that Sandy glanced over to me, and she got a good look at my bulging briefs. “I see you like it too” she said and smiled, and I felt so embarassed. Then Sandy began rubbing her hands up my legs. Soon she was stroking me all the way from my feet to my thighs. “Your skin’s so soft,” she said, “not rough and hairy like Mike’s.”

It was then that I began to think the impossible. Still, how could this 19 year old college girl ever be interested in me? I didn’t know anything about nymphomaniacs. “Do you have a girlfriend, Chris?” she asked and I said no. “Then let me teach you some things to do when you get one.” she said. Sandy then laid down right next to me on the couch. “Turn on your side and face me.” she said so I did and she put her arm around me and moved her lips to mine and kissed me. My first kiss! I kept my lips on hers and this was feeling really nice. Then I noticed that her tongue was entering my mouth. My friend had told me about french kissing so I kind of knew what to do. “Close your eyes.” she said so I did and we kissed and she rubbed her hand on my bare back, then up my neck and then through my hair. I wore it longer back then and it was streaked blond and she said that my hair was sexy. Everything she was doing and saying was just right.

The next things she did jump started my teenage sexuality. She turned me on to my back and then she licked my ear lobes. Then she kissed me down my neck and on to my shoulders. Then she licked and kissed my nipples. By now my heart was pounding and I was breathing heavy and this stimulation of my chest was heavenly. She liked to lick my bare chest then flick my nipples with her tongue and I was going crazy. She knew I was close to bursting and she slipped her hand under my briefs and freed my raging cock from its confines. Her lips encircled it, and when she twirled her tongue on my tip and shaft, I erupted with an ejaculation far more intense than any my right hand had ever produced. When I finished squirting she licked me clean and asked me if I wanted to go further. Even I knew what that meant and said “yeah!” “Then let’s go to your bedroom.” she said. I pulled on my briefs and if my foot was still hurting I sure didn’t notice it.

When we got to my room Sandy was pleased to see I had a water bed. “They’re so sexy!” she said and I had never thought of my bed as sexy. I soon found out what she meant. Sandy stood right in front of me and pulled her nightgown right up over her head. Then, I was gazing at the most incredible sight I had ever seen. Her bare breasts were perfect, her figure was right out of a magazine, and she had a patch of pubic hair above a mostly shaved pussy. Needless to say, her ass and legs were perfect too. I was going to fuck this!!!

She stepped close to me and I could see that she was a good 5 inches taller than me. That was good, though, because I had to hardly bend down to obey her demand to kiss her nipples the way she had done mine. I kissed her nipples and licked her breasts as I went from tit to tit. My old brain was overloaded with shock thinking about what I was doing. To make it even better, she was really enjoying what my young mouth and tongue was doing to her. So then I got a little bold and got on my knees and put my mouth on her pussy. The girl odor was very strong and she was dripping wet from her slit and down her inner thighs. She told me to put my tongue into the slit and while this seemed like a gross thing to do I knew that it drive girls crazy so I did it. “Deeper, deeper” she said and I found myself thrusting my tongue in and out of her. This was causing her a great deal of moaning, and soon she was very, very wet. I had no idea what a girl’s orgasm was like.

“Oh Chris, that’s great!” she said and she helped me to my feet. “Now I’m going to teach you how to fuck.” She pulled down my briefs and I stepped out of them and we climbed naked on my bed. This was the same bed I had been sleeping in an hour earlier, still a boy virgin with no plans to change that in the near future. And now, an hour later, I was on the verge of my first sexual intercourse. Sandy again performed that magnificent foreplay on my body, first rubbing my feet and legs then licking my chest and nipples. I was lying on my back with my hands on her breasts as her mouth was buried in my chest. “I could kiss your smooth chest all day, Chris, but now I’ve got something better to do.” With that, she mounted herself on top of me, took my cock in her hand. and lowered herself right on to it. There is nothing in the world that prepares you for the thrill of feeling your bare cock enter a pussy for the first time!

It was slick and moist, and it enveloped my cock as she slid herself all the way down on me. Then she began to ride up and down. My eyes are staring right at her beautiful breasts bouncing up and down as she rode me. Then I happened to look over at the mirror on my dresser. There was me, all naked, being fucked by a sexy college girl. This had to be a dream. If it was, I never wanted to wake up. Then it got even better. She moved faster and faster, moaning loudly as she did. I began to buck along with her, and the water bed was moving right along with us. Her hands were on my chest with her thumbs brushing on my nipples. Then she leaned forward and I instinctively licked her breasts and then I felt my first pussy induced orgasm getting ready to happen. I knew this was going to be great and when I reached that point of no return that every guy knows, I let out a moan of my own and surrendered to the absolute best feeling I have ever had. I couldn’t believe I had so much cum inside of me, and now it was all inside of her. I never even thought about pregnancy, but I was sure she was on the pill, which of course she was. After we finished my body felt great all over and I knew I wanted to do this over and over again.

Well fortunately, so did Sandy. We didn’t get to sleep till almost dawn, but before that she taught me many different positions and we tried them all. My little old body was holding up great. Believe me, once you’ve had sex, there’s no going back. The funny thing is that Sandy was totally turned on by fucking a old virgin. She kept calling me jailbait, but that didn’t stop her from draining my cock over and over again.

Sandy baby sat us for another year, so by the time I I was a real sexual veteran. Then she left for a four year college. By then I had grown another 5 inches and my cock another two. I had no problem attracting girls, and now that I’m 19, I haven’t gone more than one month without sex since that first fantastic night with Sandy. I sure feel lucky!

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