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A boys sleepover

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: friends bedroom
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

well it was me and my three mates George, David and Ben. We were quite close and did a lot together. we always met up at weekends and played football and went swimming together. It was one particular weekend when we were all at davids house for a sleepover that we all got closer than we had ever been before.
It started with us all watching a film, then playing games on a console. as it got later we decided to just watch tv and chat. so we sat there flicking through the channels and talking. conversation inevitably got on to sex and we all knew that none of us had done it before. as we talked david reached over and put a porn channel on. we all sat there staring at the woman on the tv caressing her boobs. we were all starting to get quite horny.
george the says “guys we know we all want, so shall we just do it”
we all know exactly what he was on about. we all nodded then started to take our clothes off. we all quite sporty and i was quite turned on by the beauty of their bodies. they all had six packs.
after a while i noticed that each of them were no longer looking at the porn, but at each others dicks. was this really happening i thought. then Ben says to David “do you need a hand” and then takes hold of his throbbing cock. watching for a few seconds I moved towards George. without warning he grabbed hold of my throbbing cock. then i looked and saw david who was being jerked off by ben take hold of george’s cock. so there we were all in a line jerking each other off. it was incredible. three fit hot boys with me masturbating. soon we all exploded and cum went every where. we cleaned up. through out that night we spent it touching and sucking each other.
we all remember as the best night of our friendship and look forward to doing it many times again.

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