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A great hospital stay

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Age when it happend: 33
Where it happened: Univ. Colo. Med. Center
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

One day I found myself being transported to the University of Colorado Medical Center in Denver via ambulance with a mutilated right ankle due to a stupid accident on a bicycle. After going thru the emergency room and then thru surgery and recovery I was placed in a private room in the orthopedic ward for what would be an extended stay. On the evening of the third day a young lady (mid 20s) came into my room, introduced herself as a Nurse’s Aide, said I was one of the patients she was assigned too. She asked if I needed anything right then, I said NO, she said she would be back soon.
If anyone has ever been a patient in a hospital they will agree that the hospital gowns are not much use for covering yourself and I usually refuse to wear one. This time was no different, I chose to wear a t-shirt rather that one of those gowns. Also, I haven’t worn undershorts in so many years I don’t even own any. So, there I was, nothing but a sheet and a t-shirt covering me, BUT, I was confortable. As comfortable as I could possibly be. The cast they had puton my leg ran from just behind my toes all the way up to my balls, and it was elevated in a sling over the end of the bed. It didn’t make for ease of relieving my bowels or bladder, HATE THOSE BEDPANS!
Just as I was about to doze off for a nap the N.A. came back syaing she was going to give me a back rub so I wouldn’t get bed sores laying there. I asked her if she would be embarrassed to see me nude, explaining how I was dressed. She said sshe had grown up with two brothers and neither one had ever cared if she saw them naked, and their carefree attitude had rubbed off onto her and she never covered herself in front of them. With that I slid the sheet aside and started turning onto my stomach, ending up on the very edge of the bed.
As most men know, when you lay on your stomach you usually have to make an adjustment so your cock and balls don’t get trapped under your leg. I had to be more careful, I had the hard cast to contend with too and didn’t want to squash my balls. I made the adjustment so the family jewels were between my legs, not under. The N.A. squirt some cold liquid onto my back and began giving me a very soothing back rub. As she was doing her thing I felt one of her hands ever-so-lightly slide over the head of my cock and brush over my balls. I flinched a little and she said, “Sorry”. I told her it didn’t hurt, just surprised me, BUT it felt good.
My one hand was on the very edge of the bed and I felt her move so she pressed that hand between her legs. I let my hand drop off the bed until it was at the bottom of her short skirt. She felt it touch her bare skin and moved until it was almost trapped between her legs. I slowly moved it upward along the inside of her thighs until it reached the cotton covered apex at the top. She moved closer, bagan rotating her hips to make my hand rub her pussy harder. As I did that her hand again ran over the family jewels, this time a little firmer than the first time. Then it stopped and rested, then began gently massaging my balls. Of course, my cock began to grow hard as her hand transferred from my balls to it. I was inserting a couple of fingers under the elastic of her panties and found the moist, soft lips of her Love Box waiting for me. Her clit was getting almost as hard and erect as my cock was.
she asked if I had any part, other than my back, that might need to be rubbed. I told her I would turn over and she could judge for herself. As she was helping me turn over my hard cock almost hit her in the nose. she laughed and said it might be difficult to explain how she got a bloody nose from getting hit by a hard dick.
When I was on my back she wrapped her hand softly around the stiff shaft and lovingly began stroking it. She told me she hadn’t given a man a hand job since she jerked off her older brother the night before he left for college last month. She also said she had given her younger brother a weekly blowjob and was STILL doing it while he was rooming with her.
While she was giving me that wonderful hand job my fingers had resumed fucking her wet, hot pussy. Her breath began coming in pants and her pussy began tightening on my hand and fingers, I knew she was ready to cum, and SO WAS I. As I neared the “point of no return” I told her I was cumming, she smiled and kept pumping my cock. The head of my stiff rod erupted like Mount St. Helens shooting hot stuff straight up, falling onto her hand and my belly as she pumped harder and faster. At the same time she reached her climax which shook her body all over. My hand became covered with her wonderful, hot juices. She licked up every drop of my cum she could find so there wasn’t much left to clean up with a cloth afterwards. I moved my head so it hung over the edge of the bed and pulled her so her pussy was where I could clean it with my mouth and tongue. As I was doing so she let go with another shaking climax and I had to start my cleaning all over again (poor me).
From that evening on she would come to my room. give me a back rub and either jerk me off or give me a GREAT blowjob, or BOTH. I would eat her pussy and suck her dry, as she did me. I never got to fuck her because of my cast and sling but it was the first time I had ever ENJOYED my stay in a hospital. I had to have two more operations on my ankle and she was my N.A. both times. It was G-R-E-A-T!

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