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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: In My Best Friends Living Room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I was a typical highschool nerd. The only thing that set me
apart from all the other girls was a set of huge tits. I was
somewhat skinny, so that made them seem even larger. I only
had one friend and she had a brother 2 years older than us.
Every friday we would take turns sleeping over at each others house.
This friday, shelia’s parents were away at their summer home.
We had the house all to ourselves…or so we thought. For fun
we decided to sneak at watch on of shiela’s dads old porno tapes.
Watching a “man” size cock was somewhat exciting for both of us.
We both have quite a bit of experience fooling around in the
back seat of cars, but never going farther that stroking some
boys cock through his pants. I made a comment how huge one of
the actors cock was on the tv and shiela began to laugh. She
then shocked me and say she once saw her brother leaving the
shower naked and his cock was twice that size and it wasn,t even hard.
Sure…was all I could say. Hours later shelia began to fall
asleep as soon went off to bed. I stayed to watch one last movie.
Right as the movie began shiela’s brother came creeping down the stairs
I never noticed him and he must have watched me for a good 15
mins. Like what you see? He asked. All I could say was…Yes but their
cocks are so huge! He just laughed and sat next to me on the couch. He had nothing
on but a pair of boxers. He had a body to die for! I felt my nipples start to
harden as I eyed the crotch of his boxers. Although he was
not hard a HUGE bulge was sticking out. I couldn’t believe the
size of his cock! Tony…I asked How big are you? I don’t know
lets measure it. He got up and pulled a ruler out of the desk drawer and
handed it to me. He stood up and slowly lowered his boxer shorts.
My mouth dropped to the ground when I got a full view of his’
cock! Well…go ahead and measure it he said. I placed the ruler on top
of his soft cock and it measured just over 7 inches. Shit..I sain in a whisper
you are hung! Wait until you see it hard he said with a big
grin on his face. I want you to stroke my cock for me. Ok
and I held his cock with my hand like a fragile egg. I began
to slowly stroke him up and down and watched as the HUGe cock
got even bigger. Soon I was able to use two hands to stroke
him and he was still getting bigger! After about 5 min he
was finally as big as he could get. I had both hands on his
cock and still about 4 inches were sticking out. He was so
thick I couldn’t get my hand around him! I was speechless!
Nothing I have ever seen, in the videos or real life was half
as big as he was. I reached for the ruler and placed it on top
of his monster and nearly fell on the floor. His cock was
a shade over 11 inches and thicker than my wrist. Thoughts of
me having sex with this horse hung hunk flooded my mine.
I wanted to lose my virginity, so why not to a big cock like
this one. I aske if a big cock like his would ever fit into a
small girl like me. Only one way to find out he said reaching
over pulling of my soaking wet panties. I know I should have
been terrified but for some reason I wasn’t. I watch as he
squirted a gob of some kind of jell all over his huge love muscle.
Then he mounted me slowly rubbing his cock head at my entrance.
I soon had what I thought was my first orgasm. After about
20 min he had all ove the head of is cock inside of me. Although
I felt some pressure, I felt no pain. So he began to slowly
move in and out and the pain hit me like a truck. After about
45 mins I had a wopping 5 inches of his cock inside me. Enough
to take. I thought I was going to be split open. Our little
sex session lasted about an hour before I couldn’t take anymore.
I never got more than 5 inches of his cock inside of me for
2 whole months. Tony moved away that summer and I lost contact with
him for 6 years. Just recently we got in touch with each other
and had a hot sexual session. He still has the biggest cock
that most of us girls will ever see in a life time, but now
Im able to take a little over 9 inches. One day I hope to take the
full 11 inches but thats just a dream. He’s just to damn BIG!
This is a true story and It has brought back a lot of memories
of loosing my virginity to my horse hung stud. Toony I will
always love you


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