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a little cocksucker

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Age when it happend: 20s
Where it happened: at my rented room
Langauge: ENGLISH
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

This happen quite awhile ago when i was in my 20s and i was still a freshie in kuala lumpur. I was staying in a singles shared rented home with me taking the downstairs room while the other occupants are upstairs. I have obsolute privacy and i have brought back a few girls to fuck and have fun. I also thought the chief tenant’s g’fren had the hots for me.
I tested to when she came to borrow a story book from me,maybe it was just on the pretense,but i called her bluff. I had slipped into the pages a copy of porno fotos. She left after chatting nonsense annd looking at my bed and smiling all the time she had on a short hot shorts revealing her legs right up to her pussy. I was horny but i was not going to make the move,after that she came knocking on my door. I thought she wants something but it turns out she found the porno pic and came to return it. Silly really. Anyway,she likes to take her shower in my bathroom.The bathroom is actually outside my room. One day,while shaving i realise that i could see into my room when the mirror was placed at an angle. I had a brilliant idea to my craving to see her while she is bathing. Later that evening she was taking her bath as i peeped at her. The mirror was magic because i could see her soaping her tits which were small[i like big round tits which u can fuck the bazookas]she then lifted her leg as she soaped and her pussy came into view,she had trimmed her pussy and it was red and pink. I was jerking my cock so fast. When suddenly she realise that i was looking or rather peeping,the shock and then she pretended she didnt see me and finished her bath. All the time giving a show on how to wipe dry after a shower. After that day,she never took her bath there. So she saw me..should have fucked her silly when had the chance.
I work from home,so im home most of the time. I was hungry when this kid about 11 or 12 years old came selling some homemade food.He came into the house and was showing me what he has. Quite a business man. I made my purchase and went to my room for the cash. He followed me into my room and started looking around and he asked me if i had any porno stuffs. I looked at him and laughed and told him he is too young for that stuff. This boy was practically scouring my room and he saw my Penthouse and Playboy mags on the table. He got so excited and started begging me to see. At first i was reluctant,but he offered more food for free in exchange for a glimpse at the mags. He won,and i had extra free food. After looking at the mags he was getting horny,as i saw him rubbing his cock everytime he turns a page. After 20mins i told him his time just ran out,so as to vacate him from my room. The little prick got up with a horn and he touched my cock through my shorts and i was not even wearing my underwear. Oooohhhh..you have a big cock,can i see please,he was practically begging me. I was shy and how can i show my dick to a kid. He was persistant and was rubbing my cock. I was getting horny and let him have it. I pulled my shorts down and showed him my stiffening cock. He held my cock and startd jerking me real fast and he was also jerking his small cock which i think was about 3 or 4 inch stiff. He seem to know what he is doing and he was commenting how big my cock is and do i cum..is my load alot and then he simply took my cock in his mouth and started to suck real hard. I pulled my cock out,it didnt make sense but he assured me he is a good sucker and that he gives blowjobs to some of his customers. With that he took my cock in and gave me a sucking i wont forget. With his mouth so small,i felt i was choking him. I even suggested he jerk me off but he wants my cum shooting inside his mouth. Really,it was really a scene that i cant remove from my memory bank. I cum in 10mins in his mouth and he was gulping my jizz down and kept on sucking till i pulled out. Then i felt that i had to return his favour,i had never ever sucked a cock in my life except the occasional blowjob that i get from gayguys. I took his cock in my mouth,it was really like sucking on a chupachups,he was small and made my task a lot easier. First time sucking a dick,not to say i liked it but at that moment it was erotic as he started to facefuck me and he came in small spurts. Stiffening body and then he was out of my mouth. I tasted his cum,tasteless! After all done,he had spent almost an hour now and he had to finish his rounds of selling. Around 2pm i heard him calling,went to see that he had brought a friend,i thought but get this,his older brotherwho was 12 years old and he too sucks cock,my cock the two of them after they had a look at the prno mags. Both took turns sucking my cock,i came after a short moment of exstacy. Both wanted my sperm and both took turns sucking each other to which i got another haron and this time it took more than 30mins of sucking by both the boys to make me cum. Both were naked now and they were hugging and rubbing my cock and themselves against me. They made me cum 6times that day,and even offered to let me fuck their tiny assholes,which i tried but iwould tear them so that was not to be. Before they left i gave each 5 dollars,just to take the guilt off me.
It became a norm for them to hangout at my room during the day,suck my cock everyday,for a year and half until i moved. That too was because they brought their mother for me to fuck. It was a shock for me but she had done this before and i need to pay 20 for the sex. It was damn erotic because the boys would get naked and after im naked they would suck my cock till im stiff and then the mother would climb on me and fucked me, All the time she would moan and the boys would start jerking,they would look at us fucking and jerk damn fast. After sometime it was damn funny in a way to see them jerk like cartoons. The mother is quite fair and petite with nice big dangling boobs that i have fucked many a times. Her pussy is hot and wet all the time,when asked about her husband,it seems he is in jail. She has a daughter too,the youngest and i have seen her,she is real cute. I told the mother,she has to do something about their predicament and refered the to the welfare. After they came under the welfare,it was time i disappeared too,it was really too much for me and i could get into trouble for having sex with minors..even tho they are pros in sex. Its been many years now and i had wondered what had happened to that family…??? mmmmm…it was educational! FUCK..!

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