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A long time to wait for a short first time

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: park
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I had been dating Mar for several months on and off, and for the most part she would only let me rub her tits and pussy through her clothes. One night we were making out in her basement and I was laying on top of her rubbing her pussy through her jeans when she grabbed my hand and shoved it down her pants. Two minutes later she pulled my hand out, took me outside and said “you have to leave now, but let’s meet tommorow at your house (no one would be home).”
She said, “make sure you prepare for what we’ll need.” Clearly now I realize that she wanted me to get some condoms, but at the time I was unsure of what she had in mind.

The next day we met at my house and we were laying on the floor making out. I went straight down her pants again, and he didn’t object. Then she suggested that we should go up to a bedroom, but I suggested that we stay put — I didn’t think that I could walk with my dick being so swollen.

I unzipped her pants and started pulling them down. I pulled down her panties as well. She asked me to unbutton my pants and I did. She pulled me on top of her, but then realized that I didn’t have a condom. So she kept her pants and panties at about the middle of her thighs and she let me stick my cock down between her legs. The feeling was incredible — much better than my hand. I rubbed my dick against her pussy for about 5 minutes and then I shot an enormous load of cum all over her and into her panties. She then pulled up her pants and we just layed there and watched tv.

A couple of days later a friend of mine gave me a condom that he got from his brother (the drugstores wouldn’t sell them to minors in my neighborhood), and planned to meet Mar again. This time we went to a park and I stripped off all of her clothes and all of mine. She looked incredible. And I immediate went down on her to lick her clit. She was really uncomfortable with this so she quickly pulled me out of her crotch and pulled my face to hers. I sucked on her tits for a well and rubbed her pussy. It was dripping wet. I then put on the condom and tried to enter her. She was kind of nervous, and really tight. Also, the condom was not lubricated, which made it difficult to enter her.

Unlike all of the other males who write stories here, my dick is not that big (about 5.75″), but it is kind of fat.
I just couldn’t get it in after 20 minutes of trying, so we gave up. I told her I’d come up with a solution so we’d meet the next night.

I went and tried to buy condoms again at the drugstore, but no luck. So I bought a small jar of vaseline instead.
I met Mar again, took her to the same park, and stripped her naked again. Then I pulled out the vaseline, lubed up my dick and her pussy. She was really nervous because I didn’t have a condom, but nothing was going to stop me from getting into this pussy. I got on top of her and in one quick push I broke her cherry.

Problem was I was so horny from the last attempts of the previous day (I should have wacked off but I thought that I should “save it” for her) that I felt like I had to come after about 20 seconds. I held on for another minute, but I knew I couldn’t hold it so I pulled out and shot the biggest load of my life all over her pubic hair, belly and tits.

She was really left unsatisfied, but I didn’t know what to do since she would not let me eat her pussy, so we left.

I tried for weeks to get her to allow me to eat her pussy, and for her to suck my dick. We continued to fuck, and I found a bar which sold condoms in the men’s room, so that problem went away. I also found that I could come at least 2-3 times a night when you’re 16, so I learned how to make Mar cum — a lot!

Mar became hornier and more open, and eventually admitted to me that she now wanted me to lick her pussy. I would do this for long sessions in the car, and she would scream out the most incredible orgasms. I also eventually got her to lick my dick, but she would not complete the act or really suck it.

One night we went to a drive-in, and Mar was really horney. She unzipped my pants, pulled out my dick and started sucking it. then she pulled off her pants, and jumped in the backseat. I jumped in after her. She asked me to put on a condom, but I was all out of them. I told her I’d pull out, but she said no way, so we got dressed.

We were watching the moving when she reached down and felt my dick and noticed that it was still hard. This surprised her, but I told her that it would remain hard until I found a way to cum. She then unzipped my pants and started sucking on my dick. I told her that this would not help me, but only make it worse. She said she’d finish me this time!

She kept sucking until I was about to blow. I pushed her head down onto me, but she could sense that I was coming and she started to pull away. The first shot of cum must of
went into her mouth, and then another wad hit me in the chest on my shirt. As my dick continue to spew, it seems that Mar decided that she liked the taste of cum and she went back down and sucked me dry! It was incredible.

After that she would blow me all the time. She couldn’t get enough cum. In movie theatres, while driving, everywhere!

Even when my wife is sucking me off today, I fantasize about Mar and the incredible blow jobs she gave to me. She’s now married, and what a lucky guy he must be!!

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