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A mouthful

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: girlfriend's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

My girlfriend, Amy was babysitting for her younger brother and, as usual, I was over at her house about two minutes after her parents pulled out of the driveway. We watched TV for a while until her brother went to bed. We were watching some movie and we were making out hot and heavy. We hadn’t gone any farther than “second base” before that night but somehow I felt that I was going to get lucky, or at least luckier that evening. She was slipping her tongue into my mouth and my dick responded accordingly: it was rock hard. I slid my hand onto her right breast and I could feel the nipple stiffen through her thin sweater and thin bra. She had nice size tits, not huge, but they stood up firm and high. I began playing with her nipple and she gently pushed my hand away but I knew her signals: she was only teasing. I knew that I had read the signal correctly when I suddenly slipped my hand up under her sweater and cupped her breast. There wasn’t any opposition this time; she just closed her eyes, leaned her head back against the couch and moaned a little bit. I teased her nipple and felt it grow hard like the tip of an eraser. While I was working on her tits, she had reflexively opened her legs a little bit and her short, cheerleader-type skirt had ridden up onto her thighs. It was quite a sight: I could just barely see a tiny bit of the red bikini panties she was wearing. I didn’t want to move too fast so I kept on french-kissing her and massaging her tits and her nipples. By now she was moaning up a storm, her legs had separated even more her hips were slowly but surely starting to grind and push upward. NOW she was ready! I slid my hand down onto her thigh and she flinched a little in surprise. But I then slid my tongue back into her mouth at the same time that my finger found her already soaking wet slit. She started to protest and shook her head from side to side but that stopped abruptly when I slipped my hand inside her wet panties and found a wonderfully slippery pussy. By now my cock was straining to get out of my pants and so I grabbed her hand and put it on my dick. She was so hot that she was grabbing and stroking it like she couldn’t wait to have it inside her. I didn’t need any more encouragement: I got out of my clothes in record time with my cock rock hard and pointing up at the ceiling. As I moved toward her she showed a little fear in her eyes: we hadn’t gone this far before. She said she couldn’t go all the way. I groaned in disappointment but told her that I needed to come before I died. She surprised me by saying, “Put it in my mouth.” I did as I was told! I slid my cock in her soft, hot mouth and in a flash she had inhaled almost all of it. I put my hands on the side of her head and started to fuck her mouth back and forth. Her eyes opened a little wide with alarm whenever I would go too deep so I shortened up a little on the thrusts but I didn’t slow down one bit. I could feel the cum-pressure building up and I sure as hell wasn’t going to pull out now! Soon I knew, and she knew that I was about to explode and shoot my wad. She tried to pull her head back but I had one hand behind her head and kept that hot, slippery mouth around my raging dick. I slid my cock back and forth two more times and then shot a huge load of cum into her mouth and down her throat. I groaned with delightful release and looked down to see some of the sperm dripping out of her mouth down onto her chin: it was a beautiful sight! Before she could be angry, I went down onto my knees and began to eat out her delicously slippery pussy. In no time at all I distracted her from my having come in her mouth; now ALL of her attention was on the orgasm that was wracking her body as SHE came in MY mouth. I certainly didn’t complain and after we caught our breath, she didn’t have any complaints either. It was a wonderful, wild and very wet evening. Fantastic!

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