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A Night To Remember

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Friends House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

One night I was over at a friend’s house and me and my sister and him and his two sisters were all there along with a foreign exchange student from Brazil that was staying at our house for the year. Callo, the exchange student was my age, 15 and my sister is 14. My friend is 15 and his siters are 13 and 14…stair steps as he calls them. We were watching movies and killing time while both of our parents were on a retreat for the weekend, and we were feeling pretty cocky sneaking into the garage and raiding his dad’s storage of beer.
By midnight we were bored with movies and started playing truth or dare. Callo had never heard of this so we explained it to him. He was pretty nervous, but said he would follow the rules. The first few dares were pretty lame, but then one of the girls got Callo to take off his shirt and flex..I thought she would have an orgasm right there! He liked the reaction and just left his shirt off, and on his next dare he told my friends 14 y/o sister that she had to take off her shirt and flex for him. She felt weird about doing it in front of er brother and sister, but he reminded her of the rules, so she broke down and did it. I was amazed at the perfect set of round firm tits that she shared with us all. Callo was ‘obviously’ pleased.
After a while, we had seen almost every part of each other’s body and were a little tipsy from the beer. I had the great idea of playing ‘strip Twister’. The idea was to spread out the playing sheet over a bed sheet so the carpet wouldn’t get messy, and then pour some baby oil on the Twister plastic sheet and spread it all over. Then we would play Twister normally except if you slipped and fell, you had to take off one piece of clothing and leave it off for the rest of the night. Everyone was giddy and laughed and thought this would be cool.
So we started playing and got four of us on there. At first we fell a few times just for fun, then it became obvious that it was going to be hard to stay up anyways, so we started getting competitive and nudging each other. At one point, I was down to my under shorts and my sister was naked (bad balance) and Callo was naked (on purpose bad balance but a great soccer body) and he was behind me with his dick laying against my leg and my sister bowed backwards with her back arched in her underwear just under me and my friend’s youngest sister with only her panties had to get inbetween us and put her had on a red spot. We all fell and soon we were all naked and wrestling in the oil. It was so cool to feel their bodies slip over mine. Guy and girls alike, it just felt good. At one point, I got behind the youngest sister and grabbed for her arm and slipped and my oily dick slid into her slit about an inch. She gasped and looked back at me. I apologized and backed away, but that’s not what she really wanted. Pretty soon we were all just laying around laughing and tipsy and started daring each other again. My sister to revenge on me and dared me to jack off in front of everyone. I did it and then dared her to jack off my friend. She hesitated but agreed. The girls got together and dared all three of us guys to lay in a triangls and suck each other off. This was too weird, but somehow they talked us into it. It was really weird, I never thought about this kind of thing, but it felt good and it even felt good in my mouth. We fought back and dared the girls to do the same. We had to explain how girls could do this and they were pretty grossed out at first, but did it since we had done it first.
Then Callo kind of just lost it and got in the middle of the girls and started to finger my sister’s ass. The other girl pulled away and he slid up next to her and just slid his dick into her. She let out a little cry and then hummed for a second. I couldn’t believe I was watching my kid sister have her first. My friend’s youngest sister grabbed Callo’s body and started rubbing her body against it. I rubbed her body and she turned around and her eyes let me know that she was ready. We got into it fast. As I said, we were a little drunk by now and my friend and his sister were horny, so it wasn’t so unbelievable that they chose to have sex with the rest of us. After the first few times, we changed around. My friend got away from his sister and found my sister who was now having a great time…I never thought of her that way, but it was a turn on. Callo stood up and was pushing into the 14 y/o sister and I came up behind and pushed into her ass. It was so good to feel her tight ass and his balls against mine. He reached around and grabbed my ass and pulled us tight. She just groaned and enjoyed the attention. She came before we did and we all just got a little more lubed up. When we were all so tired and drunk that we couldn’t stay away, we all piled into my friend’s parent’s king size bed and got tight. I remember my friend getting up on top of me and pushing himself into my ass and just laying there on me. It felt so good that I didn’t stop him, I just fell asleep.
Callo got into the 13 y/o and just lay with his dick in her as they fell asleep and the other girls were spooning and feeling each other out. By the next morning, we were all over each other and I woke up with my friend gently sucking me off. My sister was awake and watching. This was really a turn on, so I let him finish. Then he climbed up near my face and straddled me and looked into my eyes, and I knew what he wanted. My sister reached over and started to rub him and guided him into my mouth. She just said.e on Erik, fair’s fair. I did it and thought it was cool, but liked the vagina just a bit better. Callo got up and went into the shower and I followed him in there to pee. He was so tight and good looking that I asked him if he wanted to feel what it was like up the ass. He said ok, but on the bed with everyone. We went back in and he crawled up to my sister and kissed her tits and whispered in her ear and then lay on top of her and in her. So I figured it was my turn and got up on him and slid into him with a little more oil. We all bucked and rocked and it by now my friend was so horny he was going at his sister again. after I came, I rolled over and just lay there. The younges sister wiped my dick off and climbed up on top of me and rode me. She wasn’t too good, but I wasn’t being picky…I was in heaven and knew it. Callo was like a machine, he couldn’t stop and all the girls thought he was really cute. The weirdest part of the whole thing was when my sister looked at me and said ‘you know, we’re the only couple that hasn’t done it’, and she started to pull at my dick and rub her perfect tits against my chest. I was instantly so hard that I forgot my objections and climbed into her. She had been practicing some kind of excercise that made her able to tighten and loosen and bring me to the edge and then back off. We worked at it for almost an hour before she started to arch her back and groan. Then she gasped and tightened so hard I thought my dick was a goner…but it made it better for me too until I couldn’t hold off. I started ramming against her and our stomachs slapped with sweat and oil until we almost simultaneously screamed. We decided later that it was the best of the whole night. We even still practice with each other (though I use condoms now). We all still get together and do some of the stuff again, and probably will for a while, but that night was the first and the best and will always be in our memories as the best night of our lives.
It’s like the old Roman orgies where anything went. It’s really cool.

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