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A Story From Malaysia

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Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: Music Room of my school
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

It happenened a very long time ago . Nobody knew about this except for she and I . I am a teacher in one of the schools here in Desaru .Life has been very dull and boring . I got to know anew teacher named Leena . She is beautiful with a body statistics 36-26-34.
You can imagine how she looks like . Her breasts are voluptuous . As she was also an English teacher, she had to work along with me .And I, as the chairman of the English Panel gladly helped her in so many ways . Days passed by and we became more intimate . Actually I have
not been having sex for so many months after I was ent to the school and she was actually my potential sex partner . She told me that she had a boyfriend before but they broke up after two years of courtship . From the way she told me, I knew that she was not a virgin .This
is a great opportunity for me to try my luck .
One day while doing a report for a meeting in the music room, we were alone .I told her about my past girlfriends and I told her about my groovy lifestyle before I was sent to the school . She asked me whether I had ever kissed a girl before . I shyly said ” Yes ..but that was a
long time ago, ” I said .
” Do you want to kiss me now or later ? “, she asked .
I was actually shocked but that was nothing . She bravely moved closer towards me and kissed my lips. It was a long, sensuous kiss . I groped her firm round breasts while kissing and she was actually enjoying it ! I proceeded to touch her nipples and unhooked her brassiere . Then she
voluntarily did the rest. She took off her t-shirt and i was feasted with such beautiful scenery before me …Slowly she made a move to stroke my pulsating cock outside my jeans . She undid the zipper and took out the bulging cock and used her fingers to slowly touching it . I was in heaaven .
She took the effort to masturbate me .She was bloody good . I was enjoying every minute of her masterful strokes . I told her to stop as I was about to come . I layed her down the table and took off her skirt and panties .Wow! She had a lot of hair ..I love girls with pubic hair …
I slowly guided my cock ..playing with her clitories…
“OOOOhhh,,yes,,, good….I like it ”, she whimpered . I know that it was about time for me to slam my cock inside her..but I slowly inserted it in half way and what I did made her go crazy …
“Oh,yes,,please put it in…I can’t stand it anymore ..yesss….oohh..”
I did exactly what she told me …I slammed my cock rigyt inside of her that made her shouted like hell !
“Yes!Yes..that’s the way..I love it so much ..oh yes…deeper”…”
I was at the brink of my orgasm ….I told her that I was going to come . She told me to pull my cock out.
“Pull it out…I want to have it inside my mouth ! Quick ..give it to me !!..”
Without further hesitation, I took out my cock for her to masturbate it.She masturbated it and when I was going to come, she put the whole length inside her mouth…
” I am coming !!!!!!”, I shouted..
” Give it to me ! You fool !! I want it all !! ”, she yelled
” Oh..yes I am coming “,as I spurted the cum inside her mouth . She loved every drop opf my cum and licked the rest of it …

Leena is now transferred back to Kuala Lumpur, where she belongs.I am still here, but we still keep in touch thru e-mails. We always do it again whenever we have the chance even though we are now married and have our own family .The sex with Leena is great . I am not going to stop having sex with her…
Not even for a million dollars !

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