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A true life first love and fuck story

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: you'll find out
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Okay, it was quite along time ago… but I remember it like it was yesterday because I am still with the girl that is in this story.

It all started with a local basketball turnament. I was on one of the teams but had to undergo a total shoulder reconstruction (surgery for the slow ones) so I was unable to play. So I had to watch from the side. I had played in this particular gym many times but the second I stepped through the doors I knew something was different. I didn’t know what though.

I found I seat in the bleachers and watched the teams play. Right befor the halftime of the first game I began to get hungry so I decided to get something to eat from the snack stand. This is when I met the woman of my dreams. Behind the counter was the most beautiful girl that I had ever seen. I bought some M&Ms from her and went back to my seat, feeling an erotic stare at my back. As I sat down I I looked over to the snack stand and our eyes locked. Being young and ignorant I couldn’t get myself to just get up and talk to her for no reason but to talk, so I ended up buying over 15 dollars worth of junk food just to make small talk with her.

We finally got started on inteligent talk when she had to leave. She was only 15 and her mom had come to take her home. Damn, I thought, damn damn!!! Well, now I thought that I had truely screwed up. But then she was right back behind that counter the next day!!! And boy did we get talking. I ended up taking her home that night, but nothing happened. We did proceed to see eachother and she asked me to her valentine (sweetheart) school dance. Weeks went by without a hitch and we were getting very close to eachother. Far beyond the sexual attraction. We just had the “connection” from the beginning. But the sexual part was soon to come, much to my surprise.

The night of the sweetheart dance arrived and I drove up and picked her up from her house, not before stopping at a nearby drug store to by some good ole Trogans though! Seriously, I didn’t even expect her to be interested in sex at this point in time. She was a very quite girl, a virgin no doubt. And so far was just interested in kissing.

My god my eyes almost popped out of my eyes when I first saw her in that dress!! Wow!! I instantly got a hard-on! I hadn’t known that her tits were so huge! I figured that they were good double Bs at the largest, but low she was going brawless and they looked to be at least double C cup boobs. needless to say, I was getting very horney! I proceeded to guide her to my car (it was very dark) and helped her in the car, not without grabbing a good handfull of ass though. And my god was it firm. I could barely inch it! And what a look and sigh she gave me when I did grab her.

Later on at the dance…
We’d danced most every song so far, all fast ones so we didn’t get too close. But the first slow song that came up, we grabbed eachother and held on. Again I instantly got hard and she knew it emediatly. She just hugged me tighted, pushing my cock into her stomach. The next time we took a break she leaned over to me, grabbed my cock, and whispered “let’s go”. That’s it, that’s all she said. But that was more than enough for me to know what to do!!

We got in my truck and headed up into the “foothills”. where I live are a lot of rocks, huge rocks. And there’s all sorts of places to hide a vehicle. I pulled ito one of the spots I liked to come, totally hiden from view in all directions. I liked to come here to unwind. Just relax, ya know? Anyway, I stopped the truck and turned off the lights. I took a quick glance at the bright stars out the window and by the time my eyes were back on her she had her dress around her ankles!! And she was pulling her panties off! I was so surprised that I said “what are you doing?” She quickly replied with “you know what you want, now come and get it..” And with that I had my pants off, my shirt off and I was instantly on top of her. We kissed and groped for a few minutes and eventually fucked. And what a fuck it was. But anyway, I’m still with this girl to this day. And we are still going stronger than ever. I hoped you enjoyed it, I know all the perverts out there didn’t, because I didn’t really “describe” if you know what I mean! But it is a true story, and the best thing that has every happened to me.

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