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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: neighbour's house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

i was 17. as a young boy, i used to masturbate pretty regularly. i used to masturbate in my room which was at the first floor. once when i was masturbating,i forgot to close the window and the neighbour aunt saw me from the window. i was masturbating on my bed shaking my big cock with my eyes closed to feel the pleasure. when i opened the eyes, i saw aunt staring me from the window. i felt embarrased. so i tried to ignore her. she was not so hot but not so bad too. she had a good figure. after a week of this incident, in the evening, i was returning from the market. when i reached home, aunt made me stop. i had a glimpse of my embarrasement, so i was hesitating. she said- ” could you do one thing for me?” i said surely i can do. then shae said- ” i am alone at home for 4 days, uncle has gone out of town for some work, i am feeling scary so can you come at my home and stay in the night? i have talked with your mother, she had agreed and said its your opinion. i said my opinion is yes. then she asked me what would i like to eat in the dinner, i told her and went to her home around 8-9 pm. she said your fav dinner is ready. we had dinner then we went for sleep. i was not able to sleep that night. i thought that its been a week from that incident and i hav’nt masturbated. i will masturbate today and will go to sleep. then i went to the washroom and lowered my shorts and started shaking my cock. while i was masturbating i had a noise at the door. i was scared of any ghost. as i opened the door i saw my aunt standing there.i wasblank. she was watching me masturbating again!!! then i was mute. without saying anything, she grabbed my cock and pulled it and walked to her bedroom. i was surprised. i was following her because she was grabbing my cock.when we entered the bed room she pushed me on the bed and started undressing me. i tried to say that what are u doing but she slapped me lightly to ask me to be silent. in a few seconds, i was completely nude in front of her. i was feeling shy, and scared whether she is giving any punishment to me. then she came near me and kissed my whole body. then she smooched with me. then i was confirmed that aunty want sex with me. but as i was virgin so was a bit scared. then we smooched 3-4 times in 15 minutes. then she said me to undress her. i undressed her quickly. then she took my cock in my mouth. i was feeling very excited and i cummed in 5 minutes. she drank all the cum and smiled at me. then she said me to finger her. i started fingering her. she was moaning very hard. i was tired fingering her but she insisted to do that. then she felt orgasm and during that she hugged me very tightly. and then she laid on me. i felt her boobs on my chest i felt very good. my cock started to erect again.her feet was on my cock. she noticed it. and then she took it in her mouth. when it was fully erect, she laid me on the bed and sat over me in horserifind position. she then guided my cock to her wet, warm pussy. when my cock touched her pussy i felt like heaven. then i being a intelligent boy said-“aunty, condom” she smiled and said “wait i will give u one” then she picked out a condom from her drawer and she rolled it on my cock. then she inserted my cock in her pussy in three steps. at first shaft, then next part and in the end she completely rided my cock by sitting onto it. the condom was anti climax as she told me. i fucked her (or she fucked me) for about 20-25 mins. most of the time she was above me. she gave her boobs in my mouth i was sucking them and she was fucking me. she was very wild and horny. after some time i was over. i was exhausted. she was to very happy with the sex we had. she made me her bed and laid on me. my cock was still in her pussy. she said to let my cock in. then we both fall asleep naked. we wake up in the morning and i skipped my school saying to mom that i m having a headache, then we fucked each other during bath. then for the 4 days we fucked each other atleast 15 times. i had wonderful week. from then whenever her house in empty, she calls me and fucks me. i am really a happy boy. i love u aunty.

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