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Where it happened: kitchen of my home
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I have been reading your site for a few months now, along with
some other erotic writing sites as I have always been interested
in erotic literature (my degree is in English Lit and I teach at
a community college). However I never ever thought I would be a
participant in any such activities until yesterday.
My old daughter has been seeing a young man for about six
months now and I must admit he is quite a handsome fellow. I found
I was getting more excited each time Scott was around and night
before last while my husband and I were making wonderful love I
fantasized Scott was there instead of my husband.
Yesterday when Scott was over with my daughter I asked him
if he could go with me this morning to help me get some
shrubs and flowers I wanted to plant this weekend. I knew my
daughter would be in school and my husband at work and selfishly
I just wanted to be with Scott.
He arrived about 9am this morning and we were back home before noon.
Scott unloaded our pickup and put all of the shrubs, two small
trees and six flats of flowers on the back patio while I fixed us
some lunch.
I was putting our sandwiches on plates when he came in and was
washing his hands in the sink. He was sweating from the physical
work and the smell of his manliness just shattered me right
then and there. I put the sandwiches down, took his right arm and
turned him to face me – his eyes wide as in surprise. I plastered
him to me and I kissed him.
I expected Scott to pull away but he didn’t and soon his arms were
around me. I continued to kiss, our tongues probing and I could
feel his hardness against my lower belly. Breathlessly I told him
I wanted him to make love to me right there in the kitchen.
We did too. We tore our clothes off, and for his young years he
seemed not at all embarrassed or nervous – which is more than I
can say for myself.
I, a wife and mother, was about to fuck my daughters boyfriend!
We sank to the kitchen floor and continued foundling and kissing
until I had to have him in me. I moved up and over Scott’s hips
and positioned his hard penis into the entrance of my throbbing (I
cannot remember my vagina ever throbbing for my husband as this boy
was) vagina. I sank on down on him with my hands on his chest while
his hands massaged my breasts.
I knew being his first time that he would not last long and I was
right. With just rocking my pelvis rather than rising and
falling on him soon Scott’s sperm soared throughout my vagina in a
series of staccato-like gouts. I felt his penis filling me and
the warmness of his semen was greater than I could remember
coming from my husband – the only other man with whom I ever had
intercourse. I layed down my breasts flat against his heaving
chest and we could feel the other’s racing heart beats.
To my delight Scott remained hard and inside my. I felt his
semen seep out past the plug of his penis and hotly seep down
between my cheeks. When I felt his penis throb he asked if he
could do it again. I told him oh yes he could but I needed him
to help me achieve my orgasm too.
What a wonderful student and lover Scott was. I directed his
thumbs to my clitoris and just as he filled me with another shower
of sperm I exploded in a climax with such a furry I got numbing
cramps in both legs and had to fall off Scott to allow the
circulation to flow back into my legs.
This wonderful lover held me right there on the kitchen floor
with kisses so soft…
I am writing this not an hour after Scott has just left. He
didn’t want to be here when my daughter got home and there was
an hour or so before my husband would arrive. I have not taken
a shower or cleaned myself up. I don’t want to remove the
scent of my lover or lose the wonder of his sperm flowing within
So, there you have it: two firsts…my daughters boyfriend’s
transformation into manhood and my first extramarital affair.
I know that this is not a one-time fling and that Scott and I
will be together again. I have lots of wonderful things to teach
him and fantasies to explore.
Now, I just have to figure out how I am going to handle the
fact that he is my daughter’s boyfriend as well as my lover.

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