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Allison: The cute redhead, and Amanda: The chick with a cute pair.

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: My House/Nightclub
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

This is another TRUTHFULL story to add to the database, a new chapter for the writer of 9426.

If you were wondering, Allison and I still fuck occasionally, but not really often after that night. I have done Kelly as well since, but only once.

Anyway, not long ago (December 2nd 1998), I met up with a girl I had been chasing since I was 13. Her name was also Allison, but she was a lot closer to my home (about 10km or 5 mile). She is a 17 year old girl, a red-head with strawberry-blonde streaks, with hazel/brown eyes. She is about 5’10”, and her breasts are just the right size for any hand to fit around. To get the story going, one night she and I had been at an underage disco, and we had both had a little to drink (alcohol), after chatting her up, I convinced her to come outside and relax from the constant beat, and smell of cigarette smoke. This night, she was wearing the skimpy skirt and v-neck top that most girls were to nightclubs, and to look more seductive, it was black.

I ran my hand through her shoulder-length hair, and she turned to me with a look of curiosity. I ran my hand through again, and she lent over and started kissing me as I finished. I responded by backing off, then going in and kissing her softly on the neck. To this, she stopped me, and we kissed tongue for about ten whole minutes. As the club closed at 12 midnight for the underagers, and it was quarter to twelve, I asked her if we could stop off at my house before I walked her home. She agreed, and rang her mum from my house to say she would be home later.

We sat down to watch a little TV, with me sitting on the couch, and Allison lying over me. We were watching pay-TV and the movie on was little graphic with its content. I could see Allison getting excited from the movie, just in the middle of a sex scene. (I was too, mind you). I tried the same trick as before, and ran my hand through her hair again, and she responded with a French Kiss lasting five minutes. I un-buttoned my shirt, and removed it exposing my six-pack. She played the game of I remove something she asks for, and she does the same. This left me with my socks and boxers, and her with her black bra and panties. She took off her bra and my boxers shot forwards about four inches. Her breasts aren’t the best I’ve seen, but they look the best for her build of girl. I took off my socks, and we made a mutual agreement to shut our eyes while the rest of the clothing went down. With my eyes still closed, I walked over to Allison, and put my hands on her breasts. She responded with another kiss, and one hand on my cock. I opened my eyes to see her kneeling down, with one hand on my cock, and getting into a position to suck my cock. She started masturbating me, and I thought I was about to blow, so she deep throated my cock, and kept going with the head job. I blew my load nearly everywhere but her mouth, with a fair bit hitting her chest, and a little hitting me, which she licked up eagerly. I licked a little off her, just around the nipples, which made her orgasm twice in quick succession. Allison and I rested for about two or three minutes before she got me hard again, by giving me a good look at her pussy and letting me lick her out for a while.

I said to Allison to sit on the edge of the couch, while I knelt on the floor. I positioned myself to enter her virgin pussy, I placed my cock into her pussy. As I pushed it in, I knew it was painful for her, but she tried not to show it. Soon, we were at, and she was moaning in pleasure, something like “yes, yes, davie, yes”. It was five minutes before I came in Allison, but it was worth the wait, because I filled her about halfway to the top. Her pussy clinched in on my cock as I came, and she came at almost the same time. After I came, I said that I wanted some more pussy, so 69’ed until she came over my face, and I covered hers. Just as Allison was getting up, the doorbell rang, so she raced to my bedroom. I covered up my cock with my boxers and answered the door. It was Amanda, Allison’s best friend. Amanda was 5’11”, brown haired and eyed 36D chick. I invited Amanda in, and said for her to wait in the lounge while I covered up in the bedroom. As soon as I closed the door for my bedroom, Allison threw me on the bed, and sat over the top of me with my cock inside her. Just as we started going for it, Allison asked between the moans who had came over. I said it was Amanda (another virgin 17 year old). Allison started moaning loud enough for Amanda to hear. Soon, there was a knock on the door, Amanda had had an orgasm, and had come in her stonewashed denim shorts. Her nipples were completely erect through her black swimsuit top. The shorts were soaked. Amanda had not seen Allison yet, as the light was off, so Allison told Amanda to remove her top. As soon as I saw those lovely breasts, I pushed up into Allison and came in her, causing her to come over me again. I asked Amanda whether or not she had been eaten out before. She said she hadn’t. So I offered, and she accepted. Allison and I were fucking as I ate out Amanda. Amanda really looked cute, until she came over my face, just before I came in Allison again. I told Allison that I would like to take Amanda’s virginity, and she said it was cool, as long as she got eaten out again. Allison sat over my face in a way that I could see Amanda completely, except when I had my tongue in her. Amanda lined herself up, and lowered down over me quickly, causing her to scream with pain. After about two strokes (up, and down) she was starting to enjoy it. She was adventurous, and she fingered Allison’s arse as I was tongue-fucking her. Allison came over me, but only a little. She got up from me, went round behind Amanda as she (Amanda) was fucking me, and finger Amanda’s arse, which made Amanda come almost instantly, and tighten up, causing me to shoot in Amanda. I came heaps again. Amanda got up after the first spurt, and I just managed to coat her chest. Allison saw me come, so she decide to lick off some, and Amanda and Allison licked up the come, rainbow kissing (passing come over to the other person) each other and rubbing it into each otherÆs thighs. Then whilst I was lying down, they pounced, and made lick up some of the remains, and I thought I would tongue-fuck them both, to I filled them both up with what was left. Amanda had come over with intention of sex, so she brought her kit, and pulled out a strap-on. Amanda put it on, and started the motions of fucking, and Allison was on top. Allison told me to masturbate over her and try to come near the outsides of both there pussies. I did and I rubbed the clits of both Amanda and Allison whilst they were still fucking. They both came, and I licked up the juices. Amanda took off the strap-on for a minute, and Allison rolled off her. I had a digital camera, and I took 31 photos for erotic use between us. Amanda put the strap-on back on, and suggested that I fucked Allison doggie-style, so she could arse-fuck me. We all went at it for about five minutes, until I pulled out, and started to arse-fuck Allison. I was enjoying it so much myself, as well as doing it, I came about four or five times in Allison before I stopped, and she came about twice. I thought it was fair enough that Amanda got an arse fucking as well. She enjoyed it as much as Allison, come about twice, to my three times. Amanda and Allison layed together, so I got on my knees, one knee between each of them, and told them to make me come over them. After I came, they cleaned themselves up, and went to sleep.

When I awoke, they both attacked me wanting more. I fucked them both once more each before they left. I have fucked both Allison and Amanda on several occasions over the school holidays and weekends since.

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