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Age when it happend: almost 14
Where it happened: front porch
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I was almost fourteen.

It was summertime, and hot as hell here in the East Texas town of Jasper. I had been working outside the house all day, and had gone in to take a shower, to cool off as much as get the sweat off. After the shower, I put on only a “duster”, a thin floral print gown, so I could dry off better. The air conditioner was broke, so I went out on the front porch to cool off in the evening breeze. The last thing I expeted was a visitor … then Mike drove up.

He was older than me, about seventeen or so. We had never dated, but had danced at parties, and had kissed several times. I really liked him. He was slender, but as strong as an ox. He had real hard muscles, and no fat anywhere on him. He was handsome, too. Blond hair, blue eyes, and strong aryan features. His grandparents came over from Germany just as World War One broke out. His Grandfather was a double agent in the war. He was a German army officer, and a spy and an asassin for the United States government.

Mike came up on the porch, and sat in a chair beside mine. We were both facing the county road that ran about three hundred yards in front of the house. We started to talk about all kinds of stuff, and had a good conversation going. Just then Mom came out on the porch, and said she was going to the store in town, and asked if we wanted to go with her. We both said “No, we want to visit a while.”

After Mom left, we kept up the conversation for a while, then Mike took my hand, and guided me over to him, and sat me on his lap. We started kissing like there was no tomorrow. Oh, he loved to kiss, and he was really good at it, too. I love to kiss him, and to be kissed by him.

Pretty soon we were french kissing, and had started running our hands all over each other, through our clothes. Then Mike turned me around to face him, straddling his legs with mine, one on each side of his. I was sitting somewhat back on his legs, about half way to his knees. We embraced fully, wrapping our arms tightly around each other, and hugging tightly as we continued to kiss.

Mike started unbuttoning my duster, and soon had it open in front down to my waist. He began to explore my high, firm, full “B” cup breasts with his fingers. He was so gentle with me. He told me how beautiful my breasts were, and how he liked my small, slightly pink nipples, and my pale biege aureolas. He opened my duster, and pushed it back off my shoulders, and let it slide down off my arms. He looked at me for a long time, constantly complimenting my breasts, and overall good looks.

I started unbuttoning his shirt, and took it off of him. We embraced more, and rubbed our chests together. It felt so fine to rub my nipples in the hair of his chest. Then he began kissing my neck, and working down toward my breasts. No boy had ever seen or touched me before. This was strange and exciting for me. I wanted him to hurry up and kiss my nipples, and he finally did. Oh! it feels SO GOOD when he does that! I didn’t want him to stop. Ever!

Then, as he was still kissing my breasts, he unbuttoned my duster down to the hem, and let it slide down, uncovering me completely. There I was, completely nude, with my legs spread wide, sitting on his lap, facing him.

As he looked me over, and began exploring me with his hands, the thought came to me how wonderful it would be to make love. Now, we girls had talked about sex and stuff before, and some of them really had done it before, but I had never thought about it seriously. I was serious now. I was ready to make love now. RIGHT NOW !!

As he reached down and touched me there, I felt myself instantly flood with lubricant. He manipulated my inner lips, and my clitoris for a good while. It was all I could do to stay on his lap. It felt so good! I knew it had to happen right then and there.

He put his finger inside me, and moved it all around very gently. It felt real good. Then he put two fingers in me. That was tight, but not too bad. It didn’t hurt, but I was uncomfortable for a few minutes until I relaxed inside.

I told him I wanted him inside me. He asked me if I was sure, and I said “Yes. Very sure! Then he asked me when my period would start. It was just over a couple days ago, so we knew we were safe to go at it without any stupid condom. (Aids was not an issue then, our only concern was an unwanted pregnancy)

I got up off of his lap, and he pulled off his pants and boxers, and sat back on the chair. I replaced myself on his lap. I spread my legs and slid foreward until the tip of his penis was touching the entrance to my vagina. Then I held his penis, and guided it into me, as I moved foreward and sat directly on his crotch with mine.

It was so fine! I began bouncing up and down, and swiveling my hips and hunching and squeezing with my insides, and generally going berserk! FINALLY, I had a dick in me, and it was GOOD!

We moved to the couch in the living room, and spent an hour or more fucking in every possible position we could think of … several times each. I had several orgasms before Mike. When he did come, he ran me over with his semen. (I’m glad the couch had vinyl upholstery)

We relaxed together, and almost fell asleep. Then we went to the bathroom to clean up. Mike bent me foreward over the counter, and put it in me from behind, and shot me so full of semen that it was running down my legs … again!

We finally got cleaned up, and cooled down. Mike put his clothes back on, and I put my duster back on. We were sitting out on the porch when Mom got back from the store.

Now … that was the FIRST time with Mike, but not the last.

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