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Where it happened: bedroom
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
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Category: Straight

Me and Lisa were the best of friend ever. We were together since kindergarten, and now in high school( in sophmore year to be exact) we had started to touch each other. WEll, one night, we had a sleep over, and my mom and dad weren’t home. Dad was on a business trip, and my mom wasn’t going to come home until 5 am the next day. So we had a whole evening and night to enjoy each other. As soon as Lisa had finished putting her stuff away, we started to kiss. She taught me to french before, and yea. She slowly stuck her hand under my shirt and massaged my breast, which felt insanely nice. I was a virgin, but Lisa wasn’t. She was teaching me the wonders of foreplay. She took off my shirt, and removed my bra. I had big titties and she sucked, bit, played, and massaged my breasts. It felt so good. After, her hand traveled down and into my underwear, where she rubbed my clit. I started to get wet, and it felt good and so i moved my body against her, trying to get her finger in. As i moaned, she stuck her finger in and out of my pussy and i decided to use my hands on her. SO She took of my underwear while i took off her top and bra. I sucked and bit her nipples, and slapped them gently. They jiggled and i couldn’t resist biting harder, which made her moan loudly. I then licked and kissed her belly, and rubbed her pussy through her panties. She moaned and moaned. I took it off and rubbed her pussy. It was already wet, and smelled a bit sweet. I stuck a finger in and used my other hand to rub her clit. She moved her hips, thrusting them. I slipped more fingers in, and soon was fisting her. She organismed, and cummed. I continued to fist her, and she moaned again. By this time she was so loud she was almost screaming. After she calmed down a bit, Lisa asked me to lick her. I obediantly obeyed, and found out her pussy tasted good. So i started to suck and lick her pee-hole, and she moaned again. After she organismed again, she stood up and told me to lie on the bed and spread my legs. i did, and she rubbed my cunt. She licked and sucked and bit my pussy, and it felt so good. Her tongue even managed to get in a little, but not as far as her finger, and it was barely there. But it was amazing to feel. While eating me out, her finger rubbed my clit and then was inserted in me gently. In and out it went. When she tried to do a second, it hurt so bad i lurched, so she pushed me back and continued with one. Finally she sucked me dry and i got wet immediatly after) my brother came in. He stared at us, and to our amazement, asked if he could join. we said yes and he stripped. Lisa sucked his cock, and when it was big, he fucked her. the way they connected was amazing. Soon it was my turn, and my brother gently put the tip of his dick on my pussy lips. It’ll hurt a bit, he warned, and i nodded. He pushed in hard, and i screamed, it hurt so bad. I dripped a bit of blood on the floor while he pushed in and out, but after a few minutes, the pain gave way to pleasure. It was soo good. I moved my hips, slamming into him everytime. He climaxed and shot his sperm deep into me, and started fucking me again. all this while, Lisa had one hand massaging my breasts, and another on my pussy. Lisa invited her brother over, who also joined. I took her brother, and she took mine. Both of us had deep loads shot into us. WE must have cummed around 10 times, then rested for half an hour, then started again. it went on for the whole night. We let my dogs lick up the sperm from our pussies and bodies, and they seemed to like it. after that, me and lisa found out we were pregnant, i with her brother’s baby, and she with mine. After our brothers left for boarding school( our moms found out ) we let our dogs fuck us. german sheperds are big dogs and their dicks are huge. SOmetimes, we would go out into the backyard of my house and get a horse to fuck us. Once you fuck a horse, you never satsify with just a man, their dicks are HUGE, and they pump it ever so fast. And they have a HUGE load of sperm. It’s very pleasurable. well, that’s my story.

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