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Age when it happend: 26
Where it happened: Nudist camp
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I’ve read other nudist’s stories here, and seeing how I’m not the only one that gets it on at a nudist resort, I guess I’ll tell my story.
My parents were really uptight about nudity and sex when I was growing up. I’ve never seen either of them naked (not that I’d want to), and they got very upset with me when they caught me with my clothes off.
As a little kid, I was always stripping to play outdoors in the summer. I caught hell for this all the time. When I graduated from college and got out on my own, the first thing I did was start going nude all the time at home. Soon I tried social nudism, and found that I love it. I am average height, slim, and if I say so very pretty. I love having older guys check me out when I’m naked, so I spend every minite I can nude at the resort I attend.
Our club opened last month, and I was the first one there on opening day. I found a place near the lake and stripped and laid out on the dock. I was enjoying myself when a couple guys I had seen there before came walking by. They were both in their late 50s, and they slowed to look at me as I was sunbathing. Neither of them were nude, and it felt so hot to have them looking at my bare body. I said Hi and they responded. They asked if I wanted company and I said sure. They came over and sat in some nearby lawn chairs and started talking with me. After a while I got up and walked over closer to them and stood there giving them an upclose view of me. They sort of looked at each other and finally one whose name was George asked me if I liked them looking at me. I replied yes truthfully. He asked if I would like more, and I said like what? He said come here and I’ll show you, so I walked up close to him. He put his hand on my bare buns and started rubbing them gently. It felt really good, but I wanted more, so I started rubbing my own tits. Jim, the other guy, asked if he could join in, and I said the more the merrier. He came over and started feeling my tits. George slipped a finger up my coochie and I thought I was going to die of pure pleasure. He asked me if I was a virgin and I said yes, but I want that to change.
To make a long story short, they both got naked and took turns on me for over two hours. I sucked them both off, and George ate me out. Jim wanted to fuck me up my bottom and I let him. That didn’t feel so good at first, but after a while it did. After we were finished they both got dressed and sat back down in their chairs. They had me come and sit on each one’s lap so they could fell me up more. I got finger fucked again by each guy. Jim eventually left and George had me lay on my back across his lap and played with my titties. Later I rolled over and he butt fucked me with his finger. I went home sore but VERY satisfied that night.
I have gotten laid by Jim a couple of times since, but now I’m more interested in finding a guy that’s more my age to have sex with. Well that’s my story!

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