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Amish girls remember 52171

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Age when it happend: Can't say
Where it happened: My house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Remember 52171 . Three young girls lived next door and I had screwed Rosie about two yeaars ago, who said she was experienced but lied cause she was a virgin. So bear with the story and print and read it later if you must this is what happened . It’s all true which makes if a good read. Well Clara and Becky her younger sisters were almost as horny as Rosie . One evening I was comming in tired as heck and I was thinking about my divorced ex wife who I had just seen in town as I drove by her parents house. Then I thought of cute Rosie flashing me and ending up in my bed. Gosh she was so pretty but so young. Well to follow up on the story. I had been all work and no play for a while and the truth is I was lonely and depressed. I looked at some old photos I had kept of my ex and now I just felt like my life was worthless . So I decided I would see her, but I was all mixed up . She divorced me and she was fooling around . I never I just would flirt with Joan the waitress at the only restaurant in town. So I jumped in my old truck and headed for town. On the way I almost hit a goat. I looked back and it was a milking goat with a halter and broken tether strap. It may be one of two neighbors. So I drove to LB’s house and it wasn’t his . So I drove down to the Amish farm and the bearded father of Clara, Becky, Rosie who were in the previous story and ILA, Elizabeth and the son Mark who I never met came out to meet me. This was Becky’s goat and her name was slippery because she always got out. Well the girls dad invited me in and introduced his daughters not knowing I had met 3 of them before. I told him my grandparents were Swartzentruber and I knew his family was New Order. He was suprised I knew anything Amish but my parents had left the ultra strict Swartzentruber sect when they were 20. He told me how he thought the New Order Amish were correct but he only knew new Order and nothing else. So the 3 girls smiled and kept their mouths shut and played like this was our first meeting . Mark smiled and looked at me knowing something was up. There was a lot of Dutch language being shot around for a moment and I knew enough and said ik begrijp wat je zegt. Which translates I understand what you say. Red faces were all around when I said let’s forget it and start over . Mark totally embarrassed said forgive my insults and I reached out and shook his hand. I actually understood little but knew it was way out of line. I told him his sisters were strikingly beautiful which made them blush. There are only three Amish family’s here in the county and we are closely related said the father. We sent three girls to Holmes county and would you believe it we are related to the boys they met there also. So this summer we have to send them to Geauga county because we know New Order people there we are not related to. It is not as easy as you think said the father. I am related to the famous Eli Miller I told him. You don’t say, we are related to his Wife. It’s a small world after all quoting Walt Disney . That was way over their heads with no TV or movie background. Becky came and said thanks for bringing back my goat can I pay you back by making a Pie and sending it your way? Where do you live ? She knew darn well but I played along and Clara pipped up I make a great Pie too how about two pies? I love pie but better make them small I’m only one man. Don’t you live off May crossing the farm with the two giant barns? Asked Rosie. What’s in those barns said the father? Nothing it’s a shame I said . That was a show barn for horses they rode and people came from everywhere. Now hardly any of it is used since the new stock barn and horse show palace opened up in town. You need some barn space for hay? I can’t afford a big barn rental and I won’t use it for free . We made a deal and agreed as long as the girls could drop off Pies next week . Becky came up and looked me in the eye with a big smile. What is your favorite pie? I looked at her so beautiful and young . She was now 14 and had the most perfect complexion. What ever pie you bring is fine as long as you serve it with a cherry I said so softly no one but her could hear. Becky took a big breath, every pie I have ever served so far has come with a cherry. It doesnt have to after tomorrow does it? No that would be fine with me I would love to serve you that last cherry tomorrow. she forgot to say Pie, kinda. You know I believe Clara is still holding back a cherry and her being older she should go first. The oldest should be first, how polite you are, but Becky thats pushing it, how many pies can a man get in one family before a man gets caught? What are you saying ? Did you get Rosie? I played on knowing now she doesn’t know . Do you think she wants to bring me a cherry Pie too? Becky’s look said I got away with not telling. I would like to know when your home so I can deliver the Pie in person. I’m working second shift so between 6:00 am when I wake up and 3:00 pm when I leave would be perfect. Will there be clean white sheets …..she hesitated on the table. Cherry pies will sain white sheets, I’m not sure I recommend white, she looked down. I hear it can create a bad stain. I’ll just replace them sheets are very inexpensive . I’m not staying Amish said Becky. I made up my mind last month. ILA came over, and Becky walked away, your a handsome man, and you live close . I can’t believe I never saw you. Would you ever give up your buttons and trucks and television for the simple life? ILa what so simple about no vacuum cleaner, no dish washer, do dryer and taking all day to go to town and back. So that’s a NO on the simple life. I will trade you two days ILa . You stay two day there I stay two days here. I like it said Mark . So did the father . A week from now I have two days off let’s do it . Everyone agreed. So I repeated everyone’s name and drove home not to my ex’s parents . What is it I really wanted ? I said to my self I want to be with some one and share my life . Any of these girls would be fine and I like the family . I looked up from my bed I just want one for my self . Then I said children are good . First thing in the morning Rosie came in to my bed room. Don’t tell my sisters you and I, you know . I didn’t Becky was curious but I never told her. Rosie kissed me . You know Elizabeth and Becky even though Becky is young, are good catches for you . Your not to old by my standards. Oh by the way . My dad will shoot you dead if you force one of my sisters, then he will ask god for forgiveness later. One more kiss on my lips and she ran off . It was still dark.
Thanks for the warning I said to my self a little later . I jacked off in to a tissue remembering my time with Rosie. I couldn’t sleep now so I stumbled down my stairs and opened my coffee can. I saw a bonnet outside my window and sure enough through the sheers was one of the girls pacing back and forth holding a basket and I’m sure a pie. So still in briefs I made coffee and tiptoed up stairs for clothing. Wearing only pants and my T-shirt over my shoulder. I saw the bonnet close to the window so I pulled back the sheer . Smiling was Clara and she flashed her basket at the window. So I opened the door and boy it was cool outside so I called her in. I couldn’t sleep so I made a pie last night. She opened her basket, its pecan. My sister made one too hers is cherry. I wanted to make a cherry Pie but she had her mind made up. She saw I was disappointed so she said I could leave as soon as Father and Mark took got picked up for their construction jobs. That was quarter till six and I left as soon as the vans were gone. She promised she would not be here until right before noon. Expecting any one this morning asked Clara? It’s only ten after six I said . You don’t drink coffee do you? Well I would like to try it maybe this once to see. You know my father will drink coffee and beer and he will chew tobacco when no one is looking . How do you feel about that. She smiled I think it’s Ok.
I poured a cup of coffee and while my back was turned I just blurted out what I hoped she was thinking. So are you serving a cherry with your Pecan pie? Once it left my lips, it was quiet and my throat went dry and my hands shook knowing that I just asked this pretty girl if she would sin with me . It was all I could do to turn around and she still hadn’t answered. When I turned around her face was red and I knew I blew it bad by such a remark. I will just leave the Pie here . I hope you choak to death on it! She dropped it on the table . What a fucking stupid ass question?
I was in total shock at her swearing
Clara I’m so sorry
She walked to the window with her arms crossed and her foot tapping the floor.
She was mad at me.
Put your shirt on be a respectable man a lady is in your house. So I whipped it on. She continued looking out the window . I remember riding by on my bike right out ther and the wind blew and there I was showing everything as you got your mail.
We talked us three about you all the time. Rosie wanted you real bad for a while then the got back to her senses. She like me will always be Amish and when our daddy’s give us in marriage we are virgins. She took off her shaw and hung it over the chair. She turned around and looked at me and pulled the string on her bonnet . I’m not sure being that way is that good for a wedding honeymoon. Take off my bonnet please. So I walked over and lifted her bonnet. She pulled her hair pins and shook and the long strawberry blond fell down to her hips . A hair brush came from some where and a few long strokes her hair was gorgeous . I want to marry some day. I hope he is a Amish virgin boy. I know that the Amish boys know nothing about sex and virgin girls and the stories of the blunders and what their brides go through has brought me to your door. I know you were married. And I know you wife was a virgin when you two had your virgin experience on Thomas hill top during a sun rise after kissing her all night on a blanket. You see girls talk. She said you were so scared and so gentle but she said it was beautiful and she ended up making love to you all morning. She told you this. No . I was sweeping the beauty shop and she told the entire beauty shop. Oh my gosh. I thought everyone knows. I was now the red face. I’m serving a cherry with my pecan Pie . Any takers? Clara unfastened the tight top fastener of her blouse. I don’t want hurt on my wedding night by some fumbling hard penis excited boy who had only watched his live stock breed. I just checked my self this morning and I’m shut up tighter than a solid oak door. Clara walked right up to my face. The curtain sheers are closed and the door is locked.
I’m not pretty enough for you?
Clara ! Your amazing you are very pretty even when you dress blows up riding your bike.
Be gentle she said and she unbuckled my pants.
I picked her up and carried her up stairs. She was 5’7″ and 110 lbs . Kiss me and tell me thank you . She did it over and over as her clothes fell from her. She was wearing a bright red push up bra and mini matching red briefs. I put in a cd and taught her to dance as she still wore her sexy under wear and me in my briefs. She was a natural and picked up the moves and laughed and smiled. It was seven am when a slow song was played and I stopped and kissed her deeply. I pulled a bra strap over her shoulder she did the other . You know two years ago I didn’t have a bust line when I rode by on my bike. You didn’t have any hair down there either . Well I have two surprises just for you then. I unfastened her bra and her perfect breast were looking at me . There are my suprises I said. Almost said Clara . She pulled the elastic band of her panty out . Still no hair, I shaved it . Actually Rosie shaved it we only have a straight razor and I can’t use one very well. She won’t tell she is good at secrets. I want to change sheets I said I’m a stinky guy and these have been here longer than I want to admit. So I grabbed them and we made the sheets and I folded back the top sheet I kissed her and placed her on the bed. We kissed and she was touched enough she removed her own panty. She groaned as I fingered but never entered her vagina . This is so good she said. Pick you boy before you lose your pants I told her . Once he is in your pants you can only say if he knows what he is doing . You are so right I want you know, real bad right now. Clara it’s only right for me to tell you I want married and I want children. Well I’m not marrying you and I won’t be English . You are so honest thank you. Let me see it I was hard and she was wet and she said I’m glad it’s smaller than my ponys that made me laugh . Oh come on she said how can you wait. It’s dripping don’t I can’t get pregnant . That’s my lubricant Clara the baby sperm come out when I climax at the end . We have a long way before then. Sure said Clara? Yes I’m sure I have done this before. I don’t want you treating me like crap when this is over Clara. Ten years later when your with you family don’t ignore me like some Amish do. That would hurt my feelings . I be gentle with you now . Be kind to me later . That a deal and you know my Amish family won’t understand but I will always be nice to you.

Clara was swollen and her pussy lips lay flat to the side . She was creamy wet and ready . I slid my penis around in her slit and she was tense. Relax I said and took a look parting things with my fingers. Is everything the way it should be said Cara? Just looking over your oak door. It was a thick membrane but at the top it looked thin and I knew it would break there first and if I could get in I hope it would tear or stretch the rest of the way quickly. No one can hear you so don’t worry about holding your feelings back. I felt like I was bigger than normal and it had been two years since I last had sex with Rosie . It was a small opening but I went for it and told her to push my shoulder and I would back up and pull and I would go foward. Well she kept pulling and I was pushing hard, but I had to take a break and she was getting mad I wasn’t pushing hard enough. It hurts on my end this isn’t an easy door to open I told her . I under stand she said in Dutch. I felt it stretching little by little but I wasn’t getting in . Her cherry pushed in two inches for real and the hole never opened. We kept trying and at exactly ten after nine he cherry gave way and she cried oh shit, oh shit . I was sore from pushing and half in but relived I didn’t have to push any more. Very gently I got a rythem but stayed shallow . You can go more now said Clara. It took ten minutes of deep slow rythem before I felt her contract . Little faster now . Oh that’s good faster, faster she was loving it now and I was ready to climax. I got to pull out now Clara . She groaned and orgasmed and I shot half my wad before I could pull out . She tried to get me back in as I unloaded all over her . I wanted it ! I wanted it she said . You made me crazy put it back in she cried and I worried she was pregnant and wished I had a condom. I walked her to the tub, I had no shower and washed her and then my self . Once more please we have time, make it get up. So I lay her back down and she was still a bit tight and I pulled all out and all in and she was no longer tight and she started to blead a little more. She was a strong 15 year old and had lots of hip action. She wanted top so I let her and I came in her but didn’t tell her it wasn’t much this time.
She thanked me over and over and she left and I started on the pecan Pie.
Low and behold another bonnet walked over the horizon. It was the 14 year old Becky . Her pie was beautiful. She was half undressed two steps in my warm house . I had just changed the sheets and she saw Clara pie. Clara was smiling ear to ear. You loved her pie didn’t you . Yes her pie is good but I want your cherry, I hesitated and counted to ten and then said Pie. I want you to have my cherry she said and she never said Pie. I am so fired up she said. I have till you go to work all by my self. Mind If I lock the front door. Becky you are so foward. Clara and I almost fought who was bringing the cherry pie . You may not believe it but she got nasty and used profanity this morning. She also hid my red push up bra and matching panties I can’t find them. So I went and bought pink ones this morning . I can’t wait to show you. You know I’m 14 now and it’s young but Amish girls can marry this young . I’m not staying Amish I want to fly in jets and drink sweet wine and dance and things. You have a record player? No I said . A tape player ? No I have CD’s it’s not even new. Well come up we can play music. I played music and we danced and Becky said wish you could marry me so I won’t feel guilty. How about I just ask a few questions first. Why me why not some other nice guy who is 8 years younger than me. Your English and you understand Amish hang ups . My family likes you and I like you . I can’t stand to see you so lonely you sit and cry on your rocking chair on your porch and it hurts me inside. I can make you happy and make babies for you and I’m a darn good cook as well. I don’t care if people talk about me being young . If I say yes we can get married tomorrow . I feel it’s right.
You would marry me no fooling. Honestly I want a promise before I let you take my virginity . I’ll keep my legs crossed unless you promise.
Let me think a bit . I was waiting for her to take back her words. Becky added you know Rosie and Clara would of easily given you their virginity if you had only asked. I just beat them to the punch. When I was eleven I had the hots for you . My sisters purposefully flashed you on their bikes they waited till you came out before they peddled by with no panties. They put them back on before they got home. You saw me cry on my porch. I watched from over there and that tree. How often ? once a week . Wow. For how long? Two years. I got it bad for you and now I can say it. I prayed you wouldn’t be lonely but never came out of the bushes. I got lots of spankings for being late for dinner. Mark started following me and he knows I’m here now . He knows how I feel about you . I tell him everything. He bought me a box of condoms and I have six with me. Gosh I hope I like sex, I hope you like sex . Do you like sex? Becky yes I do, and you will like it for sure . I knelt in front of the little thirteen year old . Will you marry me came out of my mouth. I promise to raise you to be a respected wife of mine with my name and everything I have will be yours. Yes I will she said well before I do the deed I’m driving you home so you can tell them nothing happened. Then in front of God and your father Ill ask for your hand. I did and the father said yes to me marrying his 13 year old. But I had to wait until she was 16. I said Ok . Then the father said they all like you be careful they don’t sneak over and jump in your bed . I couldn’t lie to him. I told him Rosie and Clara already have and Becky wanted to but I stopped her . He looked me dead in the eye I know they have. I’m waiting a month to know if Clara is with child . I think you should sleep with Becky so even if Clara is with child you aren’t stuck with her she doesn’t love you like Becky. I wouldn’t use a condom with Becky . She is big for her age . She could easily have a baby . So officially we were to wait but she came over with Mark that night . Her pink matching getup was nice . Her pink nipples were 36 c and she was shaven by Rosie as well. Becky had long brown pussy lips and I opened them to see her crescent moon hymen. I showed her how she looked in a mirror she had never seen her self. Then I taught her how to masturbate her self and she loved it . Then all worked up I entered she popped so easy and hardly a drop of blood. We had great sex but she loved missionary on bottom the most . I felt her love deep in my heart. Clara did get pregnant and Becky didn’t right away. So we raised Clara’s baby as ours so now we have two . If this isn’t wild enough two months ago Elizabeth was to get married and at the request of her sisters I took her 21 year old virginity. She was another difficult cherry and the most painful for me yet. 30 minutes I worked my hard penis as all her sisters waited down stairs . She cried but wouldn’t give up or let me use my finger. When I finally got through it was so tight. I didn’t know my condom broke I was so sore and in seconds I blew my wad past the torn condom and we pumped semi soft for a while and then hard once more I did it agin. When I pulled out I knew I was in trouble. Her period was due in a week it never came and she got married a month later . She never said any thing . I hope the baby doesn’t look like me. My virgins, my ex wife Jessica, Rosie, Clara, Becky and Elizabeth that’s is just crazy .So everyone is engaged or married now thank goodness. The Amish family still loves me and you know I love them to.

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