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Amy; the “perefct little girl” gets her cherry popped

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: My parents couch
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Well, it was my senior year of high school.
I was the perfect little girl: never drank, never smoked, never used drugs, and never had sex. Never even had a boyfriend for that matter. Not that I could not get a guy. I was very cute: 5’5″, 110 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty smile. I just always thought guys were so immature, and that I’d wait till marriage until I had sex.

Well, in my senior year I had a health class that was a required course. basically just a blow off class needed to graduate. The guy I sat next to in the class was a guy named Brad. When the class got into sex ed, I was very uncomfortable. Sex is a very taboo subject in my family, and I was always very embarrassed to ever talk about anything sexual. Brad on the other had was very comfortable with it. It was ALL he talked about. He knew how uncomfortable a subject it was with me, and just LOVED to get on my nerves about it. He’d tell me; “you know Amy you really need loosen up…Stop being so serious…Live a little…Go get that cherry of yours popped open” I would turn so red, every time he’d say stuff like that, and he would just keep egging me on. He was REAL cute, but I honestly had no interest in him at all. He was immature, obnoxious, and made it quite clear he just goes out with girls for sex.

Well, as the semester progressed, and the sex ed discussions became more detailed, I began to really wonder about sex, and what it would be like. It became very arousing thinking about it, but I would never admit that to anyone. A few weeks later I finally decided to date a guy named Jason, who was always asking me to go out with him. It was my very 1st date, and it was ok. He was very nice, but nothing physical at all happened. He did not even kiss me. he just seemed SUPER nervous.

Well, a few days later in health class, Brad got word that I went on a date. Of course the very FIRST thing he asked was: “So did you get laid?” In which I just turned red, and said:
“Your so immature…Is that ALL you think about?”…
He said “Well, uhhhhh…yeah…I mean if I took you out on a date, I’d show you what a good time was all about.”

“Oh really?”, I replied..And just how is that?”
“Well, it may be kind of hard. You’d probably have your knees locked together…A pry bar could probably not even crack you, ha ha ha”

I just rolled my eyes, and his banter would keep going almost everyday. Then spring break rolled around, and my parents were gone from home for the week. One late night i saw a x-rated movie on cable TV, and now me sexual desires were REALLY staring to get the best of me. I really could not stop thinking of it. I had another date with Jason during the break, and this time I was determined to make something happen. I dressed in a real provocative short mini skirt, sheer black pantyhose, and high heels. Up top, I had a nice blouse that exposed my cleavage as best as possible (even though i don’t have real big boobs. I still have a firm build).

Well, the date was a disaster. He seemed super intimidated by my dress, and I don’t think he had any idea what to think. When he took me home, he did actually kiss me this time, but I could tell he was super nervous. I was SO disappointed. I really started to wonder how I’d ever have any sexual contact with anyone. I mean I had no experience at all, and no idea what to do, or how to initiate it.

I got home, was alone, and just wondered what could have been over spring break. As I thought more about it, the more angry I got..I finally called my friend Lindsay, and told her my whole experience. She was the only friend I had who was sexually active. She just laughed about the whole thing, and tried to comfort me. Then she said something that really got to me…”Amy, you could not get your cherry popped if no matter how hard you tried!”…Geeeee, thanks for that, Lindsay…”No I’m serious, you date guys who are to nice..To perfect, honor roll, up tight …Like you”

Now I was REALLY upset. I was an attractive, virgin girl, and she’s telling me I could not get laid if I tried, and I never even said that I wanted to get laid. I just wanted something more physical. Finally I just said SCREW IT…I’m calling Brad. I was not even calling to hook, up..More just to vent my frustration with someone who was easy going, and I knew I could at least talk to openly with.

Well, he found the whole thing quite humorous. He then tells me that if he saw me dressed like that, I would not be dressed like that for long..That I’d “become a woman” in no time..I was turning BRIGHT red. I SO wanted to do it right then on the phone, but did NOT want him to think that. He then asked if i was still wearing that? I told him I was, and he asked if he could see it? I told him to come on over if he really wanted to see it. I gave him directions, and immediately started second guessing what I was getting into. I was SO nervous..I had no idea what to think what was going to happen.

When he arrived, I answered the door, and his eyes gave me the BIG WOW, look!
“OMG, how could one resist fucking you in that??????”, he said to me right away
“Well, don’t get your hopes up” I told him
“OK, I guess I can just gawk at you for 3 hours like Jason did”
“Do I really look that hot…Seriously, brad…Don’t just say it to make me feel good”
“Amy, you look STUNNING…I’m getting a HUGE hard on just looking at you!! I’m serious..If you let me, I will fuck you right here and now”
“I’m so nervous Brad..It’s easy for you..I have never even kissed a guy, let alone have sex…I have never even wore a tampon, or fingered myself…..I am SO scared how bad it will hurt.”
He put his hands on my face “Amy; DON’t be scared…I will guide you through it…You have nothing to worry about..I’ll be very gentle. It will probably hurt a little at 1st, but I will make it all feel better once we get into it, ok?”

That was the sweetest I had ever heard him talk to me, and I just put my hand (shaking) on his face, and we embraced in kissing. He was a GRAET kisser, and the kiss went on and on, and moved over to the couch, in which he lied me down, and then began to remove my blouse, and bra, while he removed his shirt. I was so nervous, but he was very much in control. He began to message,and kiss my boobs, and would eventually move down to my skirt. He slowly undid my belt, unzipped the skirt, and removed it down past my feet, and off. He than stood up, and removed his blue jeans, and stood next to me with only his boxers on. I could not believe this was happening, I was so nervous, but yet very excited of what was to come next.

He then got back up on the couch, and began to message up my pantyhose, starting at the ankle.He worked his way up, and came to my inner thighs,and immediately I could start to feel the arousal around my pussy, as his hand grew close to it. He got up to my waist, put his fingers in my pantyhose, and then stripped them down, off my legs. I laid now with just my panties on, and it took him little time to work his hands around my panties, and pull them down, off me. Now I was SOOOO nervous, as I lied there naked. I had no idea what to expect now. My pussy looked like a walnut with a little slit in the middle. I was always embarrassed just to look at it, and was always terrified how a big cock could possibly fit in there. That thought was coming to my mind now, and I was scared, but no way did I want to turn back now.

He then began to message around my inner thighs again, and I became more comforted. He then told me to spread apart my knees, and he helped me do that. he was STILL wearing his boxers, and I had no idea what to think. As my legs spread apart, he then started to message around my pussy with his hands,and in no time I felt his tongue!!! OMG..It was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced. He started around my outer opening and worked all the way around until he hit my clit! WOW, I had no idea something could feel so good. I could not help but start moaning now, while my legs started to wiggle from the intense pleasure. I could feel my pussy become very wet now. He just kept on going with the tongue. He could have went forever, and I would have never complained. He worked from the clit to my opening, and worked the tongue inside me. All the while he was asking me “How does this feel Amy?”…”You like it there?”..It was amazing how much he cared .

After he ate me out till my pussy was drench wet, he then said “Are you ready to get that cherry popped now?” It was a moment I’ll never forget…I just nodded my head, and I really wasn’t feeling any fear at all any more. He removed his boxers, and I could not believe my eyes seeing his fully erect penis. It was much larger then I expected. I had always read a penis was just 5-6 inches. his was in the 8-9 inch range, and was very thick. I started to get very nervous again. I could not possibly imagine it going inside me. I was scared to ever even put a tampon inside me.

He was so smooth how he proceeded though. He told me just to relax, and he spread my legs far apart, and tipped them back toward me. He then began to message my pussy with his hands, and proceeded to finger me. ..”You have a real thick hymen Amy…It’s going to hurt a little bit..You look real scared..Are you sure you still want to do it?”

He was so nice..I could not believe it..Only thing I could think to say was to say what he told me in health class “Well, you said you bust my cherry, and make me squeal..Now’s your chance”..

His fully erect penis made its way around my very wet pussy, and I felt it start to enter me. Not much pain…BUT THEN I felt it his the “cherry” It was like it hit a wall…”Ok Amy…Now your become a woman”..And quickly trusted it right on in, bursting right past my cherry..

OOOOOOOOUCH…Well; he did warn me, IT HURT. Hard to explain the pain. Like a tearing, burning pain. I think I screamed a little, and he said; it’s ok, it’s ok…I told you it would hurt a little..You’ll be ok..It’s going to get better, as he started to thrust his penis back and forth inside of me It still hurt, but he kept going, and going, and then it started to feel like it was part of me, and did not hurt at all. The Then the pain started going to feel better and better, and then REALLY started to feel good! He started going super fast thrusting back and forth, and than I felt him just explode inside of me! It was sooo arousing that it made me come. And he finally just collapsed on top of me.

It was an AMAZING experience. I would have never expected my 1st to have been as good as it was.My popped cherry came with a little bit of a price. I really bled a lot after we were done, and it stained the couch with blood..I had to tell my parents it was an unexpected menstrual period experience falling asleep on the couch, LOL.

I’m no longer the “perfect little girl”
Thank you Brad!

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