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Age when it happend: 27
Where it happened: at govt quarters
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

It was during 1993 i was selected for the central Govt job at an island.one year went by no incidences,during the march 1994 my lunch time is between 12-2 pm and I used to eat early and come and sit lonely in my office room and draw some interesting pictures, one day I was drawing the picture of the beautiful building and I forgot myself when i found somebody embracing me from behind me I turned to see that was xx married women having 2 children and i am unmarried by that time.My endowment was 13.5cm long and 12.5 cm in circumference. The thick penis erected, and the pre-cum came. Still I told her that ur a married women and she left that day. The next day also the same thing she did and this time the masculinity of me took her to the corner of the room near the bureau and opened the doors of the bureau and then pushed her in that others won’t see and then pressed her right bust over the blouse and the bra with the left hand and the right hand was probing the pubic area,then she told me that some staff is coming and then left. The next day she came now I introduced my right hand through the blouse and bra and felt the soft flesh of the breast wow what a feeling for me a virgin lad.She now directed that we will go to the room in her place the next building where she closed the door and opened the busts both over the blouse and bra what show for a virgin lad I engulfed the busts one by one as don’t know the sucking of the tits by this time as I am unmarried. Then I inserted my index and the next finger into her vagina and then finger fucked her to orgasm, then she wanted me to fuck her I told her that u r married and then we parted. The next day she didn’t come to me and it was 20 minutes for the lunch time to finish I called her in the intercom and she told that she was alone for a long time and she told me to come to her room and she closed the room and then stood near the wooden bureau and I knelt before her and then lifted her saree along with the in skirt from the behind with the left hand and then started caressing her buttock smoothly near the ending of the buttock with the thigh and then I inserted the right hand’s index and the next finger into her vagina and then finger fucked her and then found the massive round penis like structure the clitoris inside her vulva she orgasmed and then wanted to bite me on the shoulder by coming from top down with her 34 busts when we heard some sound out so we left hurriedly. When I am transferred to the near by place she came early in the morning and then I introduced my right hand through the blouse and bra and felt the soft right bust then some staff came and we left.One day I pinched her tits over blouse and bra.
In the 1st December of 1994 i visited her office in search of a friend along with a friend and I found her all alone I don’t want to miss the opportunity, I left my friend at his house some 3 km away and then came back and took her in my scooter and all the way she rubbed her right bust on my left shoulder and made me horny.By now I was allotted a type three quarter and on entering the quarter and closing the door the lip kisses were made in the corridor between the bed room and the kitchen and she went inside the first bedroom and I went to open the windows that no one will suspect. When I came back to the bedroom wow what a scene she was standing with the busts hanging down and the tits black over the blouse and bra. I opened her blouse and bra and threw it on the shelf of the cupboard.and then engulfed the busts one by one and my penis erected she told me to open the jeans and then underwear and then she took the organ in the mouth and then sucked and made it stiffen more and then covered her busts in saree since the windows were open. She told me that we will do it by sitting down, when we sat down it was difficult so I laid down and then she climbed on me and then inserted my fly into her vagina and then I held her both the ass with both hands and then caressed them while she went up and down and then her vaginal muscles gripping and leaving my penis I ejaculated soon being the first time I forgot to handle the bosom and then she told me to hold the nipples over the saree, while I was to do that she came and violently bit me on the right shoulder. I without knowing that it is orgasm asked her innocently are u tired? and laughed she told me not to laugh. And then she got up and told me that she wanted more and then wiped both of our cum with her hand and threw it on the wall of the room and then made the masturbating motion over my penis, it stiffened and then she laid down the both the bosoms were like the two hemispheres and I held her over the top of her head with both the hands and then whenever the penis came out of the vagina she took and put it in she had her knees up and at orgasm together she grabbed the buttock with both of the legs entangled over the buttock and then made me penetrate deep. Then she went to the bathroom cleaned herself and then combed and then i left her in the scooter some distance away from the office that no one will suspect.
One day after the games session she was seen at the bus stand alone. I asked her u wanna drop she said yes. On the way she was rubbing her bosom as before and then I caresses her right thigh with the left hand, the right hand holding the steering of the scooter. I asked her what precaution she took she told me that she took mala-d then iasked her u lied me that u don’t have children u have 2 children? she said yes. Then asked her that we will do it in the dark bush she said that someone will find out. Then I left her in her place and found the pre cum sticking on my underwear at quarter.
June 6th of 1995, rainy day I rang up and asked her to come to quarter, I actually wanted to shave her pubic hair and I kept the shaving lotion and the shaving set under the cot,waited she came late it was 30 min for the lunch time to finish. I closed the door and she laid on the cot I covered her with a bed sheet and lifted her saree and the in-skirt some pubic hairs were visible she kicked violently that I left the idea of shaving her then I turned over her and then removed her saree and threw it in the shelf of the second bed room and then while opening the blouse she told that she will open it for me since it had safety pins instead of the hooks, I told her it was ok and then I removed the blouse the front open type and the bra also the front open type and then engulfed the bosom one by one as I don’t know that time how to suck a nipple, I threw the removed ins in the shelf at he corner of the room, and then entered her very lubricated vagina it was a feeling of a needle entering a banana so smooth. I held her head above the hairs with the both hands and made deep penetration and this time the penis never came out experience is the master. At orgasm together she grabbed the buttocks with both her legs above entangled and made my ejaculation deep. Then she got down and told it was late, I kneeled before her and she told me that it was all wet over there and asked me u want more I said yep, this time I laid down and she rode me up and down wow what a sight it was the dangling busts made me more horny and I was lifting my hip and then pumping her forcibly from down below she came early and then wanted to bite me on the shoulder I said no. and when I wanted to touch her erect nipples she said no I think the nipples may pain at orgasm. Then she cleaned herself in the bathroom and then combed and left by herself.
On the Nov 13 1995 I married, then after a gap of seven years I met her and took her in my Enfield Bullet she was doing the same rubbing with me with bosom on my shoulder.
Now we both got car and she was also driving one. One day I had a chance to be her in-charge of office on the 15 th June 2012 friday, By now she had menopause. She came in the Churidar and then she called me to the store room of the office as I held her hand with my hand. In the storeroom she told me do whatever u like I put my right hand through the dupetta and the churidar and then thro the bra of the right breast and then found the nipple and then tweaked them with the thumb and the next finger.
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