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Anna DeGroot

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Disney World
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Back after 9/11 my family had this trip to Disney World in Florida. It was planned before 9/11 happened and the vacations were all scheduled so they went ahead with their plans.
I was sixteen at the time and pretty crazy and this guy who was the father of a family we were all friends with had a little crush on me and I used to tease him just for sport. I’d wear skimpy bikinis and make sexy eyes at him when no one else was looking and I was young and stupid and didn’t know what I was playing with really.
I bitched and moaned about going to Disney World and my parents agreed to let me stay home but that I had to stay with the ‘Smith’ family at night while watching the house during the day. No prob.
My friend Stephanie comes over this one day and she had all this pot and we did too much and by the time I got to the Smith house I was way stoned. At like 10 at night I got my bikini on and went in their pool and hot tub and I guess around 11 or so Mr. Smith comes out to see me. He says to me ‘You’re wasted, aren’t you?’ and he’s like all smiling about it. I thought it was just insanely funny right then to take off my top and throw it at him so I did.
He reached in and pulled me out of the pool and started taking me to the guest house and I was just okay with it. He said I needed a shower to get the chlorine off so that made sense and he got the water on and I dropped the rest of my bikini and got it. He got in the shower with me and I didn’t even notice he was naked and I remember thinking he was so cool to wash me like my mom used to.
He had some baby oil and squirted it all over me and then on himself and I was just laughing so hard at being so slippery. He got my hands on the towel bar and was rubbing my back and he told me to push my ass up so I did.
BAM! Just like that he was in me. The baby oil and all made it so slippery that he didn’t have to wait at all. It took me a serious long time to realize what was happening and I started to tell him to stop when he went off in me.
I stayed at my house the rest of the time until my parents got home. I was lucky I didn’t get pregnant and that ended up being my last time to smoke pot, too.

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