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Anna & I

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: her bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I know I have read a lot of stories here about older women who seduce young boys but that is not what happened with Anna & I. I was 14 and really horny,I’d been ready to lose my cherry for over a year, I just hadn’t found the right hole to stick my thrbbing hard cock into. I had tried with a couple girls my age, mostly with blonde Diane who lived close to me.I had got to know her cute body for Diane let me touch her any way I wasnted, she even had held my hard cock a couple times, but I was never able to get her to let me go any farther.
I had never really considered an older woman for my first Sex, until one day when I was 13, I happened to go over to my Aunt Lisa’s house which was about a block from our house. Aunt Lisa was divorced and only a couple years younger than my mother.I spent a lot of time at Lisa’s place and it wasn’t unusual for me to drop in after school.
This day I found the front door locked, which was unusual, since her car was in the garage. I knew she almost never locked a basement door at the back and let myself in this way. As soon as I was inside I began to hear sounds that sounded strange to me, it sounded like Lisa moaning. I went up the stairs to see if she was in her bedroom. She was and the door was partly open. I had never seen my 45 year old Aunt naked before, but there she was leaning over the side of her bed on her stomach. I could see her big butt and the side of one of her big floppy tits. Her feet were on the floor and a guy I had never seen before was standing behind her. He too was naked and I could see his big red cock plunging in and out of my Aunts Pussy from behind. I had never seen the Sex act in person before, and I watched silently from the hall as this stranger fucked my Aunt Doggy style and from the sounds she was making, she was loving it.I slipped out silently, but it was that scene that stayed in my head, and began to give me the idea that maybe an older woman would be fun to fuck.
A few doors from our house lived Anna, a divorced woman obout the same age as my Aunt. Anna was a lot nicer to look at though and didn;t seem to be that old. She wasn’t any model or great beauty, just an average looking woman with a pretty nice body for her age. Anna didn’t have the big butt that my Aunt had but it was bigger than young Diane’s. She had nice legs that I had admired often and a really nice set of tits. Her tits had some sag but weren’t floppy and I used to peek down the front of her blouse or dress every chance I could.
Anna used to have me over to her house to do odd jobs and I always liked to be around her. She didn’t act sexy or anything and never wore revealing cloths. Her skirts were just above the knee, and I always liked to sit opposite her so I could peek up her skirt when she moved her legs. I never really thought about having Sex with Anna until I saw my Aunt that day, then I began to think about it a lot. As I have said Anna wasn’t the one who pushed it and even resisted when I decided to make a move on her.
I was at Anna’s one evening after I had done some yard work for her and as she often did, invited me in for a coke, and I decided to go for it. She was looking especially nice to me and I wanted to see how far I could get. I came over and sat next to her on the couch and slid close to her. When I slipped my arm around her she protested mildly, saying I had not be getting too friendly with an old lady. When I pulled her close to me and snuggled my face close to hers, she protested again saying ” don’t be getting any ideas that she was one of my girlfriends” but I pressed on finding her lips with mine I kissed her. She didn’t respond at first, jut letting me kiss her lips. Then I began to use some of the french kissing I had been practising with Diane. Slowly she let me work her lips apart and slide my tounge into her mouth. I began to feel she wasn’t trying to push me away, even though she protested again, saying ” Tony you shouldn’t do that, and I shouldn’t let you” but when I put my mouth back on hers She let me slip my tongue into her mouth and after a time I could feel her tongue begin to work inside my mouth.Anna was kissing me back, and I was really feeling encouraged,thats when I let my right hand come to rest on her bare right leg, just above her knee. As we kissed I worked my hand up along her warm smooth thigh skin higher and higher. Again she protested between kisses”

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