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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: in a restaurant
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

It’s not easy telling the world about my first time, but at the same time, the notion of going public is rather exciting. Here’s the story of my sexual experience:

I was attending this rather dismal wedding reception, and to make things worse, the persons I was sharing the table with were ultimate bores. When the first dance started, I was left alone at the table, really bored out of my wits. I was rather disappointed since I dressed up for the occasion, wearing a short, flimsy dress, sexy underwear, stockings and high-heeled sandals. I was ready to seduce or be seduced.

One of the waiters was giving me the eye. He was rather cute, but was a bit short. At that moment, I was playing with my food, twirling the pasta with my fork but not really eating. My knife accidentally fell under the table. The waiter quicky approached me and said “Don’t worry, I’ll get it”. He lifted the edge of the table cloth and went under the table. I was expecting him to come out any moment. But to my surprise, he stayed under the table. I was wondering what the was doing there, when i felt his hands caressing the foot of my crossed leg.

I was prepared to tell him off, but changed my mind, his rough, callused hands were running against my hose, but the massage felt good. Later on he gently pulled off my high-heeled sandal. I felt something wet and warm on my toes. He was licking them! He proceeded to suck them, one by one, through the hose. Next, I felt his lips and tongue on the sole of my foot. By this time I was getting very excited. I gently uncrossed my legs to give him access to my steaming crotch.

He gently parted my legs with his head, kissing the insides of my thighs, going upwards . Then to my disappointment, he stopped. I thought it was all over, I could feel the trail of saliva on my foot and thighs cooling off. Then, he gently lifted my other foot and removed my other shoe. Then, he genlty pulled off each of my stockings. I helped him each time by lifting my legs to make it easier for him. Then, I felt him genlty parting my now bare legs with his hands. He resumed kissing the insides of my thighs.

By then, I was so aroused I knew there was a damp spot in the crotch of my panties, and the musky smell of my excitement was wafting to his nose. I felt his hands go to the my hips, then gently tugged at the elastic of my panties. I eagerly helped him by lifting my ass from the seat. Finally, he had removed by damp panties. Again, he parted my legs by gently pushing his head between my knees. licking, kissing his way upwards. I shivered when he licked the sides of my pussy. Then his fingers gently parted the lips and proceeded to lick and suck with such fervor, I gripped the edges of the table to steady myself! I didn’t care if anybody saw the aroused, contorted expression on my face, they were busy doing the stupid chicken dance anyway.

Then the first wave of my orgasm hit me! I bit my lips to keep from screaming. My hands were gripping the edge of the table so hard the table cloth bunched up. I came again and again, each time with such intensity I thought I was going to faint! With my eyes closed, I saw multi-colored lights exploding! I gripped the man’s head between my legs and touched his forehead with my hand to make him stop licking and sucking, my pussy was sore, and my clitoris had become so sensitive it hurt. He stopped, and I sighed with relief. My very first orgasm and it was a multiple one! I felt drained, weak kneed.

Meanwhile, the people were returing from the dance. I panicked. Then the waiter came out from under the table, holding the knife, with a sheepish grin on his red face. His hair was mussed up and there were wet spots around his mouth. He said to me “The knife’s all dirty, let me get you another one”. When everyone had gotten back to their seats and no one seemed to have noticed anything unusual, I heaved a sigh of relief and under the table, I straightend my skirt and groped for my shoes with my bare feet.

After the reception, while in a car with some guests, I smiled, remembering what had happened, and could not help myself from giggling at the thought that under the table, in the restaurant, I left my damp panties and stockings!

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