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I first ass fuck.

Recently my sister Sandra came to see me. She is 18 and in her first year in college. She is about 5’3″ tall with nice little breasts and a firm 18 year old ass. I was in my last year of college and had a boy friend named Chuck. He was athletic, attractive and very sexually active with me. His cock was a good size and we used to have sex as much as we could. We would watch pornos and try the different positions that we saw in them. Some were good and some we discovered were just for show. But it used to give us the ideas and the sexual hunger that made sex all that more fun.

My sister was staying with us for about a week and we got along great. She was very independent for an 18 year old and use to stay out at parties even after Chuck and I would go back to my place. One night Sandra seemed to be doing pretty well at a party and decided to stay. We told her that we were tired and would be going back to my place but if she wanted us to come get her to “give us a call.” When we got to my place Chuck wanted to watch a porno he had picked up that day and try a new position. I was kind of tired but agreed anyway.

In the movie there was a scene where the man was fucking the woman in the ass and was fucking her pussy with the dildo in his hand. He liked the idea of the ass fucking and started to get a hard-on. I was afraid of getting fucked in the ass and did not want to go through with it. He would always say “when are we going to ass fuck?” Just as we were discussing what we were going to do Sandra walked in the door. She saw us laying there (still clothed) and walked over to see what we were watching. She sat down and was a little shocked because she always thought that I was a prude and would not do that sort of thing.

After a few minutes of my embarrassment, Chuck got up and went to the bathroom to relieve himself. He used to do that whenever I was on the rag. Anyway my sister and I started talking about the movie and what was going on and asked me if I was ever into that. I told her that I wasn’t because I thought that it would need to be gentle at the start and Chuck’s love making although great was always very rough. I did not think that he new how to be gentile, and that is what I wanted for the first time. With that my sister started to smile and she said that she had a plan. Tomorrow we would go shopping to get what we need to make sure that my first ass fuck was slow and gentle and at the same time, teach Chuck how to be slow and gentile.

The next morning I was in the kitchen and Chuck came in with his morning wood. He walked up behind me and was still thinking about the ass fucking that we saw in the porno last night. He walked up behind me and was rubbing his hard cock on my ass though his clothes saying “baby, I want to have some ass sex. What do you say you and me right now?” I told him (thinking of Sandra’s plan) that if he was pertinent that we would do some “ass fucking soon.” Right then Sandra walked and knew what was going on. She played innocent and asked if we could go shopping. I knew that Chuck would be home watching the porno all day and would be very horny buy the time we got back.

When Sandra and I got home at about 8 o’clock we both told Chuck that we were very tired. We showed him a nice little garter and panties that Sandra got, some cloths, and hid the real treat for later. When we finished I said I was beat and was going to bed. Chuck followed me in there and got into bed with me. Now it was time to start Sandra’s plan. Chuck started to rub his cock against my ass and started to slightly beg, “come on baby, lets have some ass sex. I need it. Don’t you think that was beautiful last night what we saw in the movie?” I was getting realy turned on but had to stick to the plan. I just laid there pretending to be asleep until Chuck gave up and started to play with himself.

Right about that time Sandra poked her head into the room and caught Chuck playing with himself. He stopped and she whispered to him that she could help him with that and to follow her. She closed the door and went down to her room. Chuck got up and quietly left the room. When Chuck got to Sandra’s room she was laying on the bed on her back. She had her head over the side of the bed and was looking at Chuck upside down. When he walked into the room she said “would you like to fuck my throat to relieve your cock instead of using your little hand?” “All you have to promise me is that you’ll cum in my throat.” With that he walked over with his hard-on and she guided it into her mouth.

Now was time for me to take action. I got up. Went to the bag that had the stuff that we really went shopping for. I pulled out a 12″ strap on cock. I put it on myself, garbed the lube that we bought and started to lube it up. I started to feel power coming to me with my new extension. I walked over to the mirror and looked at my naked body as I stroked my cock. I was starting to feel the heat between my legs. As I walked down the hall I could her Chuck moaning. As I got to the door and saw Chuck and Sandra there I started to feel even stronger.

Sandra looked at me from between Chucks legs as she was getting throat fucked by his cock. Sandra started to guide Chuck down to her pussy in the 69 position so that his feet were still on the floor and he was laying on top of her with his body. She had a twinkle in her eye as I walked over to them. Another wave of power came over me as I got closer. I continued to stroke my cock. Sandra started to moan in anticipation of what was about to happen. With that I winked at Sandra and she winked back. On Chucks next downward stroke in to Sandra’s throat Sandra reached around him, put her hands on his ass checks. When he reach the bottom of his stroke into her throat she continued to pull him deeper to her throat and pulled his ass checks apart. With that and a rush of power I stuck my new cock about 3 inches into Chucks ass.

Pined in place, between Sandra’s throat and my cock, Chuck turned and looked at me with a look of fear, lust, surprise, and delight. The fear in this look gave me even more power. I looked him in the eye and said, “is this what you meant by “ASS FUCKING?” All he could get out was a grunt. With that I forced by cock in another inch. “4 down and 12 to go.” He still didn’t know what to say. At that time I could feel my sisters hands starting to play with my pussy and ass. It felt so good, but I didn’t want to loose the power that I had.

“Your going to learn the difference between rough and gentile. I am going to fuck your ass rough and fuck it gentile. Whichever one feels the best to you is how you will fuck me from now on. Do you understand?” Chuck still said nothing. “Ummph” I shoved my cock in one more inch. This felt good. I was getting my pussy fingered by Sandra and was teaching my boyfriend a lesson on gentleness. At that I started to move my cock in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out. Chuck started to breath a little heavy and was starting to enjoy it a little. As soon as I saw this I shoved my cock in 7″ deep he screamed and looked back at me. Oh yes, I though. I am in control here. “Now you know what it is like to get fucked gently.”

With that I started to fuck that ass with my cock. Harder and harder. His screams turned into grunts, and the grunts turned into moans. Hearing those moans I started to come. As my come was running down my leg I could see Sandra reaching under the blanket for something. Then I saw here grab something pink. I didn’t think much of it. Then I felt something hard on my inner thy. I didn’t want to investigate because I didn’t want to give up my position of control. I had all of the control. I could control when Chuck was going to cum. Knowing that Sandra wanted to taste Chuck’s cum I also had her under control.

Then I felt something start to push it’s way into my pussy. It was a vibrator that Sandra must have brought with her. It felt so good. She was circling it around and around and in and out. Wow. She had my pussy on fire. I was starting to go crazy while I fucked Chuck’s ass. Then it stopped, Sandra pulled it out of my pussy and I told her “Sandra if you don’t put that back in my pussy and fuck me with it then I will pull out of Chuck and you’ll never taste his cum.” Right when I finished with that sentence she stuck that vibrator in up ass. Wow what a rush. The passion inside of me was going crazy. With that I couldn’t fuck Chuck and for that matter, I couldn’t do any thing except lay on Chuck and take it.

I knew that I would be able to maintain control over both of them by just laying there and feeling the rush. Then Sandra turned on the vibrator and continued to fuck my ass. I started yelling “fuck my ass, fuck it, go get it. Um give it to me. That’s it sister ya.” What I didn’t realize is that she wasn’t doing this for me. The vibration was going through me, through my cock and into Chuck’s ass. Chuck was starting to moan again and his moaning was getting loader. There was nothing that I could do. The next thing that happen was Chuck started to spasm and Sandra’s throat started to fill with Chucks cum. The only sound I could hear was Sandra eagerly swallowing all that she could. All the time Sandra had the power and got what she wanted, a throat and stomach full of cum.

After that Sandra pulled the vibrator out of my ass and I pulled out of Chuck’s ass and Chuck pulled out of Sandra mouth. She coughed a little as I went over to lick some cum off of her face that that had leaked out of her mouth. After a few minutes Sandra looked at Chuck and asked if ass fucking was everything that he thought it would be. He said “Well yes and no. It does feel good on one side but I want to feel the other. With that Sandra got up on all four and said will “go for it.” Not to be left out I said that I wanted to join in. Sandra told me to get on all fours in front of her and that we would make a train.

So I got down and Sandra put to strap-on and gently stuck it in my ass. I have to admit. I have never felt that good.

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