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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Pizzaria
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My first time is a true story. I was sixteen years old and worked in a popular pizza outlet. I delivered pizzas in my car. I was the last driver in one Sunday night. My boss had sent everyone else home and was cleaning up all the equipment. She was ready to close down for the night. She asked me to take out the trash before I left and as I was out back a big man grabbed me with a gun in his hand. He made me go back into the store with him. He had a ski mask over his face and he pushed me into the store and towards my boss. She was very startled when she saw the man holding me with the gun. He told her he wanted all the money we had. She went and got him everything we had in cash and gave it to him. He smashed the phone and cut all the wires and made both of us go back into the storage room and shut the door and told us to stay there until he said we could come out. We could here him rummaging through the store as we both stayed in the storage room. He finally came back and opened the door. He told us that he needed plenty of time to get away and told both me and my boss to take our clothes off. I could not even comprehend what he wanted us to do. He waved his gun around and insisted that we needed to undress. He told us to put all our clothes in a trash bag that he grabbed of the shelf and that nobody would get hurt. My manager tried to talk him out of it but he continued to wave the gun and insisted. She told me that we needed to do what he wanted and she started to undress. She was in her forties and I was just a sixteen year old teenager and it was very embarrassing. We took off all of our clothes down to our underwear and then the robber made us take all of underwear off. He grabbed the trash bag with our clothes in it and put it outside of the storage room. He came back in and said that since he didn’t get as much money as he thought, that we should provide him with a little entertainment before he left. He asked me what I thought of my boss’s breasts and made me feel both of them. They were good sized breasts and I felt very awkward feeling them. Then he asked my boss what she thought of my penis and he forced her to start giving me a blow job. As she put me penis in her mouth it didn’t take long for me to get an erection. Then he made my boss sit up on the edge of the table in the storage room and spread her legs. He asked me if I liked her pussy. Then he made me go over and told me to fuck her. I had big problems and my boss helped me get inside of her. It didn’t take very long for me to explode inside of her. It was so embarrassing. He told us to stay inside the room for 30 minutes before we came out and he finally left. We waited awhile before we went out of the storage room. He had taken all of our clothes with him and the phone was destroyed and we needed to call the police. I ended up wrapping aprons and trash bags around myself and went across the street to a convenience store to call the police. The police came and it was embarrassing and they found our clothes the next day in a trash can several blocks away. My boss asked me not to tell anybody what had happened as she was married and she didn’t want the police to know we had sex. They never caught the robber and things seemed different at work. She treated me differently from everybody else and I ended up quiting and taking another job. That was my very first time.

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