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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: his house
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

i was only 14 the guy down the road raped me he blackmailed it started i was selling candy for school i lived alone with mom she worked 10 hour days she went in at 12noon so i was alone most the time anyway i went to this house down the road man lived there alone he was a huge man hairy with a beard me and mom came down couple times just to be friendly he always wanted to huge me he was so big i could not get my arms around him but when he huged me my back was away from mom and he would touch my butt and i never said anything cause never beleaved anything i told her anyway i knocked on the door he opened it i told him i was selling candy for school he said he would buy some he told me to come in and shut the door he smiled said if i had dinner with him he would buy 50.00 worth i said okay it was a hot day i was wearing a pair of blue jeans shorts to small and very short so short my butt checks was showing and just above my pussy hair you could see the top of the hair sticking out above my shorts and a half white belly v neck tank top he kept looking at me he was setting across from me ask me to come around and give him a huge i did he was setting there i gave him a huge but he kept his arm around me he slowly slide it down my back his other hand was on my belly i told him i needed to go he slide his hand to my butt squzzing it sticking his fingers between my checks and the other hand went up to my tits finding my nipples already hard he told me to look at a couple pictures in his shirt pocket i did it was me he took the of me and a boy from school makeing out just kissing but we had a joint rolled up smokeing it i started to cry he told me to undo his pants i did and his cock came out it was huge long and fat he grabbed the back my head hand full of hair got up dragged me to his bed room threw me on the bed locked the door it was hot no ac in the room windows locked shut he jumped in bed on top of me licking kissing me running his hands all over me sucking my small perky tits dark nipples he tore my top off me licking my tits sucking them licking my belly saying i was going to be a good fuck nice tight he got up took his cloths off he was hairy man his dick was huge long fat huge balls hanging from him tears ran dowm my face i said please dont but he laughed saying i come to his house with barly anything on getting him horny he grabbed my shorts tore them off me jumping back in bed getting on top of me he spread my legs open rubbing my clite i was already getting wet i tried fighting but took my toreing up shirt tied my arms behind me he reached down i could see the big apple head of his dick as he stuck it to my pussy i jerked and screamed as it enterd me he was on his knees leaned forward on his elbows his sweat running down on me i cryed and screamed as he pushed it deep into me then he layed down on me started going in out i could feel my joices running out of me down crack my ass he just kept going telling me out tight i was i was soaking wet from sweating then i felt him explode in me it started gushing out felt it running down my ass then he raised up turned me over pulled my ass up and fucked me from behind he pushed it all into me his huge balls smacking my clite as he pushed it back forth then he shoved it up my ass i almost passed out he grabbed my tits raised me up and rammed it as deep as it would go i started to enjoy being his fuck toy i asked him to untie my arms i would night fight him he did and i took and grabbed the headboard pushing my self back against him pushing it deeper up my ass we both started playing with my clite fingering my pussy he squzzed pulled pinched my nipples i turned told him to kiss me i stuck my tongue in his mouth and did the same to me i looked at him told him to throat fuck me and cum in my mouth so we fucked all day for 3to4 hours and everyday after that i would go to his house always wore old cloths cause he liked to play like he was rappeing me he would tear my cloths off forecing his self on me and in me it was great wish we did not move away i miss his huge cock

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