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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: At my home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I am 15 years old, and i want to tell the story about my first time:

Her name was Isabelle she was our neighbour and she was 20 years old, and she came babysit
for me and my little brother. After she had put my little brother to bed. We wher watching
the television, and she was our regelar babysitter and I add a big crush on her. Her
meassurements are about 36-24-25 and she is about 5’5″ and 102 of weights, and she have nice
flowing blond hair, blue eyes, and huge, firm breast, with a beautiful face, and a cute
little tight ass because she was skinny but athletic so no aunce of fat on her. I was 5’7″
and 170 lbs.

When I noticed that she was not wearing a bra, I noticed this because her shirt was white, and
her nipples had become bigger and harder for some reason. She knew that I was liking at her
breast so she said she wanted to show me something. Then she took off her shirt. My mouth
dropped as I stared, and I was scared at first, but it was so big and I didn’t want to be a
prude so I let her do it. She got close to me and started to rub her tits against my chest,
and after that she placed my hand on her tits, I squeezed it. It was so amazing.

Then she said if I would like to leaned how to make sex to her. I was very suprised and I
actually almost said no, but my 15 years old hormones were raging and I couldn’t help but
say yes. She then leaned over and kissed me and I sucked her tits. She started to moan and
she grabbed my crotch of my pants. She then proceeded to take off my clothes as I undressed
her. I just told her that she was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. She just looked
at me and pulled my boxers down so my dick stood out and she just flipped off of her sandals
and she passed out on me for two seconds. She started to ask me sexual questions like how big
was my cock! So I didn’t know so she got a measuring tape and she proceeded to measure it,
and it turned out that my cock was 12 inches long and about 3.5 inches around. I was getting
horny when that my huge dick was rock hard and It had large veins on it. She gave a moan
of suprise and joy when she saw it. She was telling me that she never sean something that
big because her boyfriend add a cock of 5 inches long and about 2 inches around.

She then knelt down and proceeded to give me a wonderful blow job. So I was shy, because I was
so proud of my monster cock. Leaning right down between my legs and started licking my cock.
Hesitantly at first, she then more eagerly, liking the taste of it. Pretty soon, she had
grabbed it firmly and was bobbing up and down sucking the head vigorously. Because her mouth
was to small for my tight cock she was just capable to put 1/3 in her mouth. She smiled and
said I’m am going to have fun with all of that cock. She took a condom of his boyfriend and I
watched her rolled down on my huge cock, which didn’t go down all the way. She just lay back
I felt her mouth slowly working its way up my inner thigh her warm mouth enclosed my
throbing dick and as I grasped the back of her head, she took me deep into the back of her
throath. After that she choke for 30 seconds because of my size of dick she couldn’t took a
breath when she was deep throated me. We kissed gently at first and then harder, as she
started to rub her hands against the tip of my huge cock. She restart by putting her silky
lips around my monster cock and started deep throating my dick over and over again. Finally,
I couldn’t take it enymore, her mouth was on fire and her tight throath was gripping my dick
so well. I pulled out my huge dick out of her mouth and for the fisrt time of my life I started
to shot the biggest load of cum on her face and breasts. I was squirting and gushing cum
like crazy, her mouth was soaked of hot cum and after 20 seconds, I was still filling her
mouth with all my jussy sperm. After she drank everything I shot, she just didn’t talk for 2 min
and her mouth dropped as she stared at my with big eyes. She was stunned, she told me that she
never seen that in her hole life, so much cum comming out of a kid of 15 years old.

She look at me and she said that she wanted me in her so fast. Before she wanted me to lick her
pussy wet, so I went between her legs and I lick her pussy and played with her clit. After 2 second
she was moanning and she told me to started fucking her right now because she was so wet that my
face has soaked with all her pussy juice it was yummy. She look at me in my eyes and said it should
slide in very easely because she add her cherry broken by her last boyfriend, but her cherry wasn’t
that open. I got on top of her and rubbed her pussy with my fat cock. After we kissed a little, I
started to put my rock hard penis against her vagina. I pressed my hips into her and I felt that
I was starting to go in. So I pressed harder and it only penetrated about half an inch. I add
reached her virginal membrane that was just a little bit open so as I pushed in to her it ripped
her cherry open causing her to a big scream and tears in her eyes. It was so tight that her mouth
was open and her eyes were soaked of tears. I noticed that she was starting to bleed. I was going
to stop but she told me she was ok and to keep going in. It felt really good. her pussy felt real
warm. Unfortunately, I was so scared to what it was happening to her, I kissed her and I told her
that her pussy was so tight and burning hot. But she said it was still hurting alot and she couldn’t
whimped and cryed.

So I went slowly at first to give her a chance to breath and after a while she said that it didn’t
hurt as much and it was starting to feel so good. After 10 min, she was moan of pleasure has I when
back and forth inside her. My 12 inches cock wasn’t capable to go all the way in to her. I add
9 inches in to her and I was touching the bothem of her pussy. She told me to go faster and faster
in to her so I said ok by starting to pump faster in and out of her tight pussy. At this point we
were very stimulate. She was saying that she was feeling an orgasm coming on. I continued to pump
and I reached the most unbelievable orgasm I never add. I squeezed my thigh against her as I was
slaming her. I could feel the muscles in her pussy just working my fat cock. She was moaning and
screaming harder and harder until something was just rushing through her pussy and made me pulled
out my huge dick out of her. she then came, and we couldn’t beleve what append. She was gushing pussy
juice like crazy. She look at me and just smile like she was happy, I said to her what was that
thing, and she told me that if a woman get so excited her too can just ejaculate. She told me
that was her first time that she squirt some pussy juice. She said she had never felt more like a
woman before than at that moment. I was so proud of my self.

I pressed her against the wall, and I started to pounded her like a maniac. She was moaning and
screaming pretty badly, so i started feeling sorry for her, because i was hurting her so much with
my monster cock, but instead of slowing down, i speed up, and even started rubbing her firm breasts,
then I pulled one leg over my shoulder and rubbed her clit as I was fucking her. She was screaming
loud as hell, and that’s when she did it again, she camed for a second time. She was gushing pussy
juice everywhere, but I decided not stoping fucking her hard as hell. I was soaked, right after, I
started to squirt my hot cum all over her stomack and between he thighs. She was still gasping and
squealing, she was saying that see was still feeling like if I was in to her. I had some blood on
my huge dick and I look at herself and I was just laid there for a while, and she told me it was
normal because she never fuck a 12 inches cock so the inside of her was just mold for a 5 inches
cock, so I cracked her pussy open. We were exhausted but I wanted to do it again.

She was ok with that, so I re-penatrated her until I felt the bothem of her pussy. She started
sceaming again like she was before of intense pleasure. Her pussy was still very tight and burning
hot. I was shoving my 12 inches cock has hard I could to make her cum again. I rocked her back and
forth just like if I wanted to make a hole in the bothem her pussy. I rocked her back and forth so
hard see started to cry again and she was moaning louder and louder. She kept screaming my name and
asking me to fuck her harder and harder. After that she did it a third time. I then pulled out my
12 inch cock of her and she was gushing pussy juice but that time I didn’t wait, right after she
finish I when in again by pounding her hard as hell. She had so much orgasms that she just passed
out for 1 min. I stop right away and she open her eyes and she was so amazed that she wanted me not
to stop. I said to her that she was like too exhausted but she wanted me to continue.

I squeezed my thigh against her as I pounded her so hard and the faster that I could against her.
When she started a other orgasm, she wrapped her legs around me, and that drove her over the top
when I pump her so hard to fuck her brain out. She was having so much big orgasms she add a
difficulty to breath because she wasn’t stoping screaming. After 20 mins, I said that I was going
to cum again. So I asked if I could shoot all my hot cum inside of her. She was so excited that
she said yes. So I started to pounded her so fast and has hard that I could, she almost passed
out again. She was shaking like hell, then it happend I came in to her has a explosion. Because
she had suck a small pussy, they where no room for my big fat cock and all of that cum inside he
tight pussy. So when I came the cum gushed out of her and splatted all over me and her because my
12 inche was forced out like a bullet, when I finally finished, I slowly pulled that huge dick of
mine out of her and when it get to the head of it, it made a popping sound because of the tightness
of her hot pussy. My 12 inche cock was still gushing cum and it soaked her face because I was still
skirting hard. When it was all over, She opened her eyes, looked straight at me and said, “You are
the best thing I never add I my life”. She was so wet that her pussy was still leaking of my cum
and her pussy juice, and her breasts were soaked off all my white sticky cum. She told me the week
after that she couldn’t sit comfortably for two days. She is married now with her boyfriend of
5 inches, but I still see her once a week to fuck her brain out and to make her passed out again.

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