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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Koresco Hotel
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Okay it just happen 4 days ago, I have a sister that
just came from the philippines. I taught she would be just like other sisters, fighting and arguing all the time. Well she has been here just a couple of days and already had a boyfriend, I said to my self that she was a bitch. Well one afternoon she ask if i wanted to spend a night at a hotel with her bf and me and my bf. I said sure, the next day we went and we rented a deluxe room with two bed room. It was 11pm she asked if i wanted to go skinny dipping so that when our bf would come they would be suprise. I told her no because had had never been naked in front of anyone before and Im still a virgin. She then said thats why I wanted to bring you her. I wanted to see you lose ur virginity infront of me. I taught she was just joking but I saw it in her eyes that she was really serious.
I then said, well since im already 17, I give it a try. She then toss me a two piece ste and told me to put it on, and just take it off when we get to the pool. I tried it on but it was too big on me, so I then asked if she has onther set, even though it was just a bating suit. She then told me to look in her back pack. While I was looking she was dressing in front of me but just stood there for a while and asked me how does my body look, i said it looks great, better that mine though. While I was looking I grabbed a box in the bag and I looked at it, and suprisingly it was a vibrator. She said wanna try it, I was curious before and so I agreed she put it in me and turned it on. It felt really good, until I felt my sister liking the sides of my pussy. I felt akward but began to enjoy it, so I let her continue, we forgot about the time and just kept making out. My bf jumped in from the balcony(we were just at the ground floor so that we can sneek people in)he was suprise to see what we were doing. I said sorry and he replied no, Im enjoying it. He asked if he could join, I didnt want him to but my sister said yes. He got undress and my sister took of the vibe which was filled with white stuff. He caressed my bf cock which i didnt want her to do. He then lick the head and point it across my vagina. She told my bf to push it in, so I spread really wide. He couldnt push it in so my sister grab his cock and started sucking on it leaving it wet and slippery and then he forced it in, it felt great that i wanted something to suck on, so I grabbed my sister’s leg and put it across my face positioning her wet one on top of my face. She was kinda getting jealous that she wasnt getting fuck(I could see it in her face) So as soon as my bf came he pulled it out and stick it in my sisters mouth letting out alot of sperm. I wanted to taste the sperm so I went and suck ing my sisters tongue. But she already swallow it. So I sucked my bf’s dick till it was hard and told him to fuck my sister just to make her happy. While they were fucking,My sisters bf came in. We were all shock,( I was being eaten by my sister and my bf fucking her)we taught he would get mad, but then they revealed it. It was a whole plan. My siters bf came and took of his pants revealing nearly longer than my foot( 8 1/2) he then stuck it in my mouth which couldnt almost fit in. So he move to my sister who was still getting fuck by my bf. Her bf shove his dick in her mouth, so I got out of placed and grabbed my sis bf so he can fuck me. He stuck it in me which made me cry.
(It really felt better than my boyfriends but at least he was the first.)He kept going in and out till he was about to come so I grabbed his cock and suck on it he was about to come when my bf was about to come, my sisters bf’s dick was in my mouth when my bf shove his in my mouth also, it was really hard but I got all the sperm I wanted. It really taste great. Others say it taste bad, but for me I it all taste different depending on the guy. Well teo dick was in my mouth, until my sister grab her bf’s dick and started giving him another bj. He was having fun(his eyes were telling me) My sister just kept sucking until it came uout several times. I think about 4-5 times. While me and my bf was fucking, I then took the vibe and shoved it in my pussy while he was fucking my. It was great!!!! When we realize it was about 4am already we just slept togethere.( Well I caught my siter puting on the vibrator while she was asleep. For me that night was my whole life. Well I got more to tell but dont got much time. Anyways my sister bought me a vibrator fatter than the one she gots. We still do that when we sneak out bf in our room, we even got one night on video tape and some pics. Love you all. Thank you for the night.

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