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Aunt Fran

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: old barn
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

A littel background: We had a small farm just outside of town and my parents were lovers. They were forever hugging an kissing on each other. My older sister was almost always around when our animals were breed and mom and dad explained what was going on. They perrtymuch answeared any questions sis and I had honestly and fully. So we had a good idea what sex was about. Then when I was 9 Icaught mom and dad makeing love.They weren’t real pleased I had seen them but they told me they were makeing love and that love they shaired with sis and me. Well I was satisfied with that for a while but I found out from sis that they made love quite often. Soot,I found out they woould do it at the drop of a hat,anywere,anytime. A lot of times sis and I watched them togeather.
Unfortunely something happened. Dad was killed in a acciddent and in order to pay off the frams depth’s mom had to sale the place. We moved closer to town so that mom woouldn’t have far to go to get to work. She had been a nurse and went to work at the hosptial. I was 13 then.
The following summer just after my 14th birthday,I remembered that there was a place out in the old barn were dad sometimes wooould put valuables. He had a gold and silver ring that was not found and I thought it might be there..I asked Aunt Fran to give me a ride out to the old place. She agreeded and took me. I found the ring and showed it to her. I thought she would cry when she took it and slipped onto my finger.(Aunt Fran and Uncle Jim were not actually faminly. They had been life long friends of the faminly so we treated them as such.)
She said” Yor so much like you father. I gave tha to your dad when we dated in our first year.” I didn’t know they had dated. She went on to tell me that she and dad almost got married. But then uncle Jim came into her life. She told me I reeminded her of him when she first meet. Then things got strange.
She asked if I had ever had sex? I studdered no and she laughed. We use to do it a lot in this old barn. She looked at me kind of odd.- I bet your just like your father. Lets go up in the loft. I din’t have much of a choice as she all but pushed me up the old ladder. Ther was some old hay still up there and she just started to undress. I stared at her as she smiled and stripped in front of me. Once nude she said ” cooome on honey,I’ll show yoou how to pleasure a women.”Aunt Fran is not a centerfold but she wasn’t hard to look at eather. I stood there shocked and not knowing what to do. She smiled wider and steped over to me and, mercy, she wrapped her arms around me and we kissed. I had kissed her befor but nothing like this. It was my first french kiss and I sure liked it.
She started to tell me about her body,how to touch,were to caress,kiss and fondel. In the meanwhile she took my clothes off me and I hadn’t hardly noticed. Till she slid my bluejeans down. She put her hand on my stiff penis causeing me to gasp and jump. She giglled and said” OOO yes you certinley take after yoour father. Befor we go on I had better take care of this so you won’t be distracted.” She nudged me down onto my back. Then I watched her take me in her mouth. I moaned and thought I was in another world,a dream. But there sshe was sucking me and oh man did it feel good. But it didn’t last long. I had jerked off befor and knew that feeling that was comeing on so fast. I told I was gooing to ejackulate but she just sucked and swriled her tounge even more. When I did I thought she would suck my balls right out. Then she mmmmed and said “now you well pay attention.” And I sure did.
She told me to do all kinds of things to her. Were to kiss, touch from the top of her head to her feet. Suckling on her breast and down to her pussy. I was hesatint here. But she had sucked me I figured I could do it to here.Thing was after I got a tsste I loved it. She instructed me on how to find her “G” sppot and to lick and suck her clit to make her climax. Mam-O-man when she got to hummping my face and squealing I felt like king of the hill. Then sshe climaxed and it just thrilled me to death.
She made me stop eating her and said I had to let a gril catch her breath after a cum. I told her I wnated to do that some more and she said I woould. We talked some more. she told me a awfull lot that day.
Then she taught me how to fuck. That first time I put it in her is something I won’t ever forget. It was like silding my cock into a warm,wet velvet sleeve. I had wanted to push it all in at once,but ahe had told me to put it in a little then fuck the rest in slowly. It wasn’t easy but she encourged me to go slow. She said treat a gril like a virgin and it didn’t matter how many times I had her befor. Always be gentle and loveing takeing care to pleasure her first then myself.
Aunt Fran showed me ways to make love I woould not think possible. I liked it when she rode me,takeing her from behind wasn’t bad eather. Staanding up and doing it was tricky and doing fron to back on oour sides was fun.
We spent quite some time togther. Aunt Fran told me to learn more was to learn by doing. Listening to yoour partner and learning what feels good to her would increase my chanse to be with that gril agin.
Following Aunt Frans advice has served me well. She also gave me several books and it’s been fun. Even now Iam still learning. But they say one learns for life.

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