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Aunt Jessie (final update)

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Age when it happend: 22
Where it happened: Her apartment
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

This is a very very true story. I swear. For a long while I’ve had a very serious crush on my aunt (my uncle’s wife). Her name is Jessie. She is rather tall, long legs, nice butt, average breasts, and nice curves.

Well, I first told her I like her way back in 1992. I was 22 then, she was 38. One afternoon at her apartment, I gave her a hug, and a kiss. She was shocked. I sat right next her, and fondled her breasts. She avoided me a little, but I continued fondling her butt. Then, as I was lying on my cousin’s bed, she came into the room, and lied on the bed next to mine. She looked really sexy, her curvy hip and all. I think she was turned on and I think she was ready for sex that afternoon, but we did not go further, which I deeply regret. We merely chatted. I remember putting my hands on her thigh. She asked me to visit her again, when my uncle was not in. Wow!!!!!

I really liked her fleshy ass, and I told her so many times. I fondled her ass a few times, she never really protested. Once, we were in the lift together, with her children. I fondled her ass, and she secretly held my hand to stop me from continuing while continue speaking to her kids. I kissed and caressed her on the sofa one afternoon at her apartment, but we stopped at that. I tried to undress her, but she kind of resisted a bit. She sat on my lap a couple of times, when I fondled her breasts. We went for a movie one night; I remember it was Batman, back in 1995. And I rubbed by toe against her leg. It felt smooth and nice. We secretly met a number of times at night, once for a dance. We exchanged telephone calls very often, talked dirty. She told me she liked oral sex (her pussy being licked, that is). She also said she liked slow sex, as it was more romantic. She wanted to know how long my dick was. “At least 6 inches??” she asked. She told me my uncle seldom fucked her (at that time, she was about 44). I asked her whether she had sex at least once a week, and she said “Of course not!!! Once in a blue moon”.

But she never agreed to have sex with me until 1999. She always said she was too old for me. We first had sex in March 1999, in a budget hotel at Temple Street. We had arranged to meet at the Outram Park MRT station, and went for lunch. She was wearing a black dress, knee length. At the hotel, I undressed her rather forcefully, and she complained. As we was resisting a lot, I said OK, maybe we should not do it. She sat up, kissed my shoulder, indicating she actually wanted it!!!! I asked her why a married woman like her would come to bed with me. And she answered “same reason why you want to fuck a married woman” like her. Yes, she finally relented to have sex with me that afternoon, 13 March 1999. She was naked from waist down, legs spread wide apart, offering me her pussy. She still had her bra on. The pussy lips were a little darkish red, her pubic hair was thin. I entered her, shooting my hot load after a few minutes. We went for a Korean movie after that at the Pearl Centre, opposite the hotel. She jokingly asked me why my cum was so hot; whether I had intended to scald her pussy.

We last had sex on 14 September 2001, at the same hotel. We met at about 6:30 pm, she was at her friend’s place earlier. As we were approaching the hotel room, I told her I did not have a condom. She said never mind because she was on birth-control pills. We bathed together, when I washed her (and soaped her anus, she was obviously turned on). She brushed her teeth, and came to bed and lied down with a towel around her. I removed her towel, engaged her in some long foreplay. We kissed long, our tongues meeting all the time. I tasted her anus. I finally penetrated her after a long oral session on her pussy. She was actually pleading me to enter her. Her favourite position is her on top, rubbing her cunt against my cock, while I fondle her breasts. We went for dinner after that. We stopped seeing each other since then.

She’s divorced now. I really hope to fuck her again.

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