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aunt kept coming back

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: aunt's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Well,i was the one crazing for her previously but she just won’t let me go now.
Aunty jenny was 32 when i started to fantasize about her.She had a fabullous
body and sexy looks that men age between 16 to 50s would die for.I would
always try to imagine having sex with her while masturbating.One day,i finally
tried to seduce her by exposing myself while masturbating by leaving the door
a little bit open.I notice her watching for a while but she nothing happen
as she went back to her room.Maybe,she went back to release herself instead.
I can tell for sure she is from the high-sexed type as she reads a lot of sexual
novels and i bet at times it will fire her up by reading these materials.

Months passed by,my uncle and her shifted to their new house not far from where
we were living.Sometimes,i would go to their house to watch soccer as they do have
a satelite t.v.On one occassion, i knew my uncle,whom i do not really have a good
realtionshipt with was away from home.I took my chance and planned everything
up.The soccer match was to start at 1 a.m. but i went there early at about 11 p.m.
She was in the room,i guess reading her novels and i was in the hall.I purposely
played some pornograpic disc and them them loud enough just
to capture her attention.After half an hour,i think she finally succumbed
to the groan and moans of the actresses of my disc.That was when she came out
on the pretext of looking for today’s newspaper.On the other hand,i pretended
to be shock by her presence in the hall and quickly shut of the disc player.She
then said to me it was o.k. for me to find out i was watching this kind of materials
as i was already old enough for it.I knew my chance has come as she knelt trying
to retrieve the newspaper from the table and her loose pyjamas actually expose her
already erected full rounded breast.I can tell for sure she was hot and trying to seduce
me as i notice her under part was a little bit damp.She pretended failing to find
the newspaper that she never wanted and engage my help to find them.As i was also
kneeling down to find them,she brush her breast against my arm slightly.She then
complained of back-ache as result of kneeling down to retrieve the newspaper and ask me
to give her some massage right there and i gladly agreed.While massaging her from the back,
she told me how nice she was feeling let out some sexy satisfying voice.Boy!that really
turn me on and my cock was already rock solid.As i was massaging her from the back and
she was in the sitting position,my erected cock slid against her back slightly
and i bet she felt that and she started to hold my thighs and asked me in a very
seductive way whether i find her attractive.I quickly re-assured her and told her
how much i worship her for her looks and body and she told me that she also finds me
a charming young man and she could still remember that day when i masturbated
with the door a little bit opened.She then stared at my eyes and we started kissing
and she was such a good kisser when really know how to play her toungue on mine.We then
proceeded to her bedroom and my heart to pounce so fast feeling a little bit guilty
towards my uncle.When she was about to take off my t-shirt,i suddenly stop and told her
about my guilty feeling.She told me not to worry as we have already came this far and that i
have touch her whole body and kissed so passionately just now.What should not have happen
between an aunt and nephew has happen and why stop now.She added just take things easy
and let nature take its course and this will be our secret and just gave in.
She slowly took off her pyjamas and lace panty and i also help myself.Wow! her
body was terrific,better than i have imagined and by that time for a young inexperience
male like me,i nearly ejaculated but i tried hard to regain my composure.In fact,she
wanted to please me by sucking my cock first but i told her no because i thought wouldn’t
withstand it and proposed to her that i will finger her first.She coached me how to
masturbate her upper part clit,how to play with her nipples and not long
afetr that i got into rthym and she climaxed and started licking me slowly from my
neck slowly going down to my chest,stomach,cock and balls.I felt so excited by just
watching her take my cock in and out her mouth and she started to ride on me with her
being on the top.She told me that it was her favourite position and took my hands
to squeeze her breasts hard.She groaning so hard and she came for the second time.She
also told me she rarely climax twice when making love and said maybe her desire for
me was strong that probable hel her to achieve multiple orgasm.Surprisingly,my cock
had the stamina to last even after she taught a few other positions.She seems to be enjoying
so much when she asked to be on top again and i can see the while side of her when
she look so much into concetrating on her voyage that she bang her breasts against
my face and squeeze her own tits.Finally,when i was about to come i told her about it and
she couldn’t care less and continue bouncing up and down my cock that we finally came
together and i remember she realyy lick me clean and took all my cum into her mouth.
She told me that she hasn’t had this kind of great sex for a very long time and i quickly
ask if we can continue in the future and she re-assured me that who wouldn’t want to
do it when you can bring me sexual esctacy thrice in a row.
We continue doing it for years until i got married last year and i begun to
have reservations making love with her that now my wife is another cock hungry
female and i can tell u that it is taking it toll on me for having sex with 2 ladies
5 times a week but she told me that she would let me go after she had coached me in the beginning
and not about to let my wife reap all the benefit of me being skillful partner now.She trying
to scare me by threatening to tell my mother,uncle and my wife about our affair but
i doubt she would do so.

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