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Aunt Rachel

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I always go to my Aunt Rachel’s house during the summer.
Since my parents used to lived there, I have lots of friends
whom I would hang around with. One of our fav. sports is

One day, I came home with bruises all over my body (playing
football, of course), I was aching all over. Went to the
kitchen and told my aunt that I’m exausted, gonna take a
shower and have a rest. After the shower, I lay in bed and
when I notice the time it was 9.30pm. Got up, still aching
all over, went into the living room. Ask my aunt if she
could give me a massage. She said sure, she rub some massage
cream and began to massage me.

Aunt Rachel “Tomorrow, you’re staying at home”
Me “But Aunt Rachel…”
Aunt Rachel “No buts, your’re staying home young man”.
Me “OK, whatever you say, as long as I have something to do
to keep me occupy, where Uncle Jake?”
Aunt Rachel “There’s a plane crash somewhere, so they need
him to be there for at least 2 weeks, OK Roy, your done,
now off to bed.”
Me “Good night, sleep well”

Then I went to bed feeling better, I was fast asleep, when
suddenly I awoke, feeling hungry, I remember that I havent’
had dinner. I got up and went to the kitchen, when I notice
the TV was on, nobody was watching the TV, it was showing a
xxx rated movie. I look if my aunt was around. Nobody there.
I was getting a hard on just watching this movie, I decided
to get a glass of water and come back as soon as I could.
Just as I was about to enter the kitchen, my aunt was coming
out holding a cucumber, she was suprise to see me and said
“Aren’t you suppose to be in bed” then she look down and saw
my dick. It was showing through my shorts. “You’re getting
a hard on, aren’t you?” she stared me in the eyes for a
moment. Then “OK come here lets’ watch it together, maybe
there something you can learn from this”.
We sat on the sofa and watched the porn movie. While
watching she would tell what they are doing.

Aunt Rachel “Look at that, the way the man lick her pussy,
it’s such a turn on, hearing her moaning, she must be really
enjoying it. Oohh.. see her nipples getting harder, don’t
you wish you’re in that man’s position”

Me “Aunt Rachel, is it real or are they just acting?”

Aunt Rachel “Believe me Roy, it’s reeaal”.

Me “Why are you holding the cucumber? are gonna eat that”.

Feeling embarassed “I was gonna put this in my pussy, but
since I have a live one here I don’t need this anymore,
(then she smiled and said) come here Roy, do it to me, do it
like in the movie”.

She lean over me and we started kissing, I put my hand on
her tits, started to play with her nipples, pinching and
pulling it, it started to harden. We stood up, she took my
shorts off, played with my dick. Then she gave me a blowjob.

Aunt Rachel “don’t be afraid, shoot it in my mouth, I want
to feel the hot and juicy cum in my mouth”

She started to move her head faster and faster, i was cummin
I held her head with both my hands, clutching her hair and
thrusting my dick deep in her mouth. Slurping all my juice,
taking every drip there is.

Aunt Rachel “Now, come here baby, come and enjoy my pussy,
lick, suck just make me cum, lets both enjoy this together”.

As Aunt Rachel was about to spread her pussy on the sofa.

Me “Lets go your bedroom, I wanna do you in bed”.

I took her hand, walk her to the bedroom.

Me “Aunt Rachel, put on your red satin panties, I’ve got a
glimpse of it while you were bending down, I’m dying to see
your tight ass close up”.

She did just like I ask, even better, she had this 5″ high
heel, while walking towards me, she shook her tits, side to
side. I grab her tits and started to suck her nipple, give
it a tug with my mouth, she was getting horny.

Aunt Rachel “Ohh.. don’t forget my pussy, I want my pussy
to cum, do it now, please, I can’t stand it anymore”

I ask her to lay on the bed spreading her legs, I began to
lick her pussy while she was still wearing her panties. She
was getting wetter, her juices started to flow freely out of
her pussy. I was sucking her juices through her panties,
biting her clit softly, blowing it to make her want more.
She was ready to take her panties off.

Me “No not yet, I want to see your tight ass first”.

She turn around and went on all four, played with her
asshole, biting her ass cheek, spank her ass a few times to
hear her moan. I knew she couldn’t wait any longer.

Aunt Rachel “Do it to me now, fuck me, just fuck me, make me
cum, I need it, please, don’t tease me any more”.

I turn her around, facing me, rip her panties off, told her
to hold her knees up until it touchs her tits. I put my hard
on cock in her pussy, slowly and gently, first the head,
then the shaft, as it was about to reach the end of the
shaft, I slam hard, she gave a scream.


In, out, in, out, suck on her nipples, pinching it, pulling
her nipple till it turn pink again. She was cumming, yes,
I gave it hard to her, so hard, she was holding my arm,
she held it so thight, I had to hold her arms down.


Me “I want more, I wanna cum to, please”.

Aunt Rachel “You fuck me so hard, I don’t think my pussy
can take it anymore”.

Me “In the movie, he fuck her ass. Can I, please, please
Aunt Rachel, let me fuck your ass”.

Aunt Rachel “OK, but please be gentle”.

This time I ask her to bring her knees up to her face. Her
juicy asshole is now clear to be fuck. I entered her ass
slowly not wanting to hurt her, my cock head begining to
enter her ass. She gave small shout.

Aunt Rachel “ooww! please not too hard”

She took her hand and spread her lovely rounded ass. As I
tried to enter her ass she began to pull her ass cheek apart
It got deeper and deeper. Finally I had all of it in her ass
She was getting use to ass being fuck. I pulled it out
slowly then in, out, at the same time my fingers are
playing with her clit. She was moaning louder

Aunt Rachel “Yeah, give it to your Aunt Rachel, fuck her ass
it’s sooooo gooddd, eeeemmmm…”

Me “I cumming, O yes, AHA! YEAH! I CUMMING, AUNT RACHEL,

Aunt Rachel “Shoot it in my ass, give it to me, I want it,
yeah oh yessss!”

That was the best I’ve had, we lay next to each other naked
till morning. We had sex every night and day till my uncle
came home. I will always remember cause Aunt Rachel is the
one who tought me about sex.

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