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AUNT screams for incest

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Where it happened: Aunts house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

This is how I lost my virginity to my aunt. I was at my grandmas house the night before it happened. I was feeling up my aunt without her noticing very carefully her tits felt soooo good I just wanted to suck on them all night. I kept feeling her up until she went home. When I walker her to her car I just grabbed her tits to she what she would do. She didn’t really make a big deal out of it. The day after that my aunt and my cousin showed up at my cousins to pick me up. I was excited cause I was expecting her to be drunk when she got home. They left me with the kids and hours later they showed up. My aunt ended up going to sleep first, my cousin stayed up for a while after she did. I was soo horny just wanting my cousin to go to sleep. Once she did I went to my aunts door and knocked. She didn’t answer so I opened her door. She had on a silky red night gown with black lace. I whispered in her ear but she didn’t say anything. I pulled back her covers slowly and gently one of her perfectly shaped tits was hanging out of the gown with her big pink nipple showing I immediately got so hard it hurt my cock. And then when I pulled down the rest of her covers there it was. Her beautiful pussy it was a little hairy but I was completely eager to fuck her. I got on her bed slowly and licked her beautiful nipple she mumbled a little in her sleep. I worked my way slowly down her body until I got to her pussy I put my tongue to it and started to lick from the bottom up to the clit slow and hard. She started to moan so I did it harder and harder my cock was practically breaking against my pants. She let out a loud moan and then woke up. She mumbled at first until she saw what I was doing then she shouted,”STOP! What do you think youre doing!?” I stopped licking her pussy and started frenching her and forced my fingers into her suprisingly tight pussy. She tried to force me away so I said “Just give in I know you want it”. She started to argue but then let out a moan because I was still fingering her. She started to kiss me back so I moved back down to her delicious pussy. As I was licking she moaned ” O yeeees O lick it harder harder O youre such a goood boy O I want you inside me please fuck me put your cock deep inside me” So I pulled down my pants and my cock was relieved to escape my pants. I shoved my dick right into her as she screamed ” O yes go deeper please please O fuck me fuck me harder, harder, harder ooooo yes dont stop. AAAAHHHHH AAAAHHHH YES YES YES YES.” I was so excited that I was getting to fuck my aunt I never thought she’d let me and just when I was about to cum I heard her say” O YES YES I’M GOING TO CUM IM GOING TO CUM” So I shoved my dick deep inside and we both came as she let out one final scream “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” after that I rolled off her and she sucked my and her juices off my throbbing dick. After that we started fucking whenever we wanted to.

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