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aunt that got away

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: family home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

For a start,let’s call me brandon.I would like to disclose
a secret that i have been peeping my aunt while she was
having her shower since i was fifteen.We used to live in a
house of more than ten person.I have always released myself
by maturbating after enjoying ths show.This went for
three years without anybody realising until one morning.
She was in her shower getting ready for work.I was into
afternoon school but i would just get up some mornings
just to catch a glimpse of her shampooing herself.That
morning she started as usual by peeing and brushing her
teeth and straight into the shower but suddenly i guess she
realised that she forgot to take her foam bath in with her
and opened the bathroom door and was shock to see me on top
of a plank.I did not have the time to jump off it because
it would have resulted in a commotion anyway.Obviously she
knew what was i up to.Initially,she was angry but strange
enough she prefered to question me in the bathroom and asked
me how long i have been doing that.I remember telling her
that was only my second time.i quickly calm her down by
praising how beautiful her body was eventhough in her mid
30s.I guess that fired her up.She asked if i was sure i
want to continue to watch her and i gladly nodded my head.
She then asked me to take my seat on the toilet and she went
on with her shower.By this time she was showering in a more
provocative and seductive way.She was rubbing her breast and
fingering herself in the most possible sexy way that you can
imagine.I was told that she would like to see me masturbate
while enjoying her show but quickly warn me that it should
not go beyond that meaning that i should not think of fucking
her let alone touch her.I was stroking my penis so hard and
fast that i thought might seduce her into inviting me in
to shower together with her so that i cud screw her but i
think her strong mind overcame those feeling of wanting to
eat me.She continued to provoke me with some sexy groan and
moan while digging her already waterry cunt with one hand
and another hand with her mouth licking her fingers.She was
digging n moaning so hard that her bountiful breast of 38c
bounce up and down.Finally, she outlasted me and my patience
of a hot blooded 18 yrs old failed to resist what i was
seeing and my biggest load semen spurted so much.
After that,we continued to do the same thing for months.
Ocassionally,we would watch each other masturbate in her
room but never got to touch her as she said she was already
getting guilty towards my uncle for having came this far.
Nevertheless,she is contended with us trying to tempt each
other while masturbating.
After a year,we had to stop because my and her shifted to
the west coast to start a new career.Many years later
she e-mailed me and told me that she would not have stop me
if i have been persistent into wanting to fuck her.Upon
reading it,i regretted so much in not having the guts to do
so.Maybe,my thought of respecting her rules will not
turn her off have actually backfired.I was afraid of losing
the play no touch relationship.
Eventhough,so many years has passed by and now married,my
desire for her did not fade.Still fantasize so much about
her when i occassionally masturbate.
Last week,while i was at my mum’s house,she happens to call
up and my mum yelled if there is anyone who wish to speak to
joanne,i jump at the chance.on the phone,she was still
teasing how my big surprise eyes was wide open when we had
our first encounter in the bathroom and jokingly invited
me to fly over to her place.She said that she would let me
fuck her this time now that i was married and should me
experience enogh to sexually satisfy her.She also teased
me that i was sexually immature to please her when i was
younger resulting in her not letting me fuck her.She said
that i could take all these statements as a joke or from the
heart.Up to me BUT i have decided to visit her in a
forthnight to try my luck this time.I can tell you that
joanne is still sexually attractive at the age of 41 now.
hope she will not get away this time.wish me luck!!!

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