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Auntie Came

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: At Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Well, my parents went on a work/vacation trip for a month. Although I thought I could stay by myself they were afraid I would throw parties or something so my mom asked her sister to come and watch over me. I had only vague memories of this aunt. She had got divorced just a few months ago and thought she needed a change of scenery

It turned out that Aunt Sally was just 7 years older than me.
she was about 5’4″, 115 lbs. her brown hair was ass lenght, she had huge tits. a full and sensous mouth and a pair of brown eyes that seemed to invite you into a bedroom.

The morning after my parents left I was rushing to get to school and I barged into the bathroom. Aunt Sally was in there wearing a T-shirt for a night gown. I excused myself and started to leave when she told me to come in.

As I was brushing my teeth, I kept glancing at Sally in the mirror. That night gown did little to hide that nice ass. our eyes met and she smiled at me. I think she could see my cock swelling.

She lifted the T-shirt over her head and dropped it on the floor. I stood there with my mouth open. What a body !!! Sally announced she was going to take a shower and asked me if I would wash her back. I stuttered and stammered. She put her hands on my boxers and yanked them down and led me into the shower.

She turned her back and told me to wash her back. I soap ed my hands and started to do it. She said for me to wash her ass. Oh, What a beautiful ass!! I squeezed it a couple of times as I washed it. i used just one finger to wash the crack. She turned around and asked me to finish the job. As I was washing her tits she leaned and kissed my ear and run her tongue into it. I damn near shot my load. She took my soap hand and move it down to her pussy and rubbed it.

She announced that it was her turn. She soaped up her hands and started to wash my balls and my stiff prick. Long slow strokes. After the water rinsed me off she said she should check that it was clean. So she got down and started to lick my shaft just under the big head. She licked the full lenght of the shaft and then the balls. I felt the waves surging though me and my whole body jerked as my cock exploded. She laughed as she washed the cum out of her hair and the side of her face.

She asked me if I would like to fuck Aunt Sally. I did not say no. When we were on her bed. I started on her tits; sucking and nipping her nipples. She kept pushing my head down until my face was in her pussy. She spread the folds of her cunt apart and showed me her swollen clit and told me to lick and nibble on it. She tasted nice. I tongued fucked her too. Soon she was moaning and calling my name. She said I was a good cunt lapper. She grabbed my head and push it deeper as she trembled all over and spewed her cum into my face.

Then I crawled on top of her and slid my cock into her cunt. I loved the feeling of her cunt wrapped aroudn me. As I thrust in and out of her she matched my moves with moves of her own. Soon she screamed and dug her nails into my back as she climaxed again. Then she rolled us over and started to bounce up and down on my prick I love watching those big tits flop up and down. She came again. She got on her hands and knees and told me to fuck her doggie style. I reached under and grabbed her tits as Iplunged in and out. Her fingers flew as she mastrubated . She came again and again . She yelled for me to fuck her ass. I drove my cock hard into her ass and pounded away. Finally I could not hold back any more and filled her ass with my cum.

I missed school that day as we stayed naked all day. We screwed everywhere; in every position. Sally told me that it was wonderful to have a nice cock in her again. Last summer I went to spend a month with Aunt Sally and I have enrolled in NYU. Guess where I am going to live. With Auntie Sally.

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