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Auntie’s Ass

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: aunt's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I was staying with my Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Phil for a
week the summer after my freshman year in high school.
My parents were out of town and they didn’t trust me alone
in the house. Being like most 15 year old males, I was quite
interested in sex at the time and just about any woman got
my young penis hard. My aunt was certainly no exception.
As a matter of fact, I found myself very attracted to her
that week. At the time she was 38 years old. She was a tall,
thin woman with very small tits. The only thing that wasn’t
thin on her body was her ass. She had a large, fat, soft,
round ass which I particularly liked. My auntie didn’t work
and was home all day while my Uncle Phil worked. The first
few days of the week passed by uneventfully although lusty
thoughts of my aunt ran through my head constantly. That
Wednesday, however, was quite different. I woke up very
horny, as usual. As I got out of bed I headed down the hall
to the bathroom. When I passed my aunt and uncle’s rooom I
noticed that the door was open just a crack. Being so
horny I couldn’t help but to take a peek…and I’ll never
forget what I saw. Jennifer was standing a few feet away from
me with her back towards me and she was comletely nude. I
could see her delicious ass so closely. I watched as she
slid a pair of lacey white panties on, her ass jiggling as
she did so. I quickly bolted back to my room and masturbated
to the thought of my aunt’s bare fanny. After blowing my
load I once again left my room and this time went downstairs
for breakfast. Jennifer was in the kitchen, fully clothed
this time, and she told me that she had to run to the bank
but that she would be back soon. After she left I came up
with an idea. I went up to her room and began going through
her drawers, excitedly looking at her panties. After a little
while of this I hit the jackpot. Just poking out from under
her bed I noticed a pair of dirty, white cotton panties
bunched up. They must have been the ones she slept in. I
hurried over and picked them up. As I inspected them I found
a couple of curly brown pubic hairs. Knowing that these had
com from her crotch got me so horny. I put the crotch of the
panties up to my nose and inhaled deeply. A strong, fishy
odor came from the panties. Normally it would be a smell that
would repulse me but since that was the smell of Aunt Jen’s
pussy I just couldn’t get enough of it. I became completely
overcome by my hormones and forgot all else that was going
on. I took my pants off, layed back on the bed, held the
panties up to my nose with one hand and stroked my erect cock
with the other. For the next few minutes I became lost in a
sea of lust. Then, all of a sudden, I heard my aunt’s voice,
“How do they smell honey?” she asked, standing in the doorway
of her room. My heart stopped. I was speechless. Jen had
a gentle smile on her face as she walked over to me. “Well,”
she asked, “do you like the way Aunt Jennifer’s pussy smells?”
Totally embarassed, I nodded yes. “Would you like it if I
let you eat my pussy, sweetie?” she asked smiling. Once
again I could only nod. She then kicked off her sandals and
dropped her khaki shorts. Then she slowly peeled off the
white lace panties I had seen her put on only a short time
before. Sitting on the edge of the bed she said, “Why don’t
you sniff these and stroke yourself while Aunt Jennifer
fingers her pussy first.” I kneeled down and did as she
asked, while I watched her. This went on for a few minutes.
Her lovely pink pussy was hidden beneath her thick, hairy,
brown haired bush. I watched as she rubbed her clit and slid
her index finger in and out of her fuck hole. “Put the
panties down and come get the real thing!” she finally
commanded. I eagerly thrust my head into her crotch and
began lapping at her big, hairy, smelly pussy. She thrust
her head back and started moaning loudly. Her pussy odor was
much stronger than it was in her panties and after a while it
became too much. I pulled out my head and timidly told her
that it was to smelly to continue. She didn’t seem to mind
as she said to me, “Yes, you’re right honey, Aunt Jen’s pussy
is quite smelly. It smells like fish doesn’t it honey?” I
nodded. Smiling she said, “I bet you like this kind of fish
though, don’t you?” “Yes!” I blurted out truthfully. I
really did like her pussy. Chuckling she responded, “It’s
Aunt Jen’s pussy fish. Would you like to fuck my fish honey?”
I answered with an emphatic yes. “Good, first I want you to
do something else for me sweetie.” she said, I want you to
lick my anus.” I got quite excited when I heard this. She
layed flat on her stomach. I spread her big, fat, round ass
cheeks and began to lick her pink, puckered, hairless asshole.
It tasted so good. I slid my tongue up her tight bunghole
bringing out quite a reaction from my aunt. “Ooooh yesss!
Eat my ass baby! Eat my horny ass! Oh, your tongue feels
sooooo good inside your horny aunt’s ass honey!” After a
while of eating her wonderfully tasting and smelling ass I
asked her if I could fuck her yet. “You most certainly can
sweetie!” she answered. She rolled onto her back and guided
my cock into her big, loose pussy. It slid in quite easily.
She was so hot and wet. “Auntie’s fish feels good doesn’t
it? Fuck that fish! FUCK that fish honey!” she moaned.
“Ooooh, your aunt’s such a slut isn’t she? I love being a
slut! Fuck your auntie! Fuck me baby, FUCK ME!!!! Ooooh
yessss! My pussy feels sooooo good honey! Fuck auntie’s
she shrieked. After drilling her for a bit I could feel my
cock explode inside my slutty aunt. We both lay in silence
for a while. We did resume our actions a little bit later
though….and we did for quite sometime afterwards.

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