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aunty,s fully fashioned nylon stocking s

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: at mother,d friend,s house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

This happened when i was 16 .My mum,s friend was a sexy blonde woman, about 46 years old with a gorgeous shapely figure and sexy slightly larger, considering her slim waist,legs.She always smelled fantastic, making me dizzy, and sometimes wore tan or coffee coloured ff nylons which clearly displayed her sexy small painted toes which shone through the filmy thin sexy material.My cock would stiffen always at the sight of this and quickly begin to leak precum.One day when she had popped round and my mother was out,she remarked that i seemed facinated by her legs and feet.I became embarrassed but mumbled that the were the nicest i had ever seen.She said this was very normal and aked me if i,d like to see them properly.She then lifted her skirt and posed her legs with one slightly in front of the other and one foot arched sexily on tiptoe.I gasped out loud as she displayed her foot in the white sexy high heeled sandal, before slipping her shoes off to arch and pose her sexy nylon feet both standing and then sitting on a chair.I couldn,t believe how sexy the soles of her feet looked in the reinforced nylon which seemed to acentuate the curve of her arches,and the way she pointed her toes hard and rubbed one foot on her leg like a sexy stripper made my cock stiffer than it had ever been.After about five minutes of teasing,all pretence had disappeared and she said i could masturbate to her legs and feet as long as i didn,t touch her which she said would be going too far.At this point i released by throbbing red cock from the confines of my trousers and slowly wanked for her as she put on the sexiest display of feet nylons and leg teasing i could imagine.She gasped out loud and encouraged me, saying such things as, that,s it baby cum for my lovely legs, shoot for my perfect feet,spunk hard for my pointed nylon feet, give me your load, as i shot six huge gouts of thick cum at least five feet into the air,hitting her feet, toes, thighs, the back of her hands ans some even hitting th top of her neck and cleavage.Afterwards she said this must remain a secret and gave me her nylons to pleasure myself later.She is to this day the wank fantasy of my life.

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