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Awesome 4some

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Friends Party
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My friend Amy invited me to a party at her house. Her parents were away for the weekend and it promised to be a good night. About 30 people showed up and things got pretty outrageous. Lots of drinking and stuff. Pretty soon everyone got involved in a drinking competition and it wasn’t long before I was feeling a bit drunk. Amy’s boyfriend, Todd, was organising the competition so I suggested to her that we slip away and have some fun on our own.

Amy and I have been friends since we were about 7 and first had ‘girl’ sex together when we were 13. We used get together every few weeks and make out but it had been ages since we had last done it. Amy had been with a few guys before and now had a steady boyfriend. I had never done it with a guy.

There were a couple already fucking in Amy’s bedroom so we went into her brother’s room and closed the door so we wouldn’t be disturbed. We undressed each other and got on the double bed and started kissing and rubbing each other. Finally we started fingering and I came really quickly. Amy took longer to come and I had another one before she did. Finally Amy came wetly over my fingers and hand, thrusting her pussy up in the air and moaning loudly. Amy said she wanted to fuck me and got on top between my legs and used the bulge of her pubic bone to fuck my clit. I played with Amy’s tits while she fucked me and it didn’t take long before I came again. I suggested we 69, which is Amy’s favourite position, and she agreed. Turning around, Amy put her pussy down on my face and I set about licking her clit and tonguing her hole while she did the same to me.

I wasn’t really aware of what was going on around us because of the drink and the orgasms from Amy’s licking, so I got a shock when someone climbed onto the bed above my head. I looked up at a pair of legs, a big, hard cock and two big balls. I guessed it was probably Todd, who had come looking for his girlfriend and decided to join in. I was still holding Amy’s pussy wide open for tongue fucking so Todd was easily able to enter her. Straight away he started fucking her hard, and she stopped licking me and began moaning loudly. Todd’s big cock looked great sliding in and out of Amy’s pussy and I was really envious of her. I really hoped Todd would want to fuck me after he fucked Amy. I licked her clit and the underside of Todd’s cock as they fucked.

I was beginning to wish Amy would start licking me again when I felt pressure against my virgin pussy. Amy was holding me wide open and guiding the end of someone’s cock into me. I had a face full of pussy and couldn’t see who was about to pop my cherry, but really hoped it was Todd’s friend Chris. Who ever it was that was forcing their way into me felt HUGE. I was grateful that I was so wet from all the fucking I’d had with Amy. She had only ever used one finger in me when we fingered, so after the head went in it was really painful because I was so tight. About half way in my cherry popped and my virginity was gone, which eased the pain a bit. A couple more pumps and he was all the way in and it started to feel pretty good. Amy rubbed my clit hard as he pumped in and out and it wasn’t long before I came. I didn’t think I would come on my first time so it was great. The four of us fucked like this for what seemed ages and I was able to come a couple of times more before I felt the cock shoved right up inside me. I could feel every pump and spurt as he came inside me and I suddenly thought about getting pregnant but it was too late then. Todd must have come before as I noticed that Amy had heaps of cum running out of her.

We stayed locked in position for a few minutes before Amy rolled off me. I was relieved and excited to see that it was Chris who had been my first; and wow was his cock big, no wonder it hurt so much. I hoped that we could swap partners and go again but I realized I was bleeding too much. Amy said she wanted to have both guys at the same time and made Chris lie on the bed. She straddled him and he went in really easy. She sucked Todd’s cock at the same time as she fucked Chris. Todd’s cock got hard again and he went round behind Amy. I thought they were both going to fuck her in the pussy but Todd put his cock in Amy’s arse and fucked her there. Amy wanted to suck my tits while she got fucked so I got in front of her. I was surprised when Chris started to lick my clit and I came really fast with Amy sucking my tits too. Finally both guys came inside Amy. She and Todd went to sleep and Chris said he wanted to go again with me. This time it felt really good and I came a few times before Chris did. We went to sleep together and fucked again in the middle of the night.

I woke the next morning feeling hung over and sore. Chris asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend and I said yes. We have been fucking almost every day since. I’ve even let him fuck me in the arse. It’s great!

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