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Awesome Foursome

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: friends bed (him too)
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I thought I was just going to my friend’s house to go swimming. Boy was I in for a surprise. His sister and her friends from college were there too. They all looked fine! The girls were drinking and two of them were hitting on me and my friend. His sister just said, “oh, they’re just 2 little virgins.” Then the girls got devilish looks in their eyes and swam toward us. They grabbed a hold of our bodies and rubbed us down in the water. The girl who was with me took off her top. Then my friend’s girl did the same. We both had boners which they could see when they pulled our pants down. My friend and I were butt naked in the pool when my girl asked his sister where they could take us. She said to use Ted’s room. Ted is my friend. We looked at each other as we got out of the water and grinned. Ted’s room had a door that opened onto the back yard so we went in. He had a king size water bed that was great for fucking, but he had never used it for that before. We were still all wet when we got in bed and the girls started sucking our dicks. Then they switched off. Ted shot his cum but I was holding it until she speeded up and I blew. It was cool and felt good. The girls talked dirty to us and told them how much they wanted to fuck us. They were rubbing their tits in our faces and we both got hard again real quick. Then they both jumped on us and began riding our dicks. I looked over watching my best friend getting fucked and he saw me getting it too. Those girls were good. They played with our chests and grabbed our balls and I know everything they did to me felt great. My girl decided she wanted it doggie style so we turned over and it was awkward but when I got it in it was good. She wanted me to cum on her ass so when I knew I was ready I pulled out and squirted all over her. Ted was still being ridden and I knew that he was cumming to, inside of his girl. When we finished, the girls got up and ran outside and jumpled naked in the pool. Ted and I were still on the bed and we just looked at each other and said FUCK!!!

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