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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: livingroom Baby sitting
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I got a call to babysit for the Browns (not real name). I had sit for them many times and had fun with their two kids Mary 2 and Billy 4. Mr Brown picked me up at 7pm and took me to his home, I found it strange the kids where with him, they usually are at home with mom. He told me Mrs Brown had to go home and help her mother who was sick and he couldn’t get out of a bussiness meeting. he left us pizza money and said he wouldn’t be back before 11:30. after we ate and I had bathed and put the kids to sleep I looked for a tape to watch till Mr Brown got home. I found a good movie and went to put it in the VCR. There was already a tape in the machine so I hit play to see if I would rather watch it. It appeared to be a home movie shot in the Browns bedroom, I had been in there before talking to Mrs Brown before. Mrs brown appeared from on side and undressed and layed down on the bed. I know I should have turned it off but I couldn’t. Mr Brown came in from the other side of the screen. He was already naked and his thing was hard and stood straight up, I had never seen a man with a hardon I was mesmorized at the sight. He stood at the edge of the bed as Mrs Brown laid across the bed and put his thing in her mouth. I had heard of girls sucking guys but didn’t really believe it and here I was watch two people I knew do it. I had been masterbating for a few years and knew the feeling I was getting. I needed to rub myself off. It was over 2 hours before Mr Brown would be home so I pulled my sweatpants and my panties down not off I wanted to be ready to get up fast if one of the kids woke up. I rubbed my wet slit as I watched Debbie suck on Bobs hard cock (that’s their first names). I lost count of how many times I came as I watched them suck eack othes, He was licking her between her legs. Oh I wondered how good that must feel. My finger was sore from so much rubbing but I couldn’t stop. I heard a noise behind me I turned to look and saw Mr Brown standind behind me and to one side. He could see what I was watching and doing. I was so embarissed. I looked down and could see he was hard. he said he was sorry he had the tape out last night and thought he had put it up. He explained his wife had been gone a week and wasn’t do back for at lest another week and he had needed a woman so bad that he had watched the tape and masterbated to it. It was so strange I had my finger in my slit watching the make love and he sat down next to me as if a disney movie was on. He said its obvious you are enjoing the tape what part did you like the best? I should have ran or covered myself but I didn’t I answered him. I said I never believed that woman really sucked on a guys thing and wondered what it tasted kick and what it felt like to have them lick between a girls legs. he undid his pants and pulled out his hard thing as I answered him, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. He took my free hand and put it on his thing, it was so hard and hot but soft to. He asked if I had ever touched any of my boyfriends. I said no I had never touched one before. I stated the obvious It’s so hot and hard does it hurt? he said if he didn’t drain his balls at lest every couple of days that yes to would hurt. With Debbie gone I was really hurting last night thats why I watched the tape and jacked off. did you cum watching us he asked. Yes I did several times I told him truthfully. he wrapped his hand around mine on his thing and told me as he did move your hand up and down like this. he actually got harder as I moved my hand I feft it swell and I think it got a little longer too. he told me I felt so good its so much better to be jacked off than to do it yourself. he moved his hand between my legs and replaced my finger with his. I came almost as he touched me. He was right it was so much better than when I did it myself. when I came down I realized his thing was leaking fluid, he called it precum and that Debbie really liked to lick it off him. he stood up in front of me and asked if I wanted to taste it.
I shook my head yes but froze and didn’t move. He put his hand behind my head and gently pullrd me to him, as he said hold my cock and lick the tip. I did as he said and tasted my first cock, I loved the taste and licked it all up. He asked me to suck on it. I opened my mouth and he slipped into my mouth. Be careful of your teeth run your tongue around and slide your head up and down on me. I came just from having him in my mouth. He had me feel his balls as I sucked him in a few minutes he said he needed to cum and asked “can I please cum in your mouth?” I couldn’t answer him so I just kept sucking and squeezing his balls. In no time I felt it swell and pulse as he shot his stuff in my mouth. I tried to swallow it but their was so much some of it leaked out and ran down my chin. He held my head and slowly fucked my face till he was spent. He pulled his still hard cock from my mouth as he said I was a wonderful cock sucker and would make all my boyfriends happy. He pulled me to my feet and kissed me as a woman used his tongue and all. I know he could taste himself on my lips. He tod me he needed to make love to me I said yes. He undressed me then himself. took me in his arms and carried me to his bed he got on kneeled between my legs and licked me to two orgasms then he slowly entered me. I was a virgin so only his head went in I told him to pop my cherry. I felt him push harder a little twinge of pain and I felt him slide all the way into me, I felt his balla against my bottom. he held him self in me so I could get used to having him in me then he painfully slow began to pull out of me then back in. I was actually being fucked and by a 32 year old man. It felt so good. He fucked faster and faster in his run for his finish. He said he had had a vasectomy and could he please cum in me. I wrapped my legs around him and he fucked me harder. In a few moments I felt my orgasm approuching and said so out loud. He responded by pulling my legs back and going deeper. I don’t know how he held on as I came and went wild under him, I had never cum so hard by myself. I felt my pussy squeeze him as I came. I felt him swell in me and lengthen as I felt the first of oh so many spurts as he came in my pussy. I squeezed down on him as he came and untill I felt him stop them soften slightly and he slipped from me. we laid their for a while as our bodies still shuddered from our love. I have yet to be fucked so hard and so well althoughI still haven’t had much experience each guy has such a big time to live up too.

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