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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: At his house.
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

The McDonald’s were a very rich & well known family. Mr. McDonald was a heart surgeon & Mrs. McDonald was involved in all of the local charities. They had more money than anyone in our town and everyone knew it. It seemed to be everyone’s goal to become the McDonald’s friend or friend of their friend. It was almost funny all the ways people went to extremes to be noticed by the wealthy family. My mother & I were two of the very few who simply didn’t care about the McDonald’s. My mother was a receptionist in Mr. McDonald’s office building & she saw him everyday so he was no big deal to her. All that I knew about him was that he was about six foot, dark hair & eyes, tan, very good looking, & in his mid 30’s. My mother admitted he was very handsome but was a very snobby & competitive man. One day he walked through the lobby and asked her for some patients addresses & noticed my picture on her desk. “Well now Debbie, who is this beautiful girl?” he said. “That’s my little girl…well she’s not real little anymore, she’s 16 but she’s my only child so I think of her as my little girl.” my mother responded. He looked at the picture for a very long time without responding, something came over him and he looked at it with intrigue, it was clear that he was turned on and very engrossed by my pictire. “You know what, I have 2 little girls at home, 4 & 7, who are very obedient & respectful. Violet and I are going on a trip for two days next week & need someone to watch over our kids. I’ll pay your daughter very well & she can stay at our house which is very safe & watched over at all times. Do you think she will be interested ?” My mother had a huge grin on her face at the thought of the extra cash & the prestige she would gain of having her daughter care-take the McDonald kids. “Of course she would be !. She absolutely loves kids & would be delighted !” My mother said, almost jumping out of her chair. “Well then, next week it is. I’ll give you a call this weekend & I look forward to meeting that gorgeous daugter of yours !”
I walked up to the door & rang the doorbell. I came from a party so I was dressed in a short black skirt & a black tie-back halter. I felt a little underdressed for such a conservative family but I did have jeans & shirts in my bag so I figured I’d change when I settled in. The top was way too small because it was my friend Jenny’s, who was barely a B and I was a definite C. So I had to keep pulling the sides up to keep my breasts from overflowing. Mr. McDonald answered the door & looked me up and down and a huge smile took over his face. “Hello there.” He said in a low sexy voice. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better looking man in my whole life. “Hi, my name is… “Shhhh, I know Christy, come on in the children are asleep.” He said interupting me. He reached for my hand & pulled me in the house. I was a bit stunned but I didn’t mind his touch at all ! “Let’s go into the kitchen, where we can talk. ” he said in a low deep voice. “Sure.” I said, following this incredibly sexy man. I couldn’t help but become a little wet thinking about this man and all that he could do to me. “Okay, sorry about interupting you, but my children are very light sleepers.” He walked over to the wine cabinent & grabbed a bottle of some expensive champagne. “Can I get you anything to drink? Wine, champagne?” He said with his eyebrows raised. Wine? Champagne? What was he talking about? I was only 16, he had to have known that. I played along anyway, I loved wine so why not? “Wine would be great, Mr McDonald.” I said. “Oh please, call me Dan. I’m still young at heart & hate to be referred to as a Mr. ” “Okay then, I said, thank you Dan. ” ” Much better now, Christy. ” he said. He drank his champagne with such ease. I imagined his lips on mine & his hands swirling around my thighs, sliding up my body and under my halter. My niples became hard at the thought of his tongue circling my tits. I noticed him looking at me in a bit of an odd way & realized my expression on my face was that of complete ecstasy. I was leaning back on the counter with my arms back & I quickly stood up straight & smiled. “So, where is Mrs. McDonald ?” I said in a stuttering manner. “Oh Violet ? She’s umm, not here. And neither are the kids.”
My eyes became wide and my palms were drenched with sweat at his comment. I was going to be alone for the next two nights with this incredible man ? “Wait, they’re not here? My mother told me I was going to babysit the girls.” I said confused as hell. ” I know, that’s what I told her, he said approaching me, but when I saw your picture in your mom’s office that day, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to touch you, kiss you, feel your body next to mine. ” By now, his hand was half way up my thigh & his other hand was in my long blond hair. “Oh my God, I can’t believe this.” I said “What ? Is their a problem?” He said taking his hand out from under my
skirt. Absolutely not ! I thought to myself. I wanted Dan McDonald, and who could possibly find out, I mean it was just one night. “No, not at all.” I said looking deeply into his gorgeous brown eyes. “Good.” He said as he leaned over to kiss me. His lips were damp & his tongue entered my mouth very slowly and seductively. He was an amazing kisser. I seperated my legs a little so he could get to my dripping cunt. He fingered me for about ten minutes staright, moving his fingers in & out of me very fast & twisting them when he was deep in me. His other hand was playing with my breasts & rubbing my niples. I moaned & my breath became short. I was almost to an orgasm so I decided to reach my hand down his slacks. His cock was so huge & was about to burst out of his pants. I jacked him off & ran my fingers all around his balls. He was now also moaning & his eyes were closed. His motions were now quicker & more harsh but it was getting me off in a way I couldn’t explain. “Turn around. ” He said very assertive. I knew he wanted to enter me from the back so I placed my hands on the counter & I spread my legs. He pulled down my panties & took his boxers off. Then he took his 8in dick & ramned it into my ass. I have never been butt~fucked, in fact I was a little afraid of it but I wasn’t about to stop Dan. He fucked me like that for what seemed like only 2 minutes. It felt amazing & he was doing it so fast, we both got off in no time. He pulled out of me & his dick was still so huge! “That was one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced.” I said slipping my drenched panties back on. “Just wait till later, I can wait to get inside your tight pussy.” I was so in awe, I couldn’t speak.
We walked up the stairs and we enetered his bedroom. He closed the door behind him and ordered me to take off all my clothes & get on the bed. I did as he said and stretched out on the satin sheets. I watched as he removed all of his clothes & saw that his dick was hard agian. My pussy began to throb of the thought of his dick getting anywhere near it, I was more horney than I’ve ever been before. He got on top of me and kissed me with intense passion & rubbed his huge cock against my cunt paying close attention to my clit. The careful but fast motion of his dick sliding against my juices sent me away. He then began to move down my body with his tongue. He licked & sucked at my neck, then down to my tits. He sucked my tits and squeezed them until I thought I couldn’t take it. He looked at me while he was pinching & rubbing my hard niples & listened as I moaned & sighed. Every now and then, he’d slightly push his dick around my pussy, but not in it. Just to tease me. After he sucked my tits, he swriled his tongue around my stoamch & belly-button. He then spread my legs and got a good look at my soaking cunt. My lips & clit were so swelled from his touches & shoves and it was throbing at the thought of being eaten. He first licked around my lips & all around my pussy. Then he stuck his tongue so far in me, i thought I would scream. In fact, I did. This got his attention & he moved in & out and around my pussy very fast. I couldn’t take it any longer, so I moaned in pure delight. “Now it’s my turn ! ” he said “Get on your knees !!” His dick was so big so I knew it wouldn’t take long for him to cum. I took his cock in my mouth & sucked it so hard. I tightened my lips & swriled it around the base of his dick & then I sucked and licked the head. He was so turned on and making all kinds of noises I knew it was about to happen. I continued giving him head but with faster and sharper movements. I used my hand to jack him off while I did this to give him more pleasure. I felt his cum pump towards the head and moved away a little so it would run down my chest and onto my breasts. He jizzed seconds later & it ran down my lips & dripped down my tits & niples. I wiped the cum i had on my mouth onto my tits & rubbed his cum all over my breasts. The sight of me doing this turned Dan on and he smiled at me & gave me one of his many sexy looks. After that, I fingered myself with my cum-soaked finger, just to show how much I wanted him in me. He lied down and told me to get on top of him, facing him. His cock was sticking straight up in the air, once again, and I moved my lips apart & lowered myself onto his dick. The feeling was undescribeable. It hurt, but then again it felt like nothing else on this world. His hands were rubbing & squeezing my slippery tits while he was fucking me. His dick was so far in me, he was touching my womb. He bounced me on his lap so he could go in & out of me. Damn ! That was amazing. We moaned and panted at the feeling of my wet, hot pussy riding his 8 in cock. And then, it happened. We both came at the same time and screamed until our orgasm had left us. I was absolutely exhausted from tonight and so was he. I climbed off of him and we kissed for what seemed like an hour and then slept holding each other the rest of the night.
Dan was certainly an excellent first experience, someone whom I’ll never regret. We had many more nights like that & still do when his wife is out of town. We keep what we have secret, of course, and it’s been a year now and no-one has ever found out.

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