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Babysitting from Beth

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Beth's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

The summer I was 16 my parents went to Europe for 6 weeks. They arranged for me to stay at a neighbors house while they were away. If it were anyone other than Beth I would have been upset. Beth was a divorced 38 year-old who had red haid and a great body. In fact, I would often masterbate with her in mind. Needless-to-say, six weeks in her house appealled to me greatly.
The first night there, I was watching TV. She was in loose fitting clothes and everytime she bent over I saw her nipples. I was in heaven! After she went to bed, I jerked off and came all over my stomach. This scenerio went on for the first two weeks. I would catch a glimpse, or an outline, and go pleasure myself.
One night she went out to dinner with some of her friends. I took advantage of this alone time and snooped in her bedroom. I looked (and sniffed) her panties, found her vibrator and then I found the gold mine. She had naked pictures of herself in her nightstand table. She was hotter than I could imagine. They were right out of a dirty magazine. Right when I decided it was time to visit Rosey Palm again, I heard her voice behind me.
“What the hell do you think you are doing?!”, she asked.
I was speechless and felt two inches tall. She asked for the pictures back. I walked them over to her and then she saw mu bulge under my shorts and a glimmer sparkled in her eye.
“I should tell your parents you have violated my privacy, but if I violate yours maybe we will be even. If you whack off in front of me we will be even and nobody will ever know.” she said.
Quickly all the options went through my head and I decided to rather be humilated in front of Beth than ny folks. I started to rub myself over my shorts.
“No, no, no take them off.” she demanded!
I obliged and before I could get five strong strokes in I was coming all over her bedroom carpet. It was the first time a female and seen me naked and I had no idea what to do. Beth did!
She took me to her large shower and had me start to clean up. Suddenly, she was in the shower with me. Her breasts were fantastic, still firm, she had cherry red nipples with a small circle around them, but they stood out a half an inch it seemed. I got hard again. She just smiled and dropped to her knees. She was blowing me and I nearly lost my mind. Within a minute I came again and she swallowed every drop. I did not think this was possible..I was losing my mind.
She began to wash my hair and then told me, “I have been listening to you play with yourself and was even able to watch a couple times. You should be more careful! But I am glad you were not, i have been putting my vibrator to alot of use!”
After the shower, she took me back to her bed. She told me she wanted to watch her as she masterbated. That was an incredible sight. She slid the vibrator deep into her pussy, which she kept shaved. After a few minutes of that, I had my third hard-on in an hour. She told me to lay on the bed. She got right on top of me and guided my dick into her. I was in heaven! This time it took longer for me to cum, but when I did…WOW!
This lasted the next four weeks non-stop. She taught me about her cliorous, cunninglingus, the G-spot, everything. In fact, we continued to have rendevous during high school and when I was home during college. We last slept together about three years ago, but when ever my wife is away we talk on the phone or meet in a chat room and have phone/cyber sex to this day. Hot diggity-dog!

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