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babysitting the neighbor…..

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Age when it happend: 25
Where it happened: friend's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I had lived in my neighborhood for two years when the
neighbors started hiring me to watch their son, Joey. He
was seven so it was not a difficult job. I would usually
watch a movie or play a game with him. On this particular
day, I let him choose any movie that he wanted because I
wanted to sit behind him on the sofa and read my book while
he sprawled on the floor watching the flik.
Meanwhile, Mikael, the exchange student who had been
staying with the family walked in and said hello. I had
met him before, but I always felt like he was much too old
to be my friend. He said hi to joey and smiled at me. I
immediately felt self-conscious and pulled the blanket that
was covering my knobby knees up to my chest. I had
developed early for my age and boys were constantly giving
me that covetous look that I didn’t understand.
“I think the heat isn’t working….I am cold. Could
I share that blanket?” Now, I knew that there was another
blanket on the other side of the sofa, but I was flattered
that this older guy wanted to share my blanket so I said,
“yeah.” The movie began to get exciting so my attention,
as well as joey’s was centered on the TV. I didn’t even
notice when my foot hit Mikael on the side of the leg.
Since my feet were up under the blanket, he picked them up
and put them in his lap. He then began to rub my feet. I
looked at him, but he was focused on the TV. Eventually,
he began to masage my legs and I was starting to feel relaxed
and arroused. I was a bit nervous because Joey kept turning
around and looking for a pillow. I didn’t want him to
notice that Mikael was touching me. At this point, Mikael
put my foot next to the bulge in his pants. I could feel
the hardness and it made me curious. Before I could blink,
he had moved my legs apart and wa sitting much closer to me.
My shorts began riding up and slightly pressed against my
clit. I was starting to feel sweaty and warm. I had
never thought about making out with any boy, but I wanted
to make out with Mikael….but there was Joey, sitting
right in front of us on the floor. It was inconvenient,
but Mikael didn’t seem to care. He was busy tickling the
upper part of my inner thigh. This caused my nipples
to go erect and I felt the dampness in my panties. He
then took my hand and slid it below the blanket. He
started to move my hand in an up and
down motion on his shaft, through his jeans. I didn’t know
exactly what to do…but I wanted to keep giving him
pleasure. He must have anticipated my thoughts because
he undid his jeans and guided my hand to his underwear.
I could feel his pulse and the drop of warm moisture at
the tip of the shaft. At this point he figured he had
gotten me off to a good start, so he moved his hands
up my shorts and with one swift motion pulled them aside.
His thumb found the sweet spot and I was more wet than I
imagined possible. I moved my thin fingers inside his
underwear to the base of his shaft. I began to move my
hand up and down, tickling his balls as I returned to the
base. I saw him lean toward me and thought that he
might kiss me, but he didn’t reach my face,he ducked below
the blanket. I felt his warm face touc my leg and relized
that he was tugging at my shorts. He flitted his tongue
onto my wet clit and I realized that I wanted to help
him with my shorts. I carefully watched Joey to make
sure he wouldn’t turn around and I slid out of my shorts
with as much stealth as I could muster. My arms and legs
were shaking from anticipation and pleasure. Once I was
out of my shorts. I felt Mikael settle between my legs.
He began to lick my lips and clit with such delicate
strokes like the way you would sample an ice cream cone.
I had never been kissed like that before and found that
I still wanted more. Just then, Joey got up and went
into the other room. I froze. Mikael must have felt
me go rigid because he sat up and looked after Joey.
He looked at me with a sly grin and said, “relax,
he’s going to the bathroom.” I thought our fun was
over because Mikael sat up and straightened his hair.
I didn’t want to stop, but I sat up as well and
waited for Joey to return to his spot on the floor
between us and the TV. Mikael kept the blanket
over us and sat very close to me. Joey came in,
glanced at us, then plopped on the floor as he had
been before. Before I could breath a sigh of relief,
Mikael started to pull his pants down to his knees.
I couldn’t see his body, so I peeked under the blanket.
As I did, Mikael opened his legs and wispered one word
in my ear in my ear that I could barely hear, “…suck..”
I realized that he wanted me to suck on “it,” so I did.
I started by feeling it with my hands. He was thick and
very hard, but the tip felt warm between my lips. I
began to stroke it with my hands and lick it with my
soft tongue. I didn’t know how to get it wet enough to
move my hand up and down easily, so I stuck it in my mouth.
Unfortunately I almost gagged. Not because of the taste,
but because he told me to suck and that brought the tip
into my throat. I had to stifle a cough. He seemed to
enjoy it because he was pushing down on my head, but I
had to stop and sat slowly up. Mikael leaned over to me
and wispered, “come here.” I followed his lead as he
put me on his lap. Joey turned to look at us, but
because the blanket was over our laps, he just turned back
around without seeing anything.When I got onto his lap,
I could feel his warmth his me between the cheeks of my ass.
He pushed me up and placed his shaft underme so it was
“knocking at my door” in the front. I liked the way it felt,
just sitting there. He rubbed against my clit and I
immediately wanted to get closer. I started rubbbing a bit
faster……Every few strokes, he would try to put his dick
inside of me. I could tell that he wanted to go all the way.
I felt dirty…and it was a hot feeling. After I felt like
I was very wet and couldn’t wait,I let him slide it in all
the way. I had heard that it was supposed to be painful…if
it was, I didn’t know because I was in far too much pleasure.
The movie ended at this point. Joey turned around and we
stopped. “Can I go outside?” “SURE.” we said in unison.
He was inside me and I didn’t want to stop. As soon as Joey
was outside, Mikael made me turn around and sit on his lap.
I got the most pleasure out of sitting on him this way.
I could feel thebase of his dick slowly caressing my clit.
I hit my peak and started trembling…he pulled out and
stroked himself while I still sat on his lap. The fountain
of white hit my belly. I still have the tingles when I talk
about it. I have loved sex since that first time

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