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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: car
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

this kid and I were in high school and really horny. we would be all over each other each chance we got, parties, dances, etc. he wouls always tell me how he loved my body and we were pretty good friends and had a few classes together. one day at lunch we got a ride with some upper classmen to get lunch off grounds and while they went in to the place we stayed in the car. we were in the back seat and he looked at me and said, “do you want to see it.” I had never been this alone with him before and I was so aroused so I said yes. he said come here and get it so I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his erect cock. It was big and fat and perfect, I could tell he was proud, and he told me to touch it. I was nervous that our friends were going to come back so I just played with it for a minute, he guided my hand up and down his hard shaft. my underwear was wet when my friends got back and I knew I had to get alone with him soon. when we got back to school I left the back door of my side of the car unlocked and we all went in. my friends had no idea what had happened or anything which made it somehow more exciting. him and i had a study period together an hour later so (wanting more of his hot cock) I told him I needed to get something in the car. he got my meaning I think and didn’t ask questions, just followed me out there. we got in and locked the doors and immediately started groping each other. I pulled his cock out and began playing with it and he started fingering me. I was wearing a skirt so he just pulled my underwear to the side, and stroked my legs and my pussy. my pussy was amply wet and it felt so fucking good and made me want his cock even more so i went down on him and pulled his pants to his ankles and began slurping his balls and his throbbing head. he put about three fingers in me, when I told him I wanted him to fuck me because it felt so good that I wanted him so bad, my whole body was throbbing and my cunt was sopping. he happily obeyed and we laid across the back seat half hanging off so I could spread my legs, him on top. he entered me pretty easily and started stroking in and out. he was big and hard and he pushed into me deep. my body was on fire and I came immediately, his shaft rubbing my clit just in the right spot. he stayed in and began to really fuck me, grabbing my ass and sucking my fingers and earlobes. he was grunting and saying “tell me to fuck you, I want to fuck you harder and bury my cock in your wet pussy till you scream,” I felt like I couldn’t spread my legs any further, one of them was across the seat and the other well into the front seat. but I pulled him into me harder, his face was red and we both began to sweat. he used to knees to fuck me fuck me so hard until i saw a flash of light and went into a raging orgasm. he came a few seconds later, pumped his cock into me a few last times, then pulled out. after that day it was still exciting, one time in the girls locker room after gym while we skipped class, and countless times at his parents house. he was pretty incredible, but we lost touch after high school. funny though I’ve never really been that horny for a guy since. maybe I’ll look him up…

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