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Bad Girl

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Well i was living at home with my dad and my parents broke up when i was 14, so ive lived with him till i was 24. Anyways he used to bring his mates over they used to drink and have a bbq now n then, i used to get along with his friends talk freely and openly, they used to talk about girls and how hot this women was at a the hairdresser and so on, i didnt care really, it was all good.
my dad used to come home drunk too sometimes and his friends used to help him home too, they were also drunk, it was funny as. one night 2 of his friends was passed out. and 1 of them were in the spare room and the other on the couch and my dad was in his room out cold lol. so i was down staires to get a glass of water and i noticed my dads friends dick was hanging out of his boxers. i felt a little horny so i walked over to him quietly and started rubbing his balls and slowly jerking his dick, it was a pretty good size, im sure it was about 7 inches long and thick, and very smooth. i loved it.
he didnt wake up at all but he enjoyed it he was moaning while i was rubbing and jerking it. then i decided to lick the knob and slowly started to enter it in my mouth all the way as much as i can. i was so turned on when i was sucking his dik. then i heard a voice, do u like it? i got scared that he would get angry, becoz he is a close friend of my dad. but he said be quiet and keep sucking so i got excited and kept going. then he grabbed me and turned me over and slid his cock in my ass and held my back hard against his chest and grabbed my boobs. hur like hell when he slid it in, i thought hed slide into my clit. but he kept pumping my ass i really enjoyed that and then he covered my face with the sheet he had on him so we were actually covered under the sheets and he kept fucking and fucking till i felt another cock enter me in my clit, i didnt know who it was but then i really didnt care they kept fucking me and i was so wet and so horny i wanted more but they both came and one blew his load in my ass, he had his hard cock push deep in my ass, he didnt pull out he just held it in there while his friend kept fucking me then he pulled out and blew on my boobs and made me lick the cum clean off his knob. we laid there for an easy 20 minutes all naked and just talked. and then as i got up i saw my dad standing there he saw me but naked with cum dripping down my boobs, i was just standing there frozen and speechless, i did not know what to do, he then walked to the kitchen and i ran upstaires to the bath room. i was wiping the cum off my boobs with a wet towel then i was washing my face and then i felt two hands just grab my ass on the sides, and a dick just entered me in the clit, i was already sore from all the fucking. i was enjoying it, coz i was being fucked but my dads friend, but i was wrong my dad was fucking me becoz i looked up in to the mirror then he realised i saw him, and i was looking my dad in the eyes while he was fucking me. he then grabbed my boobs he was having a good feel, i let him, well i think i had to let him have his way i dont think he would have stopped.then he wanted to cum so i tuned around and sucked on his dick and he blew his load in my mouth. after that night we all got to gether on weekends and had a good fuck session. but most nights when we are home alone id sleep with my dad we`d fuck most nights. we all fucked till i reached the age of 24, then i stopped sleeping with my dad a year after that. i have a boyfriend now im 28 and he is 49 and he is a personal trainer. he is so sexy 🙂

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