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Barn Bang

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Barn
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

It was a cold november night. These girls from school had decided to throw a birthday party bash for me and three of my friends because we all had november birthdays.
One of the girls had a big barn at her house that they used as a garage. Her parents were out of town and her older sisters had been put incharge of the house. Her sisters had ordered ten cases of beer, and we all started to arrive as it was getting dark and the temperature was falling we were all upstairs in the barn sitting around a space heater and getting drunk. Then all these girls arrived they had been drinking for most of the evening, and they came to wish us a “happy” birthday. One of the girls was rika she wearing a short black leather skirt and a long sleeve low cut, tight white shirt. It was warm by the heater but you could tell it was very cold where she was standing because, her nipples were pointed hard in my direction. I asked her if she would like to come warm up by my and sit on my lap. It was warm on my lap but her nipples never lost their stiffness. She started to whisper in my ear saying she wanted to spend the entire night giving me pleasure and sucking every ounce of cum out of me until the sun comes up. Then she started to nipple on my ear, then down my neck. I turned and started to kiss her then going down her neck and up to her ears. All the time running my hands through her hair. I then asked her if she wanted to go outside because it was getting “hot” in here.
We went out behind the barn, leaning her up against the barn I started where I left off, kissing her neck, and tenderly kissing her slowly going down her neck to the middle of her chest then down between her breasts as I unbuttoned her shirt, then slowly moved over to her right breast where I passionately kissed and flicked her hard nipples with my tongue. She was very aroused running her hands through my hair, she was breathing very hard and she started to rotate her waist around my leg that was slightly bent between her legs, she started slowly grinding her cunt on my leg I could feel her wetness on my leg as her sweet juices ran out of her pulsating pussy her motion became faster as I switched breasts and began down from her tits down to her belly button then slowly creeping down as I unbuttoned her skirt and it fell to the frozen ground. To my delight she was not wearing anything but a garder belt to hold but her leggings, I licked and kissed my was down overrunning her throbbing gap and licking down her leg, then back up over to the other teasing her eager tenderness with every movement. It was driving her crazy she started to moan and shiver as I crepted closer to her drippng pussy. I first teased her outer lips with my fingers then started to slowly enter her with multiple finger caressing her inner walls as I entered and retracted. I got a rythm going and as I started to lick her wetting dripping cunt with my my tongue the rythm started to increase and as I worked my way up her flower and took her throbbing clit in my mouth, working it with my tongue she started to moan and breath heavy and loud. She started to squirm and kept saying “fuck me now, fuck me now, I want you inside of me I need you inside me, please now, now please…. I kept on carressing her clit and exploring her insides with my fingers, until I knew she was ready to explode. I tried to slowly kiss my way up to her breasts again but she quickly pulled me up to her mouth where we passionately kissed exploring her lips and mouth, she then repeated “I need you now, she undid my button fly jeans with one quick motion and she could see my hard cock poking out of my boxer briefs that hugged it close to my body. she pulled my underwear down and grapping it with two hands and she stroked it as she knelt down and kissed my ready cock with her mouth, she repeatedly engulfed my entire rod with her mouth I knew she was close to satisfaction and I didn’t want her to suffer too long so I raised her up again the wall, she arched back knowing what was coming to her. I stared deeply into her eyes as I slowly entered into her softness. She shuttered and I could feel her wetness gliding my wide cock along as I thrusted into herslowly and carefully. We started to move to a great rythm that was driving her crazy, she was panting and moaning harder than ever and I knew she was ready, I started speeding up and thrusting deeper into her pussy until, I could feel my precum, I then slowed down grinding every inch of her insides she started to cum and her pulsating walls began to thrusting in and out and this made me cum, filling every extra inch of her hot hole with cum until it started to leak out onto my body and then to hers. She was in escatacy she wanted to scream but she couldn’t she couldn’t moan any more she was just quivering and I could feel every muscle inside her throbbing. As she tore her nails into my back. We exhailed at the same time and our eyes joined and we tenderly kissed. She nor I could say a word. but she looked down at my cum covered cock as I was retreating from her warm still trembling cunt. then looked up and said “Give me a minute and I’ll have to clean that up for you….”
This story continues.. back in the barn just look for
Barn Bang II

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