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Bathroom erection

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Best friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I was at my best friends house. They are really rich. We were hanging out and his twin sister was there. I decided we should play monopoly. We all agreed and started the game. I kept looking up at his sister, for a thirteen year old she was hot. Her breasts were average size, maybe a little bigger. I looked back at the board on my turn. His sister sad she had to go grab her book from her room because she was bored wAiting inbetween turns. She got up and left. I had to go to the bathroom, so I got up and went to the one nearest his sisters bedroom. I opened the unlocked door. In front of me was his sister (Alli), her pants and pqnties were at her ankles and she had her finger in her vagina. I crossed my legs, feeling an erection comming on. She looked up and said sorry. I replied with a sorry. She said it was fine. I turned to leave but she said i could go. I stood and watched her pull her bottoms up. I waitedfor her to leave but she said I could go then. I walkex over to the toilet, unzipped my fly, and pulled out my erect penis. I began peeing and in the mirror I saw Alli unclip her bra and start fondling with her nipples. She walked over and asked me to tell her is this was a lump. She pointed at her tit. I gently squeezed it and replied with a no. She smiled and walked to her room. When I was done I headed back downstairs. I got ther and she was there. We continued playing the game. I won in the end. My friend asked if I wanted to stay the night. I said sure. Then, after i called my mom to tell her he remembered he had to go to another friends house. He said i could just stay in his room for the night. I nodded and went to bed.
At about three in the morning i felt someone sitting on me and unbuttoning my shirt. I opened my eyes to see alli. I looked up at her, she was wearing a red bra that her tits were poking and a red lace thong. I slid my shirt off. She smiled and traced swirls around my nipples. I rubbed her thigh lightly and she leaned over and put her breasts in my face and moaned. I moved my hands to her butt and stroked it. She unbuttoned my pants and slid them off. She carressed my penis through my boxers. I moaned loudly. I let my hands move to her breasts. Then i unclipped her bra and chewed on her tits. She screamed in pleasure (parents werent home). She pulled my boxers off and felt me up. I pulled her panties off and grabbed her hips. I jammed my penis into her tight vagina and she screamed again. I slammed my hips into her hard twenty or thirty times before she stopped screaming. I pulled my penis out and came all ovr her face. She licked it up. We had sex for the rest of the night. She screammed and moaned the whole time

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